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From our analysis of 1.3 billion reddit threads, we found Airvpn was mentioned in 5216 comments, which had an average of 2.13 votes. The earliest comment appeared on January 15th, 2012.

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Antibody_ptp - r/VPN 10 votes - 02/07/16
AirVPN is awesome
efelatte - r/hacking 9 votes - 03/31/18
AirVPN u2665
Catch_The_Wind - r/The_Donald 9 votes - 11/28/17
I can recommend the airvpn service.

It uses the OpenVPN app and works flawlessly.

Servers all around the world.
djrbx - r/cordcutters 8 votes - 01/27/13
I found the best way is to signup for a vpn service. If all you are going to be using the VPN is to access in market games, you don't need anything fancy. Checkout [airvpn]( or the guys over at /r/vpn
AirVPN customer of two years here. Couldn't be happier with them.

I run my enter household through their service using my pfSense box and really it's excellent.
AirVPN is the best.
[AirVPN]( is very good.
Stromchiffre - r/linux 6 votes - 01/30/16
AirVPN is about 6 dollars per month and a very good provider.
777eh777 - r/hacking 6 votes - 09/06/17
AirVpn is good!
Antibody_ptp - r/torrents 5 votes - 10/04/15
Airvpn is the best I've used.
I use []( and it works beautifully with soulseek. It did take me awhile to get the ports forwarded correctly /[my fault due to lack of understanding these settings/] however everything is perfect and I don't see me ever switching away.


preginald - r/VPN 3 votes - 06/11/15
I have a Samsung note 3 N9005 running openvpn via AirVPN and I've been very impressed with the service.

My note is rooted and is running Resurrection Remix rom.
cantfeelmylegs - r/sydney 3 votes - 04/09/15
They are based in the US though so the national US agencies might have backdoors or even permission to snoop you traffic. I think the best for anonymity is Airvpn:
1632 - r/VPN 3 votes - 12/25/14

Don't forget to check and fix your DNS

Happy holidays!
PzkM - r/Piracy 3 votes - 12/12/16
Use AirVPN.

Port 80, 443 over SSH and SSL.
4096 bit Diffie-Hellman handshakes.
VPN over Tor.

They are the best.
StiffyAllDay - r/DunderMifflin 3 votes - 08/01/16
Do you use a paid one? I use AirVPN and it works perfectly in all the countries I have tried.
a5ph - r/VPN 3 votes - 01/17/16
I'll bite. Why is AirVpn the best among thr rest you've got?
zJordan - r/VPN 3 votes - 11/24/15
AirVPN.. in the UK I get the best speeds out of any VPN I have tried. (Without a VPN I get 200/12, with AirVPN Dabiah server I get 114/12)
AirVPN are excellent, used them for years without any issues at all.
Jojonintendo - r/debian 3 votes - 11/04/17
I'm very happy with AirVPN.
PM_ME_YOUR_BBW_BOOBS - r/IAmA 3 votes - 07/19/17
I've used AirVPN for about two years now. Very happy with the QoS.
ipadloos - r/AirVPN 3 votes - 07/10/19
As a not-gamer this never occurred to me. I think your best bet on getting an answer for this is on the AIRvpn forum.
another vote for airvpn here. very happy with it.
Antibody_ptp - r/torrents 2 votes - 07/23/15
AirVPN is the best
Benthetraveler - r/Planetside 2 votes - 06/21/14
I'm using Airvpn, but not for gaming (no need).

Best practice is to check where their exitnodes are, request trials and try it out.
puysr17n - r/VPNTorrents 2 votes - 12/02/16
Maybe AirVPN..i find it an excellent VPN provider
StiffyAllDay - r/Piracy 2 votes - 12/01/16
As mentioned by OP, I use AirVPN and they have been excellent.
HALFLEGO - r/technology 2 votes - 11/24/16
I am very happy with AIRVPN.
stitchkingdom - r/VPN 2 votes - 06/23/16
been using AirVPN for a couple of weeks, very happy with them. I'm US based and just switched my VPN connection to UK so get_iplayer will download in HD and still getting 25Mbps through the connection.
puysr17n - r/VPN 2 votes - 01/25/16
Try AirVPN. For me is one of the best.
Antibody_ptp - r/trackers 2 votes - 09/30/15
AirVPN is the best
SirFoxx - r/VPN 2 votes - 02/12/18
you misspelled AirVPN...The Best.

rredline - r/Bitcoin 2 votes - 01/13/18
AirVPN has been wonderful for me.
Zhangsun321 - r/Piracy 2 votes - 12/16/17
get a vpn
PIA, Torguard, AirVPN or IVPN are among the best..** waiting for someone to tell me to never use a vpn based in America so I can show them this...
arm1e - r/linuxunplugged 2 votes - 07/27/17
AirVPN here too. Their support is excellent too.
llleny - r/lightningnetwork 2 votes - 01/20/19
Works perfect with airvpn and port forwarding.
Nephilim-NK - r/Piracy 2 votes - 07/23/17
lol. I see all these VPN's that are being recommended, but not AirVPN?

AirVPN = Best VPN (in terms of speeds, control, privacy) and they have the best client.
the1bobcat - r/technology 2 votes - 02/23/14
Check out AIRvpn. Lots of very good info there.
italia0101 - r/Piracy 2 votes - 08/03/17
I've also been with AirVPN for a while, they are very good.
[deleted] - r/VPN 2 votes - 04/19/13

Excellent customer service and no-logs. Great speeds too.
xn3cr0nx - r/TOR 2 votes - 01/31/18
The best VPN to do Tor over VPN I think should be AirVPN. Great VPN, I recommend it. You have a lot of features with it
borg - r/canada 1 votes - 07/29/12
VPN with Airvpn to a server in the UK and watch the BBC's excellent coverage of every event. BTW, Airvpn accepts bitcoins and keeps no logs.
KidCoach - r/footballhighlights 1 votes - 08/12/15
Nord, PIA (search that on reddit), and something that was like aero or airvpn. PIA had the best performance.
antonrough - r/NHLStreams 1 votes - 05/29/15
I use AirVPN, it works well, I used to use Surfeasy until they made it to where i couldn't pick which country i put my IP in. So i looked up which VPN services were the best and AirVPN was featured. If i remember correctly it was about $60 for a year
Amosqu - r/torrents 1 votes - 05/16/15
An ssl tracker won't help you with masking your ip. Just getting a vpn like PIA or AirVPN is your best choice.
minorman - r/Bitcoin 1 votes - 05/25/14
Yep. Airvpn is awesome. And they've taken bitcoin for years.
ToFat2Run - r/indonesia 1 votes - 12/14/16
AirVPN for me. The best one out there in term of security and privacy.
thatvalis - r/sonarr 1 votes - 10/15/16
After lots of trying I managed to do this.. You need a vpn provider that allows you to port forward on their side. AirVPN is the best one I found after weeks of researching. I have plex, sab, sonarr, couchpotato all working with vpn.
AlienPsy - r/Barcelona 1 votes - 06/02/16
Best way I can think of is streaming it over NBA or ESPN via a VPN. I recommend AirVPN which has a 3 days for u20ac1 option
[deleted] - r/VPN 1 votes - 05/31/16
Try AirVPN, it's excellent and uses micro routing, resulting in all servers (even ones not in the us) to access US Netflix perfectly
Watada - r/VPN 1 votes - 05/18/16
> You can also ask on the Forum on AirVPN.

This will probably be OP's best option.
You could also use AirVPN or perfect privacy.
sweepyoface - r/VPN 1 votes - 11/21/15
The best seem to be AirVPN, ibVPN, and TorGuard.
Airvpn is good! Been using them for almost a year now! They also have a great community!
ToFat2Run - r/indonesia 1 votes - 12/18/17
AirVPN for me. The best in term of privacy and security, they got couple servers in Singapore so no latency issues for me (been using it since 2015 and haven't encountered any problem with their service).
igadjeed - r/Bitcoin 1 votes - 09/24/17
> AirVPN is the best I've found

ipadloos - r/thenetherlands 1 votes - 08/25/17
Ja, heel vreemd. Het bovenste adres is mijn externe ip. en dergelijke vinden alleen het uitgangsadres van AIRVPN dus is het even de vraag waar het vandaan komt. Voorlopig dus even geen torrents voor mij (morgen kijk ik wel verder) Gelukkig gaat Usenet via SSL :D
rredline - r/Bitcoin 1 votes - 05/21/19
AirVPN is wonderful.
newslooter - r/thehatedone 1 votes - 05/09/19
AirVPN, Perfect Privacy, TorGuard (criteria @
DaddyIntellect - r/hacking 1 votes - 02/28/19
Yeah the best advice i can give is ignore the NordTards that act like this [](

and go for a VPN like ProtonVPN or AirVPN.
CSharpest1 - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 02/19/19
Just did a trial on airvpn and was so impressed that I bought a subscription today.
DaddyIntellect - r/hacking 1 votes - 02/16/19
Yeah the best advice i can give is ignore the NordTards that act like this [](


and go for a VPN like ProtonVPN or AirVPN.
SirFoxx - r/privacytoolsIO 1 votes - 06/28/18
AirVPN-go with the best
moondance22 - r/VPN 1 votes - 06/01/18
AirVPN have an excellent Linux client:
AnotherCrazyOne - r/apple 1 votes - 05/23/18
AirVPN works with OpenVPN app. Best VPN service I've ever used.
AssTerror - r/VPN 1 votes - 05/19/18
Iu2019m using AirVPN rn and itu2019s awesome
road_to_flexion - r/AskUK 1 votes - 05/15/18
AirVPN is the best with privacy in mind and killer performance.
spottedmarley - r/Bitcoin 1 votes - 09/08/15

Air VPN is the best and they accept Bitcoin

Been using their service for a couple years now. Its awesome
Gummybear_Qc - r/Showerthoughts 1 votes - 12/06/18
Air VPN is the best I've used. And you can get 3 days for like 2$ if you want to go on a torrenting streak.
puysr17n - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 06/08/16
A VPN is undoubtedly a very very good idea to avoid receiving DMCA letters; very good VPN providers are AirVPN and PIA you can check and try them both and then decide which is the best for you.
Oolong__T - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 05/14/18
IVPN is very good. I can also recommend AirVPN.
weiss27md - r/VPN 1 votes - 07/11/14
I'm happy with AirVPN. Seemed like the best one to me after lots of searching.
veritasreaper - r/VPN 1 votes - 08/15/16
I have used AirVPN for quite a while now with excellent results. Lots of servers in lots of countries. Their native app for OSX does not work well but Tunnelbick works great and they have instructions on configuring it.
spamh404 - r/VPN 1 votes - 03/20/19
Best I've seen an heard of is AirVPN, their Eddie software is good - doesn't look the best but get's the job done.
goodpersonhere - r/VPN 0 votes - 09/14/14
AirVPN is the best VPN around.
zJordan - r/pcmasterrace 0 votes - 07/01/16
AirVPN is the best for me in Europe.
msimechak - r/VPN 0 votes - 02/24/16
AirVPN and TorGuard are both excellent options. I agree with both posters.
PatrickvZweden - r/mac 0 votes - 03/30/18
I use AirVPN. Has in my opinion a very good app.
btcmerchant - r/VPN -1 votes - 08/03/16
Your best solution is to use AirVPN. They have a network lock that stops all internet traffic from your computer (severs your internet connection) if the VPN drops.
megadorus1 - r/VPN -1 votes - 10/01/15
+1 for AirVPN! Great speeds and their Tor->VPN protocol works flawlessly with their client.
AirVPN=The Best