​​If you want to find the best gaming mouse for your needs, Reddit is the best place to start.

​It has a large community of passionate gamers, which can help you find the best option for you.

In this review, we have compiled opinions about six excellent mice and compare them according to Reddit's users.

Today, we will go over:

  • Razer Deathadder Elite
  • ​​Logitech's MX Ergo,​​
  • MX518
  • G Pro
  • ​And G502
  • ​HyperX Pulsefire

​Let's see what benchmarks Reddit gamers use to find which is the best gaming mouse among the list.

​What Makes a Great Gaming Mouse According to Reddit?

​Let's take a look into the benchmarks which Reddit users use to compare gaming mouses.

​When it comes to gaming mouses, Reddit cares most about:

  • ​Comfort
  • Price
  • ​Durability

How do different brands compare to each other?




Reddit's Top Pick

​Razer Deathadder Elite

Mentioned in ​6,980 Reddit threads

  • ​True 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor
  • ​Ergonomic orm factor
  • ​Durable up to 50 million clicks
  • ​16.8 million customizable color option

​Most Ergonomic

​Logitech MX Ergo

Mentioned in ​1,680 Reddit threads

  • ​20 percent less muscular strain
  • ​Precision mode and enhanced tracking
  • ​Fast-rechargeable battery​

​Reddit's second best

​Logitech ​MX518

Mentioned in 749 Reddit threads

  • ​Great performance
  • ​Very power efficient
  • ​Beautiful design​

​Best Wireless

​Logitech G Pro

Mentioned in ​14,600 Reddit threads

  • ​Can sustain 50 million clicks
  • ​Lightspeed wireless
  • ​Pre-engineered design​

​Best wired

​Logitech G502

Mentioned in ​6,130 Reddit threads

  • ​Advanced optical gaming sensor
  • ​Tunable weight and balance
  • ​Comfortable shape​

​Best fps performance

​HyperX Pulsefire

Mentioned in ​228 Reddit threads

  • ​Reliable omron switches
  • ​Easy customization
  • ​Onboard memory to store customization ​

​Reddit's Best Gaming Mouse:

​Razer Deathadder Elite


​​A light gaming mouse which offers excellent comfort and soft touch to passionate gamers who want a reliable and clickable mouse.


​​The price is very reasonable when you think about how great this mouse actually is. A great deal - question about it.


​​Most Reddit users report that this is the best gaming mouse they have ever owned because it's reliable for years to come.

​​​It has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor and true tracking at 450 inches per seconds which give the Razer Deathadder Elite an absolute advantage compared to mice in a similar price range.

The mouse is designed to provide you with 99.4% resolution accuracy, which will absolutely blow your mind how precise it is.

The Razer Deathadder Elite is engineered to give you a helping hand in intense gameplay, and that's why it comes with an all-new mechanical switch.

Last but not least, this mouse has an iconic ergonomic structure which even the top eSports stars swear by and stay incredibly comfortable during long gaming sessions.

​The Best Gaming Mouse According to Reddit:

"​Have had a deathadder for 4 years and use it every day, rubber side grip came off a few months ago but just glued it back on. Really good mouse in my opinion


"Best mouse I’ve ever used"


"​It's great for this price point. If you're a gamer on low sensitivity, get a mouse bungee because the braid will eventually rip off when it is dragged."


"​G403. Razer's clicks are extremely light and mushy, you may not like them. Razer's software is an enough reason to avoid their products. Some users had 15GB of data in a folder collected by Razer. It's hard to support such companies."


Overall rating :  5 / 5

​And the Most Ergonomic Mouse Is...

​Logitech MX Ergo


​​It provides users with a great angle to place their hand in the most natural and ergonomic position.


​​Most Reddit users believe that the mouse is a bit expensive while still delivering an impressive performance.


​You can rely on this mouse to feel as comfortable as of now,  for years to come.

​The Logitech MX Ergo has adjustable hinge which enables you to select the best angle, between zero and 20 Degrees, for a more natural and comfortable hand position.

That wireless trackball can be configured for enhanced tracking and precision mode. Also, you can change the speed and accuracy of your cursor.

The Logitech MX Ergo is designed and crafted to provide gamers like yourself an ultimate thumb comfort, giving you 20% less muscular strain than a regular mouse.

​You can easily connect and switch between two devices at the same time while using them. Moreover, the battery is long-lasting and fast-rechargeable.

​Reddit's Opinion:

"​This is my first trackball device, got it because of my carpal tunnel problems. Definitely reduces muscle strain. I got used to it in about half an hour, even though I've never used a trackball mouse in my life. Also many tasks feel way faster now with this, than a regular mouse, I can kind of feel "in the flow" with the cursor movement. Scrolling 3D views, panning cameras, fine tuning sliders are a dream with this! 🙂" 


"The button feel is great; Logitech's trackballs prior to the ERGO were very "meh" in the button department. The ball definitely needed a bit of break-in time, if you have an old M570 and are impatient you can do a ball swap for smoother use."


"i​ts biggest drawback is the quality of the sensor used to track ball movements not a users wired/witeless preference. Just like my original M570, which has a higher DPI of 540, this attempt by Logitech uses an even more inferior 440 DPI sensor, 100 DPI less than the M570. . .​Nice work again Logitech!"


Overall rating :  4.6 / 5

​The Second Best: 

​Logitech MX518


​Its made to fit your grip perfectly and deliver you stunning comfort no matter how intense you are playing.


​The price is well worth it when you are getting this type of performance.


​A solid mouse which you can rely to sustain your intense gaming sessions.

​The Logitech MX518 has a built-in HERO 16K sensor, which is one of the most advanced and accurate sensors ever built. It can achieve resolution of up to 16,000 DPI and 400+ IPS with zero smoothings or acceleration.

If you get this mouse, you will receive a stunning performance with zero lag. It's the gaming dream come true.

Let's not forget that the Logitech MX518 is exceptionally comfortable to hold combined with an ambidextrous design. No wonder, it's the second best gaming mouse according to Reddit.

Quotes from Reddit About This ​Gaming Mouse

"​I've also had mine for 3 months, sitting next to my gen2 MX518 and nixeus revel FIT. The MX518 Legendary is amazing. happiness return on dollar spent is highest of anything Iv'e bought for PC in last few years.


"I went back to my 518 recently and liked it so much I ordered a new in box G400, hotline skates, and a paracord for it. Gonna take 40 days to get here from Aliexpress but I am hyped. If they release a wireless 518 with the exact same shell, button layout, and keep it to 100g I will buy 5 and unsub from this subreddit forever."


"​I'm back on the 518...from China few months ago... after having used the original EC2, G303, and Revel. I knew it was a great choice after just 5 minutes with it. My first gamer mouse was the MX510 and I'm so happy it's updated."


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

​Reddit's Best Wireless Mouse:

​Logitech G Pro


​​Very light and easily fits your hand. Like all Logitech gaming mice, it offers excellent comfort.


​​If you ask Reddit gamers this mouse is worth it every penny. Outstanding performance combined with relaxing comfort.


​​The Logitech G Pro has a great battery life, and you can count on that you will use it for years to come.

​The Logitech G Pro is created in collaboration with the world's best eSports professionals to be ergonomically designed and shaped comfortably.

It allows gamers to easily maneuver and have precision control over the whole gaming experience.

The mouse has a super-lightweight body, but it can provide you with incredible strength and structural support.

The Logitech G Pro has a ​battery which you can rely on no matter ​how long or intense you are playing.

​Logitech G Pro According to Reddit Users:

"And yes, this mouse is perfect - apart from the pricey tag it's suggesting which makes sense anyway.


"​I have a G900 and a G Pro wireless. The G Pro wireless is absurdly light weight, but I wish it had more pronounced side indents like the G900 did. I prefer the shape of the G900, but I can't go back to it because it feels really heavy compared to the pro, even though the G900 is pretty lightweight itself. The wireless is great on both of them most of the time, but I still notice a very slight delay if I'm playing something like Widow in Overwatch."


"I​t was the perfect mouse for me shape and weight wise. Hope i get my money back and maybe i will rebuy it next year when its finally fixed. My batches are 1827 & 1830"


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

​Best Wired Mouse:

​Logitech G502


​A ton of Reddit users swear that this is the best gaming mouse they have ever used.


​​You get for what you pay for, and in this case, it's an excellent performance.


​Its legendary status which speaks for itself.

​The G502 has one of the most advanced optical sensors for maximum tracking accuracy. You can easily adjust its sensitivity from 200 up to 12,000 DPI.

The mouse is super lightweight to provide you with the right balance and feel for your ultimate gaming experience. No matter your style, it's effortless to tweak the G502 to match you.

The Logitech G502 comes with 11 programmable buttons which you can easily customize to use the best pins for your games.

​Let's Not Forget About Reddit:

"Only thing that I’d add as someone who has had this for over a year: it’s the best mouse I’ve ever used, but as a lefty, it’s impossible to use with the left hand. Sometimes when not gaming, I like to use my left hand, but it’s not really possible with this mouse.


"​I only use the g502 now. I have one at home and one at work. Wireless would be nice. But I got mine for 25 and 30 on sale so I was happy. It's tough and consistent."


"The biggest feature of this mouse is the extra 2 side click buttons on the scroll wheel. I have not seen many mice with this feature. I have Pickaxe to the left and weapon 1 to the right in fortnite. Its super convenient. Best mouse Ive ever had. I would buy it again.​"


Overall rating :  4.8 / 5

​Best ​​FPS Performance:

​HyperX Pulsefire


​Reddit users brand it "super comfortable" - it's light and ​reliable. Not bad.


​​The price is the best thing about this mouse. If you want a budget device which can get the job done, this is the best gaming mouse for you.


​​It's advertised to sustain over 50 million clicks. Some users may not agree.

​Thanks to the Pixart 3389 sensor and 360 RGB lightning effects, the HyperX Pulsefire Surge gives gamers both style and substance.

The mouse will satisfy even the most demanding digital snipers with its accuracy and precision because of the native DPI settings.

Also, the HyperX Pulsefire can endure more than 50 million clicks, and it's pretty straightforward to customize it.

​What Does Reddit Say?

"Have this mouse. Good for the price but eventually you’re gonna get sick of it once you have to use it for web browsing and other general stuff. For FPS games like apex it’s great though. The side grips make it harder to grip I just took them off."


"​I would say it's comfortable but not optimal."


"shitty mouse."


"​So basically only get the Pulsefire if you have large hands and don't pick up the mouse too often."


Overall rating :  3.8 / 5

​Who Wins Between Wired VS Wireless Gaming Mouse on Reddit?

"​Wireless. I'm not good enough to feel the difference in latency at 500hz, but I can feel a cord being dragged along. I also really like the G602's ergonomics and button layout.


"​I swore on wired for years, but now as an adult I realize that there wouldn't be much of a difference.. only thing i would be scared about is the mouse not tracking quick swipes for CS


​What a line-up?

In short, Reddit finds the Razer Deathadder Elite the best gaming mouse. If you are searching for budget, durable, or wireless options, you can check them out listed above as well.

Thank you for taking the time!