Reddit has a ton of awesome reviews on the best mattresses according to quality, price, size and even design. In this guide we'll look into the 5 most popular brands according to reddit users: Tuft & Needle, Leesa, Casper, Layla and Zinus brands.

We'll compare these brands against common benchmarks like comfort, price, and tech. While also listing what makes them stand out from other mattresses, using redditor’s comments and reviews as our main source of information.




Best two-sided mattress


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  • Two different firmness that gives it its flippable design
  • The cover designs makes it easy to flip
  • A brand that offers both pressure and pain relief

Reddit's Top Pick

Tuft and Needle

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  • Reduces noise through motion isolation
  • Provides the best pressure relief when compared to other brands
  • Has a polyamide-blend cover that offers breathability
  • Cheap and up to 10-year warranty
  • Free Shipping available within U.S.

Best cheap


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  • Quite affordable
  • Multiple layers to improve thickness and firmness
  • Perfect motion isolation
  • Offer free shipping within the U.S. states
  • Improved layers for support and better spinal alignment

best memory foam


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  • Comes in various models with thickness and density giving you a variety to choose from
  • Quite fairly priced
  • An easily available brand
  • Improved memory foam to maximize comfort

Best mattress for side sleepers


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  • Effective cooling mechanism
  • Free shipping and installation
  • Improved Comfort
  • Motion Isolation to reduce noise

Popular Reddit Mattress Benchmarks

In the rest of this post we'll review the above mattresses in depth and share some quotes and reviews from reddit.

Here are some of the things redditors cared about most when they were looking for amattress:

  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Motion Isolation 

Let's see how each mattress measures up for the above benchmarks! Starting with reddit's top pick.

Best Two Sided Mattress According to Reddit:



A one of a kind mattress that is flippable, soft on one side and firm on the opposite side. What better way to choose your comfort level.


At $999 on Amazon, most people would not say it is a bit expensive compared to tuft and needle

Motion Isolation

Copper-infused memory and a high density polyfoam help in giving the mattress this feature.

This is quite frankly one of my favourite brands in the list because of its design and style. Layla provides two-in-one firmness all you need to do is flip the preferred side to the other. The mattress has copper-infused memory that is designed to offer pressure relief to those sensitive body places. Most importantly, it is built to last while providing comfort for a longer time with its promise of a higher density polyfoam.

The two –sided mechanism has a soft and medium-soft feel. For both, The more firm is mostly known for better support while the softer relieves pressure more.

Quotes from Reddit About This Mattress

"From my research, the Layla uses cheaper/lower density foam, and I have heard many people say the Layla and it sleeps hot." 


Overall rating :  3.5 / 5

Best Mattress According to Reddit: 

Tuft and Needle


One of the most comfortable mattresses you will ever find. The adaptive foam that is evenly fitted in the mattress gives it a bouncy feel that allows the spring to improve comfort.


No one likes to spend a lot of money when shopping. When compared with other brands in the market, this mattress is slightly above $500, making it one of the affordable brans out there.

Motion Isolation 

With the latest technology in foam manufacture, the motion isolation provided is quite superb. No latex or outdated memory foam, you simply sink in and there is no unnecessary sound when you need to have that power nap.

The company that makes this brand also boast for manufacturing polyfoam beds. With its two popular models, Mint Mattress and T&N, this mattress brand promises maximum comfort, flexibility and the best value for money. The Tuft & Needle brand is one of the best when it comes to motion isolation to help you sleep through disturbing movements at night. The gel and graphite contents of the mattress brand help provide the cooling effect to maximize comfort.

Quotes from Reddit About This Mattress

"I also vote for Tuft and Needle. Good quality, good warranty, reasonable price. Plus Amazon will do payments on them." 


"I vouch for this as well. Been sleeping on one for a while now and it's so much better than the last one I had. Great thing is that it's frequently on discount on Amazon, you can save couple of hundred bucks. It's 20% off on Amazon at the moment"


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Best Cheap Mattress According to Reddit: 



Improved layers for support and better spinal alignment. Also, this mattress brand has multiple layers to improve thickness and firmness


For the features of maximum comfort and cooling effect, it is reasonably priced when compared to others on the market with similar features

Motion Isolation

Perfect motion isolation to reduce noise for light sleepers.

Just like Tuft & Needle, the U.S. leading brand Leesa also produces two types of mattresses. The Leesa Mattress and Leesa Hybrid Mattres brand have different added layers to increase both comfort and durability to the brand. With the promise of reducing sagging and perfect design to minimize spine injury for side sleepers, this brand is quite comfortable. Moreover, it has perfect motion isolation to reduce noise for light sleepers.

Quotes from Reddit About This Mattress

"Just bought a Leesa. So far so good. Go to West Elm to lay on one. If you do get one give it a while to break in. It has a 100 night trial to get a complete refund.


"So essentially you feel that the Leesa is the best quality at that price point for that feel? I worry about the 3 pcf layer breaking down in 2 or 3 years, but maybe I’m just overthinking it. ThanksI"


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Best Memory Foam Mattress According to Reddit:



Comes in various models with thickness and density giving you a variety to choose from. This means that depending on your budget, you will still enjoy the variety of features the brand offers


One of the few best mattresses that actually cost under $500.

Motion Isolation

Green Tea memory foam that also serve to offer pressure relief. 

This brand promises up to 8 models that make it one of the best. The difference is the thickness variety you may need for your needs, with each having a different price tag. The major categories of Zinus are three and four memory form types.

The difference in the models is the number and content of the layers. Otherwise, the layers have memory foam with a tougher polyfoam layer that supports pressure relief.


Zinus comes in various models with thickness and density giving you a variety to choose from

Quotes from Reddit About This Mattress

"I loveI previously had a no-name memory foam mattress that was just alright. Upgraded to a king bed and got thus Zinus mattress. I love it and have recommended it to others who feel the same. Highly recommend


"I'm sure there's a lot of preference to it, but if you're comfortable with an all foam mattress, you may give Zinus a try. We replaced a twin and a full about a year ago and they've held up really well. About 2 months ago we built a new king sized bed and got a Zinus for that as well and I've been well pleased. The cost was incredibly reasonable and I've been sleeping excellently. YMMV, of course, but for my budget it's been a good choice


Overall rating :  4 / 5

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers According to Reddit:



The brand boasts of a triple hybrid memory foam that improves the balance, spring and breathability.


At $600 not many can complain of the pricing because of its features. After all, the soft supportive foam make it worthwhile.

Motion Isolation

The soft three-layer hybrid foam not only makes it comfortable, but cancels out any motion noise to improve the mattress' experience.

The Casper brand has separate special features that make it a preferred choice and one to feature on our list. The brand has a layer that promises comfort and is divided into three regions. The support core that is made out of polyfoam sandwiches the middle layer together with the tough cover made out of polyester. Also, this mattress brand has various models that apply different technologies to promote its features.

The signature layers of the Casper mattress brand improve comfort and relieve pressure to sleepers. With a high breathability capacity and one of the best air circulation technology, Casper is especially designed for sleepers who run hot at night. Moreover, the company offers to assemble the mattress for free and free shipping available to every state within the U.S.

Quotes from Reddit About This Mattress

"Bought an $850 Casper in January 2015 and it still sleeps great. Personally my favorite part of the experience was watching a queen size mattress WHUMP out of a 3x1x1 foot box. I haven't been paid by Casper now or ever." 


"I bought the Casper mattress in January due to chronic back pain. Me and my partner both love it. It has significantly helped my back. Although we live in the Bay Area and were able to go to the store to try it out first so we knew we would be happy before purchasing


Overall rating :  4 / 5

Foam vs Spring Mattress According to Reddit

The majority of the worry when it comes to the two types is sagging and heating. Contrary to popular belief, foam mattress retains shape longer and do not sag easily. The layers in a memory foam mattress help it withstand pressure and improve support. Otherwise, the only disadvantage is that spring mattress sag after a while but generally last longer.

"I like my Tuft&Needle, and I don't normally like memory foam. The T&N seems to handle tossing and turning better, and it doesn't get super hot." 


Final Word

Regardless of the model you pick, it is important to go for a mattress brand that is suitable for your needs. While some manufacturers pay attention to support and comfort, some combine all the important elements like pricing and durability to ensure that they satisfy more clients’ needs. The list above has only selected some of the most popular brands according to Reddit without looking at other reviews in depth. 

It is also important to note that the above brands have different models that make them stand out. While the brand name may influence your selection of the mattress, it is important to do extra research on the variety of model that each brand offers. For example, if the Tuft and Needle brand is you’re most preferred, the limiting factor may be in the pricing. You need to consider the price of each model that Tuft and Needle manufactures. Also, regardless of the size of the mattress, whether 12” or 16”, the features tend to remain the same for a single brand. Make your choice based on the more complex features that would ensure you have a good night rest. This way, you will not only have the best sleep, but you will also save money. Hope this guide will help you make the right decision.