​​If you are looking for gaming chairs, Reddit is the best place to start. It's a community full of passionate gamers which offer their ​honest opinion.

​Also, you can find in-depth reviews on the latest piece of tech from mouse to gaming chairs.

​Below you will see the six best ​chairs according to Reddit ​users.

​We'll discuss what's good and what's wrong about them using our benchmarks.

Let's take a look and find out how the gaming chairs compare to each other, based on Reddit ​gamers.




Reddit's Top Pick


Mentioned in ​12,000 Reddit threads

  • Strong and well-built ​
  • Awesome customer support
  • Solid as a rock
  • Great for big and tall people

Most Comfortable


Mentioned in ​1,570 Reddit threads

  • Great value per money
  • ​Effortless setup
  • ​A soft seat and excellent back support
  • Well-made chair designed to perfection

Best BudGet


Mentioned in ​153 Reddit threads

  • Very comfortable
  • Assembles easily
  • Well-priced
  • Looks and feels great

most ergonomic


Mentioned in ​6,600 Reddit threads

  • Very sturdy and comfortable
  • ​Great to sit on 
  • ​Perfect for gaming and watching movies
  • ​Awesome pricing

Second Best

​Wensix ​​​​

Mentioned in ​14 Reddit threads

  • ​Made from sturdy materials
  • ​Easy to put together
  • Great customer service
  • ​Perfect for tall people



Mentioned in ​6 Reddit threads

  • Very comfortable and versatile
  • Thick cushions
  • Pretty straight-forward setup
  • Worth the purchase

​Reddit' Benchmarks for Gaming Chairs

​In this section, we'll explore opinions and quotes about the gaming chairs you saw above, on Reddit.

​Generally, when it comes to reviewing gaming chairs, Reddit users care most about:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Setup

Reddit Can't Get Enough of This Chair



​​The chair ​has an adjustable neck and lumbar pillow. Additionally, its backrest is high and straight supporting your head. ​


​​You get a lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on parts when you purchase this chair. Also, Reddit users report that it's extremely hard to break it. ​


​​DXRacer gaming chair is well-built and offers you plenty of stability. Its made from high-quality materials, and in addition, it's quite easy to assemble.

​DXRacer is one of the most well-known gaming chairs to eSports fans. In its seat, you will experience an unmatched comfort. The chair is made not only for long gaming sessions but also for power napping. You can quickly lower your seat and prepare to spend another epic night in comfort.

​Initially created to provide the ultimate gaming experience, you will have no trouble using the DXRacer chair​ for work or relaxing. No matter what amount of time you spend on it, you will always want to go back to this soft seat.

​​Also, DXRacer has one of the best customer services in the entire industry.

What Reddit Thinks About ​The DXRacer Gaming Chair?

"​ Everything about it seems very strong and well built. I had 3 stitches coming undone after having the chair for a week. I contacted Dxracer via their Amazon rep and they said they would send me a new chair back (this is where the stitching was coming out). Instead they sent me an entirely new chair for free.


"Mine has been great for almost 3 years. Hell mine does not even look used yet. ''


"Yeah, I'm pretty sure the DxRacer chair series is based on weight. The cheap ones are certed to hold less than the King series which'll hold a 350lb man no problem.I'm big, I bought big, I've had this chair for 3 years and it won't even squeak. Solid as a rock. "


Overall rating :  5 / 5

Reddit's Most Comfortable Gaming Chair



​​Merax offers extreme comfort to its owners. It's designed to match your body's natural shape to keep you fresh no matter how many hours you sit.


​The chair ​gives you support you can rely on. It has built-in heavy duty gas lift and sturdy base castors which can load up to 250 lbs.


​​Easy to assemble chair made from high-quality materials. It looks and feels like an awesome seat in which you can relax on while gaming.

​​The Merax gaming chair has an ergonomic build with deep padded cushioning. You will feel a soft natural comfort during long hours of intense gaming.  The chair has a full 360 degree swiveling which will enable you to navigate around your desk. ​

Another benefit Merax gives you ​is the customized adjuster system which provides you with fully adjustable armrests and height to fit your size. You will be able to take relaxing naps when you are not gaming.

In addition, Reddit users report that this chair provides them with excellent value per their money.

Quoting Redditors Opinion about the Merax chair:

"Super comfy otherwise and good alternative to pricey banking chair.


"​Get an office chair, do some reviews, and find one that works best for you. The gming chairs charge you for the aesthetic. Plain ol' chairs charge you for build quality.


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Reddit's Pick for a Budget Gaming Chair 



​​The Proht chair will ​feel reasonably comfortable for its price. For those who sit for long hours, the chair has an ergonomic design to help them keep a healthy posture.


​​​If you are using it a lot, you can expect the chair to break off easily. The Proht gaming chair is not famous for its exceptional durability. If you want a reliable chair, you have to look elsewhere.


​It's pretty straightforward to assemble. The good news is that you will be able to do it by yourself.

​The chair is covered with PU and PVC which creates the smooth, supple upholstery. It has a high-density sponge and padding made of fire-proof material, ensuring higher safety. The ergonomic design will take the pressure off your back and knees.

Also, it has 360-degree swivels, which are great for multitasking, and the dual-wheel casters enable you to reach easily from one area of your office to another. ​

What Does Reddit Think About It?

"Replying to second, bought this chair for $80 a year ago and the faux leather ripped by the end of the year. Would look for something else.


"Have this, parts of the chair were broken down after intensive use of roughly 6 months (6-10 hours per day). I guess you get what you pay for."


"Save up and buy something else. The support is horrible and reclining is out of the question for most grown adults."


Overall rating :  2.5 / 5

Most Ergonomic Chair According to Reddit:



​Its ergonomic design provides an excellent support system, adjustable headrest pillow, and lumbar cushion to help you effectively relax your neck, back, and waist whether you are working, studying, or gaming.


​The Deerhunter is not very reliable. Reddit users report that a few months after purchasing it began cracking on every joint and even the wheel fell off.


​You can easily adjust the armrests and the seat high. Also, it's ​effortless to assemble and start using the Deerhunter chair.

​The Deerhunter chair has a breathable mesh fabric, which is both durable and soft. It's made from high-quality core materials. If you are sitting for long hours, you will definitely love the support it provides from the head to your back.

The chair has removable headrest pillow, and lumbar cushion both filled with high-density sponge. ​​Equally important, the removable lumbar cushion can relieve your lower back pain and enable you to maintain a healthy posture.

Reddit's Gamers Say It All:

"​​When i got it, I think this is really an amazing deal...
First, came earlier that excepted so that was great!When I got it and bulid it... I was very surprised on it’s quality. ​​ ​​


​​​​​​​"​I have to say it's a valuable chair. No matter how long I sit in the chair I still feel comfortable because I can sit straight for gaming or lean back and slouch for movie watching. ​


Overall rating :  3.3 / 5

Reddit's Second Favorite Gaming Chair: 



​​This chair offers not only lumbar and neck support, but it also has leg rests and adjustable back. Reddit users say that this combination makes working on the computer a very comfortable experience.


​Made from cheap materials, you can't rely too much on the Wensix. It breaks very easily, and some say it's not worth the money.


​You can easily assemble the whole chair by yourself within 30 minutes.

​​The Wensix gaming chair is designed with hugging high back, well-padded headrest, backrest, lumbar pillow, seat, and armrests to ensure your long nights of intense gaming or working don't destroy your posture.  ​

​Also, they offer a warranty and free exchange for installation problems, damage, and missing parts within 1 year. They would gladly exchange your replacement or refund your money if you don't like the chair in the first 2 months.​

What Gamers Say About It?

"Get a wensix chair, really underrated company."


Overall rating :  3.6 / 5

Most Durable Gaming Chair



​​Very comfortable and versatile gaming chair for different sitting positions. You will quickly fall asleep without even noticing. ​


​One of the most reliable gaming chairs on the market.


​​The Elecwish gaming chair comes with a guide to ease the setup process. Thanks to the manual, you will need no more than 30 minutes ​to assemble the chair.

​​Elecwish is an emerging company which manufactures and exports business and office products. They strive to provide their customers with quality products and ensure they find exactly what they are looking for. ​

​Also, the Elecwish gaming chair is large with retractable footrest, suitable for women and men, no matter their size and weight.

​Your whole body will be able to relax sitting in the thick and wide seat while your hands loosen up on the ergonomic armrests.

Reviewing Reddit's Gamers Opinion:

"I found a good gaming chair made by Elecwish on Amazon. They start out at $135. So far I have had no complaints.


Overall rating :  ​4.6/ 5

​Does Reddit Prefer Office or Gaming Chairs?

"​ Do not buy a gaming chair. They are so gimmicky. I'm sure you wont hate it but for the same price you can get a steelcase leap chair built by the best of the best on Amazon. Best chair I've ever owned.


"Gaming chairs have shit ergonomics. A good office chair is better in every way. If you can spend around $500 you can get a basically perfect chair.


"I own a steelcase leap and a dx racer, I am 6'2" for reference. I would 100% go for the leap. I had the dxracer for years and will never go back.


​Which One Does Reddit Love Most - Mesh or Leather Chairs?

"Best advice I can give you is to go somewhere and sit in the chairs. For a while if possible.I like leather chairs, but, to your point, most of them are bonded leather. Which is nice for a little bit, but you'll probably sweat against it and eventually the bonded leather will start coming off the surface. ​


"My work chair is padded fabric for the ass, mesh for the back. It's amazing. Comfy and cool all at the same time. I've had the same single chair for 5 years now, follows me from office to office, it has my ass groove.


"Plush chairs have foam that compresses over time becoming too thin. Mesh degrades slower and is more firm. Fabric is hard to clean, imitation leather degrades over time and leather is expensive and needs special cleaning methods