Reddit is a great place to study up on antivirus software.  There are even entire subreddits dedicated to reviewing the best antivirus for different computers and different scenarios.  Whether it's the best free antivirus, the best antivirus for removing malware, or individual comparisons of different brands.

So for this post, we've rounded up the most mentioned antivirus software on reddit and collected the comments with the most likes about each one.  Let's get started.




Reddit's Overall Favorite

Panda Dome Advanced

Mentioned in 37,600 Reddit Threads

  • Comes with a VPN

  • Identity theft protection and Ransomware attack protection
  • User-friendly with a nice looking interface
  • Works with all systems, including android and iOS
  • Paid version comes with lots of advanced features like a password manager, cleanup tool, and 24/7 support.

best free antivirus 

Avast 2019 Free Antivirus

Mentioned in 33,800 Reddit Threads

  • Powered by AI to offer Superior protection against virus
  • Real-time and Reliable protection 
  • CyberCapture Feature ​for comprehensive​ cure of identified security threats ​
  • ​The Minimum PC System Requirements:Pentium 4, RAM 256 MB and Hard Disk 2GB
  • Avast will not slow your laptop or PC

Best Antivirus for Gaming

​Avira Pro Antivirus

Mentioned in 11,500  Reddit threads

  • Superior PC Secuirity threat detection and Protection ​
  • ​Avira is Super Light
  • ​Best in Tracking and Blocking Malware in your PC

  • ​Avira's Pro Anti-malware Protection Feature

BEST Malware REmoval

​Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus

Mentioned in 58,00 Reddit threads

  • ​Real-time Antivirus Removal
  • ​Uses three Powerful technologies to protect your PC or Laptop
  • ​Anti-Identity and anti-phishing utility 
  • Fast Virus Scanning Capabilities
  • Works well with Windows defender
  • ​Advanced Security Features
  • ​Minimal CPU Usage
  • ​Different Protection Layers​​​
  • ​Behavior detection rates​​

Best Antivirus For Android

​Bitdefender Antivirus

Mentioned in 21,050 Reddit threads

  • ​Amazing security features

  • ​Multi-layer protection

  • ​Reliable child-lock utility

  • ​Comes with GPS tracking utility

Best Customer Support

​ESET Smart Security

Mentioned in 19,300 Reddit threads

  •  Perfectly balanced virus detection, usable and fast detection capabilities.

  •  Ability to protect your digital identity​.

  •  Ability to remove and encrypt all your files 

  •  24/7 protection against computer viruses and other malware

Another Favorite

Kaspersky 2019 Internet Security

Mentioned in 29,000 Reddit threads

  •  A top Paid for antivirus reddit
  • ​Best Virus protection services that rank high
  •  ​Perfect AV Scores on tests done
  •  Very accurate and reliable

Reddit's Antivirus Benchmarks

​Now that you know the key features of the top 6 best-antivirus software according to other Redditors, let us now review an in-depth and wider analysis of ​each type of anti-virus software above. 

​That said, here are some of the benchmarks other Redditors used in reviewing the above best antivirus software. 

  • ​Reliability
  • ​Speed
  • ​Product Features

 Now that you have understood the benchmarks used by other redditors in reviewing the best antivirus software available in the market, let us now dive further into each antivirus software and how they measure up to the above listed benchmarks 

Best Antivirus Software According to Reddit Users: 

​Avast 2019 Free Antivirus


Avast is the best improved “free” antivirus software that is compatible with Android, Mac and Windows operating system. Ideally, your Avast will come with the following product features: Malware scanner, Password manager, Gaming mode and Virus detection capabilities



Reddit users agree that Avast antivirus is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence)​ so as to secure your computer from malicious malware. With Avast, you will not only protect your computer but also Password and Wi-Fi inspector.Avast also will offer you real-time and reliable protection against viruses, Trojans, Ransomware and any malicious malware. Infact, Avast will not slow your laptop or PC

​Product Features

The CyberCapture feature that comes with Avast will help you to detect any suspicious documents or files before use the file and the Minimum PC System Requirements: Pentium 4, RAM 256 MB, Hard Disk 2GB, Supports any type of video card, and operates well with Windows XP, 10, 8, 7 and 8.1.

​Pro's and Cons: Avast 2019 Free Antivirus


  1. Avast will not slow your laptop or PC
  2. ​Amazing computer virus protection


  1. Avast comes with privacy settings that are very irritating
  2. Free Avast includes links to the components that paid-for

Top Quotes from Other Redditors About ​Avast Antivirus

"Avast has been very good to me over the years, but yes you do need to learn what to click and what not to click when it advertises to you, which is usually only once or twice a day in my experience.


"​I use Free Avast. I’m not seeing anyone else mention it. 🤔🤔🤔 is there anything wrong with Avast that I’m not aware of?


Overall rating :  5 / 5

​Best Antivirus Software According to Reddit: 

Avira Pro Antivirus


Avira antivirus software is a leader in malware removal, performance improvement, protection and detection from all online security threats. Your avira antivirus software will come with unique A.I and armored Web Guard that will deliver on real-time computer protection as you download, stream, surf, shop and bank on the internet.


Avira will not slow down your PC since it will protect your computer against any unintentional internet downloading from adwares, installers and hidden toolbars that will cripple or slow down your laptop or PC.

Product Features

​Avira is very efficient in securing your computer against; trojans, trackers, snoop and blocking online spies with the help of its powerful AntiSpyware and Tracking Blockers. Avira also comes with an antivirus scanner, security cloud technology, smart artificial intelligence, email protection, avira intelligent security system and self-defense system that prevents all malicious malware and computer virus from disabling and altering your sensitive files in your PC or laptop. 

​​​Pro's and Cons: A​vira Pro Antivirus


  1. Avira will not affect the performance of your computer system
  2. It will deliver on amazing virus detection rates


  1. Avira comes with an installer that displays Ads which promote other products from Avira
  2. Avira comes with numerous popups while running. 

Top Quotes from Other Redditors About ​Avira Antivirus

"​I've been using Avira Free for an year and never got any problem. It's lightweight and simple, but powerful aswell. Before i just wasn't using any av software, as it's pretty simple to avoid viruses nowadays. I must say the only annoying thing is that every time it detects a suspicious file it runs a boring slow "quick scan", and if multiple files are found there will be multiple instances of that "quick scan", sucking up every resource on your PC. Btw you can disable it, or just when using patches, trainers or such things whitelist them


"​I was on the Windows Defender plus Malwarebytes train until I got infected a few months ago after years of no problems. Had to use KVRT to clean it since Windows Defender wouldn't even pick it up. I ended up with Avira Free..I


Overall rating :  4.5/ 5

​Best Antivirus Software According to Reddit​: 

​​Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus


Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus will deliver real-time removal and virus protection services. Using its three powerful technologies, malwarebytes antivirus software will proactively protect your laptop or PC against malicious and unwanted security threats. Malwarebytes also has anti Identity and anti-phishing utility which prevents or blocks malicious websites from stealing your confidential and personal information for instance; credit card details.


Extremely Fast Scanning Capability that allows for minimal usage of your machine's CPU capability. In fact, with Malwarebytes very efficient and you will not even notice it while surfing online.

​Product Features

Malwarebytes Premium comes with numerous advanced security protection capabilities and layers.

Pro's and Cons:​ Malwarebytes Antivirus


  1. Malwarebytes comes with; behavior or traits-based detection, ransomware and exploit protection capabilities
  2. ​​It Works well in conjunction with other traditional antivirus software like Windows Defender


  1. Malwarebytes scores poorly in all the tests designed for other traditional anti-virus software
  2. The protection systems that are advanced are very difficult to test

Top Quotes from Other Redditors About ​Malwarebytes Antivirus

"Malware bytes. You don’t even need to buy the pro version as long as you do periodic system scans.


"Malware Bytes - I've been using the free version for like 8 years and it solves all of my problemsI


Overall rating :  4/ 5

​Best Antivirus Software According to Reddit​ors:

​Bit Defender Antivirus


If you are interested in reliable protection then Bit defender should be your top priority. This is mainly because; Bit-defender is highly ranked for all its virus and malware detection and removal capabilities alongside its usable and highly efficient performance features. Ideally, with Bitdefender you will have your peace of mind since its protection features work automatically to detect and remove any URL filtering, web advisor, firewall, viruses and any other malware.


Bitdefender 2019 Total Security Antivirus software comes with; the automatic scanning, behavioural analysis and fishing protection which is applicable on Android, Mac and Windows.

Product Features

Amazing security features for for Android, iOS, MACos AND Windows, Multi-layer Remediation, Ransomware Protection and Network Threat Prevention which delivers on reliable protection across various operating systems. Bitdefender has reliable child lock utilities that will help you keep your children way from unethical content while surfing online. Delivers on the best anti-virus protection against all the other online threats across different operating systems. Bitdefender also keeps track of all activities done on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows With the GPS tracking utility, you will help you to track and know where your kids are all the time. Bitdefender 2019 Total Security Antivirus software comes with; the automatic scanning, behavioural analysis and fishing protection which is applicable on Android, Mac and Windows. 

Pro's and Cons: ​Bitdefender Antivirus


  1. Bitdefender offers fast malware and virus scanning detection


  1. The advanced users on Bitdefender may want better controlled
  2. You will not be able to schedule scans while using Bitdefender

Top Quotes from Other Redditors About ​​Bitdefender Antivirus

"​Bitdefender is good, usually you don’t even notice it’s there." 


"I used Avast for a while until it quarantined Okami HD on launch. I spent an hour troubleshooting before I found out Avast was the culprit.With that and the email signature inserting which I SWEAR i turned off I got sick of Avast's shit and I removed it to replace it with Bitdefender free. It's much less intrusive. Malwarebytes doesn't hurt either although the free version doesn't have active protection."


Overall rating :  3.5 / 5

​Best Antivirus Software According to Reddit​ors:

​ESET Smart Security 2019 Antivirus


ESET Antivirus is configurable to your precision and it allows you to enjoy the privilege of accessing alongside controlling it with a remote device controller. Ideally, ESET Antivirus does not come with vulnerability scanners, file shredders, password managers and firewall protection that comes with other antivirus software. This is mainly because; ESET has mainly focused on fulfilling the fundamental security needs by providing; real-time virus protection, malware detection capabilities, ability to exploit the existing protection capabilities, blocking any website that is malicious with its URL filtering and using malicious scripts and PowerShell to prevent your computer against any security threat. 


ESET comes with perfectly balanced; usable, speed and virus detection capability.

Product Features

The anti-virus software will allow you to protect digital identity while safeguarding and protecting all your confidential information. ESET Premium allows you to remove and encrypt all your files and in protecting your PC or laptop from anti-theft. 24/7 computer virus threat reliability that will allow your machine to operate smoothly.

Pro's and Cons: ​ESET Smart Security Antivirus


  1. It is trusted and configurable to suite your interests
  2. Allows for device remote controlled access


  1. It is relatively very expensive
  2. ESET is not best for beginners

Top Quotes from Other Redditors About ​​​ESET Smart Security Antivirus

" I use ESET but windows defender is meant to be just fine


"​ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Been using it now for 4+ years with no issuesI


Overall rating :  3 / 5

​Best Antivirus Software According to Reddit​ors:

​Kaspersky 2019 Internet Security


Kaspersky 2009 Internet Security will keep your PC or Laptop safe from internet attacks and cyber crime. This antivirus is vest designed to allow you to have the peace of mind you so desire while using your phones, tablets and computer to surf online. Rest assured that your Android phone, iOS, MAC and PC will enjoy more while you are online. Finally, Kaspersky is very reliable and accurate antivirus



​Relatively fast since it always tops the ranks for the best antivirus ​security software. Kaspersky has recorded perfect scores for all the Antivirus (AV) Tests done on Kaspersky. It is very reliable and accurate antivirus

Product Features

Kaspersky is very accurate, has a reliable antivirus engine and the UV is user-friendly

Pro's and Cons: ​​Kaspersky 2019 Internet Security Antivirus


  1. Accurate, reliable antivirus engine
  2. User-friendly


  1. Has Basically one set of features
  2. ​Very Limited technical support

Top Quotes from Other Redditors About ​​​​Kaspersky 2019 Internet Security Antivirus

"​Most people seem to recommend windows defender and malwarebytes. As long as you're not going on any sketchy sites you should be fine with that. Personally, I prefer Kaspersky as a paid option but whatever you choose make sure to get an adblock browser extension like ublock origin.


"I​ do a Kaspersky total security trial every month... Never had any issues."


Overall rating :  2.5/ 5

"I ​Except for Windows Defender, the free ones usually emphasize converting to the $$$ paid version. First, keep in mind that Upgrade is $$$, and update is not. Also, if there is a FREE offer, it's probably for a 30 day trial version of the $$$ paid version. Finally, they really, really, want you to become a revenue stream for them.


Free versus Paid Antivirus Software

Depending on your security needs, the option of going for a free as opposed to a paid anti-virus prgram solely rests on you. However, it is essential to know that free antivirus software packages will deliver on "minimal security or protection level" for instance; scanning for malware or automatic threat scans.

In contrast to this, the paid-for antivirus packages often come with top notch security detection and threat removal features alongside other tools for instance; parental control and GPS tracking utility.++ ​

​Bottom Line!

​​When it comes to the safety of your PC or Laptop, the good old saying; "Better safe than to be sorry" applies and couldn't be far from the truth. Disregarding the important role of the best antivirus software in protecting your machine from computer viruses and other malware could eventually lead into loss of important data, theft of important personal details to unethical persons and ​​further damage to your computer system. 

​Fortunately, opting for the best computer antivirus software as recommended by other redditors will go a long way in helping you to quickly diagnose and remove any security thrteat on your machine. So, feel free to consult this informative guide detailing the 6 best antivirus software according to other Redditors.