​Reddit's Step-By-Step Guide to Buying the Best Laptop for You

​What is the best laptop, according to Reddit?

This is the question which we will be answering in this review.

​You will understand what best budget, gaming, student laptops, and much more are.

​To know how Reddit decides which laptop is the best, we have to take a look into a user's benchmarks.

​How Reddit Decides Which Laptop is the Best?

In the rest of this post, we'll review in depth and share some quotes and reviews from Reddit about the ​laptops.

Here are the things ​Reddit users care about most when they were looking for in a new laptop:

  • ​Performance
  • ​Battery Life
  • Price

Let's see how each ​laptop measures up ​according to the benchmarks! Starting with Reddit's top pick.




Reddit's ​Best Laptop

Surface Laptop 2 - Microsoft’s Premium Ultrabook 

Mentioned in ​90,500 Reddit threads

  • ​High-quality premium laptop
  • ​Extremely durable
  • ​Quick to respond
  • ​Great overall performance

Best ​budget option

Lenovo ThinkPad

Mentioned in ​125 Reddit threads

  • ​Awesome sound quality
  • ​Good battery life
  • ​Very compact device

​rEDDIT'S Second Best

Acer Swift 7

Mentioned in ​8,380 Reddit threads

  • ​The thinnest notebook
  • ​Stunning design
  • ​Not a great performance for a premium laptop
  • ​Won't overheat

​For the Gamers

Dell NoteBook

Mentioned in ​​8,780 Reddit threads

  • ​Great performance
  • ​Awesome battery life
  • ​Amazing screen

​Best Laptop for ​productivity

HP Spectre

Mentioned in ​23,500  Reddit threads

  • ​Very convenient
  • ​Strong battery life
  • ​Great Screen

​Best Student's lAPTOP

Apple MacBook 

Mentioned in ​17,200 Reddit threads

  • ​Great quality device
  • ​Very fast machine
  • ​Super lightweight


"​You get what you pay for" and in this cases, it's worth it. The performance is simply stunning. No wonder it's considered the best laptop on Reddit.

​Battery Life

It's advertised to have 14.5 hours of battery life. However, Reddit users report they are far less in real life. Still, not bad.


​Make no mistake - Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2 is a premium device. However, for most Reddit users would be considered ​as money well spent.

​Reddit believes that Microsoft's surface laptop 2 is the best laptop in 2019 and given its specs - it's rightfully so. The ultrabook has:

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Intel iCore5 Processor
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620 Graphics Card

​That's why the laptop delivers such an excellent performance to its users and you can understand why Reddit believes that this is the best laptop.

​What about Reddit?

"​As for a new and first time owner of the SL2, and having several Dell devices for the past 15 years, I can agree. I think this is the best Windows Device for alot of folks.I too thought lack of USB-C/Thunderbolt would affect me but honestly dont remember why/when i used them on my other notebooks when docked.


"I​I too am impressed by the new Surface Laptop 2 (design + performance). Even though the design as the 1st one, it's still a clean and sleek looking laptop. Though I really wish they replace the MiniDP port to a USB-C that can do display, data and power even without TB3 support. ​"


"The Alcantara keyboard is one of the best things about the Surface Laptop to me. It's distinctive and feels really lovely in use. It's coated with a polymer of some kind, so it doesn't feel like felt, nor does it get dirty as you might expect. Not really expecting to change your mind, but I doubt there will be a new version any time soon.


Overall rating :  4.3 / 5

Reddit's ​Best Budget Option: 

Lenovo ThinkPad 


​The ThinkPad delivers the best performance you will get from a laptop in this price range.

​Battery Life

​It's has a reliable and durable battery. Keep in mind, if you get this laptop its battery won't let you down.


​Ridiculously cheap device. It delivers great performance, has a reliable battery life and its cheap. No wonder, Reddit thinks this is the best budget laptop.

​With it's for 4GB of RAM, iCore3 processor, and Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphic card, you can see why Reddit finds the Lenovo ThinkPad the best budget option on the market.

​It aims to maximize your productivity delivering you great performance combined with a sleek design, durability, and ​necessary power.

If you want a budget laptop, look no further.

​What Does Reddit Think About This Laptop?

"​Thinkpad is a safer bet durability wise


"Hey, I have one for work. I am not happy at the moment. Overall it seems like a good machine for the money, but the fan noise is awful. It is almost always on, just opening a new website will make it spin up. Many simple tasks which on my old E560 (also with i7) caused no significant fan noise cause a full unthrottled fan on this. ​"


"​Two weeks ago I bought the E580 with i7-8550U and the RX 550 GPU, Came with 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM, Upgraded to 16GB. Out of the box the GPU was overheating on furmark and heaven benchmark, after 2 minutes of benchmarking GPU temp went up to 70 degrees and the clock was reduces from 900MHz to 200MHz, After updating windows something funny happened, When I use the GPU for anything, after 1 minute the system switches to the CPU for graphics, This reduces performance drastically and renders the GPU totally useless for gaming."


Overall rating :  4,3 / 5

​Reddit's Second Best Laptop

Acer Swift 7 


Acer Swift 7 doesn't deliver on its premium price with a great performance. It doesn't even have the most recent processor.

​Battery Life

​Acer Swift 7 has a great battery life averaging 9 hours of available time. ​


Not as good as other laptops in this price range, however it's still worth the money.

Acer's Swift 7 is one of the world's slimmest clamshell laptops, measuring just 0.35 inches thick. It has a gorgeous 14-inch display combined with a full-size comfortable keyboard.

Also, the laptop provides its users with over 9 hours of battery life, which it's not bad if you keep in mind that it has one of the thinnest batteries.

​Due to its compatibility and performance, Reddit ranks it the second best laptop according to platform users.

​According to Reddit:

"​Eh, that's the old edition without TB3, and has the track pad that doesn't click.


"I sent a laptop into them for repairs once. They did nothing and sent it back with a note that said "Everything is working perfectly" even though my issues were still there. They made me pay for shipping too, which normally would be fine but all that meant was that the whole experience cost me like 2 weeks without a laptop and $25. ​."


"Too bad Acer has crap customer service, to the point that I'll never buy any of their products ever again."


Overall rating :  3.8 / 5

​Reddit's Favorite Gaming Laptop: 

Dell NoteBook 


​The laptop is very fast. The processor can browse through tons of heavy apps. One of the best performances you can get from a laptop.

​Battery Life

​The battery life is not the best on the market - only 6-7 hours. Definitely, need improving.


​Reddit gamers report that Acer has one of the worst customer support and you might keep that in mind when you are giving that kind of money for a laptop.

​There is no question why Dell's Notebook is the best laptop for gamers, according to Reddit. The machine is a beast, having 32 GB of RAM, iCore7 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card.

​It will deliver you an excellent performance which can provide you with the perfect gaming experience. It's a shame that Dell's Notebook battery life is not that good.

Quotes from Reddit About This ​Laptop:

"​People with problems are more likely to go online to look for solutions and write about their problem units. Without hard statistical data we cannot know whether problems like coil whine are very rare or happen a lot. My unit (9370, Ubuntu) has 0 coil whine, 0 loudspeaker problems, no wifi drops. YMMV. It often doesn't properly wake up from suspend (from what I gather Windows users also have trouble with that) - which is an annoyance. But it cold-boots in 18 seconds tgo Ubuntu login - so it's not that bad (to me).


"​I sent my XPS 9370 back. I had the coil whine and an audio crackling sound from the left Speaker all the time even when i didnt hear music or something else."


Overall rating :  3.6/ 5

Reddit's ​Productivity Laptop: 

HP Spectre 


​​It delivers a masterful performance. If you want to be productive, HP Spectre is the best laptop for you.

​Battery Life

​The battery life is not that great, but still decent given its other features.


​​Another company which has an excellent product but terrible customer support. It's a damn shame.

​Discover the latest technology at its very best. HP Spectre has a decent battery life, beautiful 4K display, which makes it extraordinarily gorgeous and very elegant.

It's a convenient device due to its screen with a steel-encased 360° hinge which will make it seamlessly shift between impressive performance and sparkling creativity.

​Hands down the best laptop for productive people, according to Reddit.

​Reddit Users About This ​Laptop

"​You’ll want to look for something with a non-integrated GPU if you do want to game. I have the Spectre 13 I got a few weeks ago that I’ve been using for school and I like it a lot at the moment. It’s nice it write notes on with the pen in one note. I got 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD so it’s a stronger machine for its size and it has done great


"​I also have the HP spectre x360 8th gen 13 inch and I can confirm this HP elite USB-C dock works with it. It charges properly (does not show the pop up that tells you to use a genuine HP charger). It works with dual monitors at 1080p for both in extended mode. The usb ports also work for data and charging."


Overall rating :  3.8 / 5

​Best Laptop For Students: 

Apple MacBook 


​Light, quick, efficient - the only three words you could connect MacBook with. Delivers a stunning performance.

​Battery Life

​One of the best on the market, Apple MacBook provide its users with up to 12 hours of battery life.


​Make no mistake - this is a premium device. However, if you are a student and need a robust and reliable laptop look no further, definitely worth the money.

​All of Apple's devices have a great design. The MacBook is not an exception to this rule. It's a thin laptop which provides you with a comfortable keyboard, brilliant display, and touch ID.

It's the first laptop made from 100% of recycled aluminum, making it the greenest Mac ever. The beautiful display gives 48% more colorful imagery than the previous generations.

​This is Reddit's pick for the best laptop for students.

​Reddit's Opinion of This Laptop

"​Battery life seems to be down, which is justified with the higher resolution display, but it’s still a bummer.


"A Macbook Air is an excellent choice. Having a lightweight machine with a battery that'll last all day (12+ hours, seriously!) will be perfect for school."


"I highly suggest an Air. I loved mine in college going from room to room, class to class, you really can't beat the portability of the MBA. The super long battery (on the new version) combined with the excellent performance at pretty much anything besides games you should be good to go. I have even done video editing on it, felt no major hiccups."


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

​Reddit's Guide for Buying Your Next Laptop

"​So I wrote up a guide in late-2018 with as many tips as possible, structured with statements and benefits for each. I'm going to approach this one a bit differently; it's not going to have much detail for each bulletpoint, but I will answer any questions about any of them, or general questions about laptops (I think I used upwards of 40 different ones in the last 4 months for at least a day or two).


"This is a continually updated list of some of the best laptops for any budget. Suggestions are separated into categories and are sorted by price to make them easier to sort through. If you have any questions or suggestions please pm me!

Laptops are separated into three categories:



General Use


​So Whats Reddit Recommendation?

​To summerize the best laptop according to Reddit is Surface Laptop 2, the second best is Acer Swift 7, the best option for students is Apple Macbook, for productivity you should go with HP Spectre, for the gamers - Dell NoteBook and the best budget option is Lenovo ThinkPad.