​In today's review, we'll discuss what's the best Minecraft server hosting according to the passionate Reddit gamers.

In recent years, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games ​having more than 64 million users.

The game managed to reach out that many people due to its ability to create and host servers and play with your friends.

Let's see which server hosting option Reddit recommends to enjoy a nice, lag free game. 

Reddit's ​Minecraft Hosting Benchmarks

The three most important things to ​Reddit users when it comes to choosing their Minecraft server hosting provider are:

  • ​Performance
  • ​Customer Support
  • Price

Let's see below how each ​hosting provider measures up for the above benchmarks! Starting with ​Reddit's ​favorite Minecraft server hosting option.




Reddit's Top Pick

Apex Minecraft Hosting

Mentioned in 677 Reddit threads

  • ​Intel E5-1650v33.5Ghz+ CPU’s
  • ​1Gbps Uplink
  • ​24/7Up Time
  • ​Unlimited Storage

Most Mentioned


Mentioned in ​1,790 Reddit threads

  • ​Instant Setup and Easy to Use
  • ​No Lag with High-Performance Hardware
  • ​Free Trial, no Credit Card Required
  • ​Cancel Anytime

Best Free Hosting


Mentioned in 749 Reddit threads

  • ​Fully Customizable
  • ​DDOS Protected
  • ​Automatic Backups
  • ​Excellent Support


Creeper Host

Mentioned in ​192 Reddit threads

  • ​Install or Switch Games for Free​
  • ​Free Website
  • ​Free Dedicated IPv4

​Most reliable

Voodoo Servers

Mentioned in ​49 Reddit threads

  • ​SSD-Powered
  • ​Friendly Support
  • ​DDoS Protection
  • ​Instant Setup

Reddit's Favorite ​Minecraft Hosting: 

Apex Minecraft Hosting


​Excellent servers, always up and running. They enable you to play with your friends no matter where you're.



​Fast responding and reliable customer support. ​Super friendly and available to you 24/7. 


​Unbelievable value for their price. Great performance, great customer service, and overall the best ​Minecraft server hosting option.

​If you choose to go with Apex Minecraft Hosting, you'll be able to start your own server in under 5 minutes. No wonder, Reddit ranks it the best Minecraft server hosting provider there is. 

​Apex Minecraft Hosting provides you with 24/7 365 friendly customer support and instant setup. You'll play with your friends in a matter of seconds.

They give you the best user experience because they support all types of Minecraft servers and are the official host of the Technic Launcher. Their hardware features high-speed CPU and SSD drivers providing you with lag-free servers.

Quotes from Reddit:

"​I decided to go with Apex Minecraft Hosting. It's been a week now since I've set up an account with them (I did the stone plan) and I am very satisfied with the server performance. Their plans are reasonably priced and they have a good knowledge base of actual video tutorials that'll teach you how to run your server." 


"​My experience is lag free with many friend for only 6€ per month. And it lets you run 1.14 too."


Overall rating :  5 / 5

The Most Mentioned Minecraft Hosting Provider:



​It's not worth neither the money or the trouble. If you want reliable Minecraft server hosting you better start looking elsewhere.



​You deserve better customer service for that price - slow to respond and unreliable.


​Way too expensive for the service that provides. You could definitely find some better options for that price.

Nodecraft is a startup based in Oklahoma and founded in 2012. ​According to​ their website​, Nodecraft's team is made to provide you with "​the fastest, most flexible, and powerful hosting experience."

However, if you look at the customer reviews, you'll realize that they're not quite there yet. ​Nodecraft is trying to continue its development by reinvesting its profits back into the business.

While they're able to keep up with their competition, Nodecraft provides you with a service which is way too expensive. According to Reddit users, it's best to skip this service provider.

​What About Reddit?

"​​They TERMINATE your service if you use more "SSD" space than allowed, with a 2 day warning. Which also means you lose all your co-op vault money. And why did I point this out, you may ask? BECAUSE YOU BEARLY GET ANY SPACE


"​Pay $10 a month for 5 outages in 3 weeks! Still outrageous. I'm glad I was warned..."


Overall rating :  2.5 / 5

Reddit's ​Second Best: 



​Reliable and free server hosting. Yes, sometimes you have to wait a little bit, but overall it's a great service.



​Quick to respond and reliable when you need them. Awesome customer support.


​The best free Minecraft server hosting option on the market.

​Reddit ranks Aternos the second best Minecraft server hosting provider for a couple of reasons:

  • It's Fully Customizable

You adjust everything you want and create your own game.

  • Enable You to Add Mods and Plugins

You can play your favorite game mods due to the option to add your own custom mods and plugins.

  • Free DDOS Protection

Your server will be fully protected to keep you safe from attacks, all for free.

​According to Reddit:

"​Aternos is the largest free host, and it’s not a scam, but their site is covered in advertisements to afford server costs. It doesn’t require installs, personal information, etc.


"​It is legit but you have to wait in line when you put up your server if it is busy"


​"Usually you have to wait around 10 minutes before it starts and sometimes they can lag hard"


Overall rating:  ​4.6 / 5

​The Cheapest Minecraft Hosting:



​Horrible performance when compared to the other options you have.



​​Terrible customer support which won't let you cancel your subscription. 


​It's a cheap option, but ​Reddit gamers report that they are unable to cancel their subscription...

The big selling point about Creeperhost is its ​low price​. However, when you weight down the benefits, it becomes expensive.

A ton of Reddit users​ share that they cannot cancel their subscription and continue to pay the company months after they've stopped using their service.

If you can take one thing from this review it better be this - if you want a great Minecraft gaming experience on a reasonable price, skip Creeperhost. You have and deserve better than this.

​Straight Out Of Reddit:

​"I used to use Creeperhost and their customer service was very good. However, I eventually balked at the cost because my friends and I aren't playing 24/7. Why was I paying for a server to be on 24/7 if no one was on it?"


"​Terrible customer support. After not using the server for 2 months and still paying for it i decided to cancel. They would not let me cancel without paying for another month. This sight is a scam all it is is a money grab with poor server performance. I have used many server host and never had this bad of an experience." 


Overall rating :  2.5 / 5

​The Most Reliable Option According to Reddit:

Voodoo Servers


​It's not the best performance you can find, but it's reasonable for its price.



​Incredibly responsive customer service - available to you at all times.


​Voodoo Servers are one of the more budget options on the market. Worth the price.

Voodoo Servers is created in early May 2012 and provides a rock-solid service. The​ir business is built around quality and reliable customer support.

​All of their servers come with a control panel, full FTP access, and one-click mod pack installer. A great option to create your own customer Minecraft experience.

​Overall, Voodoo Servers is a great mix between solid performance and budget pricing - definitely worth the try.

​Reddit's Opinion:

"​I tried many, but VoodooServers.com probably has the best price-performance ratio, plus they seem to be somewhat popular on reddit.


"​Voodoo Servers is pretty solid. I've been hosting with them since last year, my modded server is still running flawlessly."


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

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