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Evonos - r/VPNTorrents 8 votes - 09/24/18
Just use a P2P non logging vpn that cares about you.


Use one of these.


air vpn




Express VPN

Perfect privacy


( No particular order just random )
Evonos - r/VPNTorrents 6 votes - 08/27/18
Trust the vpn that survived server raids by the FBI and did show no logs?

Like express vpn , air vpn, Pia, perfect privacy. Cyberghost.
bioxc - r/rupaulsdragrace 5 votes - 02/29/16
CyberGhost is the best and they don't track you.
Oirammario12345 - r/Android 3 votes - 07/27/14
Also this is a bit of advertising but cyberghost is in my opinion the best VPN.
>CyberGhost is best for torrenting *and hacking* (no logging, located in Romania).

WilliamCZ - r/pcmasterrace 3 votes - 10/03/17
Cyberghost has great speeds.
NBS_FallenStar - r/megalinks 3 votes - 11/12/17
I'd be happy with whatever you'd consider your best option. I'm familiar with Cyberghost, but that's about it.
starg09 - r/Chromecast 3 votes - 02/07/15
Cyberghost did the trick for me, setting location in US :D

Now, what to buy... I already have Poweramp, and Plex somehow treats me like a full user :P
ahmedouvix - r/pcmasterrace 2 votes - 04/17/16
it's been a week and vpn doesn't improve the ping. i will try cyberghost

edit: doesn't work :D
elevul - r/VPN 2 votes - 03/05/16
So CyberGhost is awesome? Wouldn't have noticed.
mooilater - r/techsupport 2 votes - 12/01/15
use a vpn

the best ones you have to pay for

one of the best is called privateinternetaccess

i use cyberghost
vincent_adultman_ - r/blogsnark 2 votes - 09/15/15
I have to use a proxy to get on GOMI and CyberGhost works the best (and it's free). Tor works if you keep changing the circuit.
0u7law - r/VPN 2 votes - 12/26/17
I think cyberghost is one of the best vpns
shozpt - r/twentyonepilots 2 votes - 03/29/19
Im using CyberGhost and its perfect
Venxai - r/RingOfElysium 2 votes - 09/19/18
Create an NA steam account with the VPN activated. I use the trial version of 'CyberGhost' and it works perfectly. Just created the NA account and RoE popped up but of course it releases in 3 hours time so I'll install then off my NA account.
JmacMovie - r/jailbreak 2 votes - 05/12/19
You can download the app of Cyberghost! The service is very good
blackcotton - r/politota 2 votes - 04/04/14
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joedirtywins - r/SS13 2 votes - 01/01/15
Lol I was using Cyberghost, still banned though.
theslutbag - r/DarkNetMarkets 2 votes - 11/19/16
I just use Cyberghost lol.
3l_Di4bl0 - r/pcmasterrace 2 votes - 06/02/16
Cyberghost works great for me, but I'd use BetterNet if their software worked for me.
Evonos - r/VPNTorrents 2 votes - 06/14/18
Go for the great Known ones that survived already Police raids.

Express VPN , Air vpn , Pia , i think cyberghost too.
CyberGhost probably do :p
Captainaviator - r/VPN 2 votes - 01/16/14
I just got the free version of CyberGhost. Connection is good if you let it automatically pick the best server. That list you mentioned... it says CyberGhost keeps logs, however they explicitly say otherwise:
Mido557 - r/Iraq 2 votes - 07/18/18
CyberGhost is a good free option. Not the best but it gets the job done.
bDawk20 - r/VPN 2 votes - 01/01/14
Yes but CyberGhost from what I've researched is fairly reliable (large number of members and very present staff) and they do have paid versions
Crazedwish - r/summonerschool 1 votes - 03/14/14
Try deleting pando media booster or get a vpn, I guess those are my best bets. I use CyberGhost and it helps me a lot with ping issues.
RedditAntiHero - r/germany 1 votes - 08/10/15
I pay for Cyberghost (was like 19.99 for a year) and have had a perfect experience with it.

Schroders - r/AgMarketplace 1 votes - 07/06/15
I would go with CyberGhost VPN, best $40/year you'll be paying over the internet
paraspooder - r/Monstercat 1 votes - 05/24/15
Cyberghost is the best one
-Token- - r/beermoney 1 votes - 08/29/14
CyberGhost worked best for me.
Ragnarokcometh - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 05/22/16
Premium cyberghost is awesome
DrBabbage - r/seedboxes 1 votes - 03/09/16
Do you route your traffic over an VPN? And when yes what service do you use? I have Cyberghost now, but thinking about PIA.
Ever got DMCA requests?
I have a kimsufi too and i am very happy with the throughput of my tor-relay.
copypaste_93 - r/EliteDangerous 1 votes - 08/26/15
cyberghost is awesome for this.
If u install cyberghost 5 and select a national server,lol should work.It worked for me :D
Xytonion - r/PopCornTime 1 votes - 12/28/17
Wich one are you using? Cyberghost works perfectly for me.
Nimnam_ - r/starveio 1 votes - 12/15/17
I know what a vpn is. Tunnel bear and cyberghost are 2 of the best. I don't know if vpns will help tho
Spen_Masters - r/CrackWatch 1 votes - 11/06/17
You want one that allows/has P2P servers. Look about for the best one for Germany (heard good things about cyberghost, but from irish friends)
Evonos - r/Piracy 1 votes - 10/27/17
Premium. Best would be pia. Air vpn. Or Cyberghost in a bundle.
k4llahz - r/thenetherlands 1 votes - 08/25/17
Cyberghost werkt perfect.
Codelocker007 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 08/25/17
Use a Vpn .Your ISP will se that data is passing by but they will not look futher than it.

Best VPNs:

Codelocker007 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 08/03/17
Best VPN cyberghost or OpenVpn
Kalvalla - r/teenagers 1 votes - 04/20/19
Just pirate CyberGhost. Best VPN I've used in a while. Or an in-browser VPN.
Jacelyn357 - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 03/12/19
Nord and CyberGhost is best.
Evonos - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 01/24/19
>mullvad.. expressvpn.. airvpn.. ivpn..

to add onto that list , Pia , torguard , ivacy . cyberghost . perfect privacy.
Evonos - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 12/06/18
One of the Known great ones.


Pia , Express vpn , cyberghost , ivacy , torguard , Air vpn , perfect privacy.
Valko12 - r/RandomActsOfGaming 1 votes - 04/25/18
I would like to win CyberGhost VPN, Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition or Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017, thank you!
CyberGhostVPN - r/thepiratebay 1 votes - 07/13/17
We do care about our customers. A VPN should be your best online friend. We think that is very important for our customer to rely on Cyberghost. We try to keep our users informed about what is happening around the world. Take care!
[deleted] - r/gta5leak 1 votes - 09/14/13
cyberghost vpn is great for getting around the IP ban that is how I learned it because I am IP banned
LeMounirr - r/kohi 1 votes - 06/28/15
LOL Cyberghost works on there LOLOLOL
NuclearShadow - r/pcmasterrace 1 votes - 12/20/16
CyberGhost VPN would be great for me.
somanii - r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs 1 votes - 07/13/16
Lol don't use cyberghost
rakshit2207 - r/india 1 votes - 02/08/16
CyberGhost works great for me.
Dareun - r/portugal 1 votes - 08/19/15
E sobre a questu00e3o do Skype ? Uso regularmente, mas ju00e1 tive problemas, inclusive ameau00e7as e especie de perseguiu00e7u00e3o, devido ao track do ip. Uso o CyberGhost 5 de vez em quando, mas nu00e3o u00e9 viavel para estar por exemplo a jogar LoL e comunicar por Skype. Usar TS u00e9 complicado porque uso tambem o Skype para falar com amigos e familia. Mas gostava de ser capaz de proteger o meu IP dos resolvers.
Evonos - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 10/19/17
The best would be after my own experience with tons of vpn is air vpn, then pia because of prize and FBI reports of no logs. Then Cyberghost in a bundle.
vegark - r/ireland 1 votes - 03/27/19
Im using and paid for PrivateInternetAccess VPN, doesnt work great with Netflix. Tested CyberGhost VPN, worked with Netflix.
AlexsHQShop - r/iOSsetups 1 votes - 01/31/19
Delete Spark, it's a privacy nightmare.

CyberGhost isn't a great VPN either.
LaurenRevolt - r/Piracy 1 votes - 11/16/18
I use Cyberghost VPN. Haven't had any issues at all. Great advice.
ProprT - r/FORTnITE 1 votes - 08/27/18
Cyberghost gonna sell you out lol
inusia - r/3DS 1 votes - 03/13/16
Ah! Ok, I get you now! When he said 'cyberghost' I assumed it's a joke, not an username!
AlduinsRevenge - r/movies 1 votes - 06/09/19
You could add CyberGhost as a suitable VPN. It worked for me perfectly to stream Netflix.
rkennedy1117 - r/VPN 1 votes - 01/06/14
CyberGhost, PIA, PureVPN, IPVanish and TORGuard are know for their excellent support. Before you go buy a VPN always make sure that you consult with someone you know or on reddit.
darranc - r/torrents 1 votes - 09/20/14
Nice try cyberghost!
purplemountain01 - r/apple 1 votes - 08/24/16
I recommend [Cyberghost]( I have been using them for a couple years now and I have no complaints. Great connections and speed and not US based. I have heard PIA is good but my issue is that they are US based.
BorealA - r/APUSH 1 votes - 07/06/16
I used this one called CyberGhost, but it wasn't the best option for many reasons.
TedTheAtheist - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 05/22/16
Yea, after all my reading, PIA seems to be the best... even better than Cyberghost.
austin81881 - r/youtube 1 votes - 09/11/17
BEST EVER! Make sure you delete the wyUpdate.exe file in Program Files/Cyberghost 6 or Cyberghost
Ok, I'm using CyberGhost which seem to be one of the best for not logging
Evonos - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 05/28/19
Pia , Express vpn , Perfect privacy had FBI reports , servers taken or court order all shown zero Information aka logs.


Cyberghost moved countrys for better privacy , and air vpn had i think too server seized at some point.
tpero - r/peloton 1 votes - 03/09/19
I've used cyberghost VPN with Eurosport for 3+ years now, perfect every time. So much better than NBC Sports (especially when NBC isn't airing :P)
AsusServe - r/privacy 1 votes - 03/04/19
Yes, they do. Your best option is to use a top VPN like surfshark, cyberghost, express. The software will encrypt your data, by changing your I.P address.
Evonos - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 09/18/18
Just googled ' Perfect privacy server raid '





But just saying Pia and Express vpn also air vpn had all some servers raided. cyberghost even moved countrys for better privacy laws.
daryun2g - r/ipad 1 votes - 07/23/19
CyberGhost VPN is the best VPN Service.
Speedify is also great u get 5 gb per month for free.
ossoklose - r/discordapp 1 votes - 12/11/18
you can go to google chrome and download cyberghost vpn extension, its free and it seems to work perfectly for me, usa servers work best, i like using chrome more than opera so if thats what you want thats fine.
and if you want for the phone, theres protonvpn and theres geckovpn, try both, they work the best
Harpish - r/LiquidSky 1 votes - 09/02/15
I tried CyberGhost, but it didn't work with LiquidSky for me. And the site works fine, it's the connection to the cloud computer that has been blocked. I ended up going with and it works perfectly.
[deleted] - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 12/31/10
Peerblock is a port monitor, not a vpn. It's good though. Try Cyberghost
norkamus - r/VPN 1 votes - 01/01/14
> Yes but CyberGhost from what I've researched is fairly reliable

What is your research?
J4k0b42 - r/howto 1 votes - 10/07/13
This gets the job done, but I prefer using a VPN since it gets all your traffic though, not just browser based stuff. I've had good results with [CyberGhost]( and [ExpatShield]( (doesn't work on Windows 8).
dick_grayson_1994 - r/india 0 votes - 08/21/16
Cyberghost and ivacy are the best at this time. I'll decide between these two.
Cyberghost works great.
Not-IPT-Staff - r/trackers 0 votes - 10/24/14
/u/fucksnotgiven123 is someone with oper or knows someone with an o-line on IPT's ircd

They nabbed my cyberghost vpn ip and commented it to me (and then deleted the comment) :P
Codelocker007 - r/Piracy -1 votes - 08/03/17
cyberghost is the best out there