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landoindisguise - r/Documentaries 19 votes - 01/22/16
Get a VPN. When I was living in China, Astrill worked perfectly.

(Just don't use ExpressVPN).
Kingkwon83 - r/technology 7 votes - 07/06/19
I've been very happy with expressvpn over the years. Works for netflix too
ToTheMoon9000 - r/China 5 votes - 12/14/17
As for VPNs, ExpressVPN and VyprVPN seems to work best for accessing anti-commie sites. Both of these are tier 1 VPN companies and both are dedicated to the China market. Also, they offer plans by the month as it seems to suit your requirements (on vacation, staying short term).

You can see the [speed tests and reviews here](
atulsyadav - r/Cricket 5 votes - 05/08/19
Try ExpressVPN. I used it when I visited Brisbane. Works flawless.
Agentinfamous - r/canada 5 votes - 01/29/19
Yeah, Nord and Expressvpn are rated the best. Also has had no privacy issues.
MunnyGuy - r/NetflixViaVPN 4 votes - 10/18/17
ExpressVPN is what I use for almost a year now. Excellent service.
andr13zafran - r/NetflixViaVPN 3 votes - 05/09/18
Yeah ExpressVPN is the best.
dashenyang - r/AskReddit 3 votes - 02/13/18
ExpressVPN is indeed awesome. I've used it from China for about two years now.
Zhangsun321 - r/Piracy 3 votes - 09/24/17
get a vpn
and airvpn are among the best, fastest, and privacy focused
Super_Ham - r/TPB 3 votes - 03/28/19
ExpressVPN isnu2019t the cheapest but imo itu2019s the best
FlamingHippy - r/australia 2 votes - 02/24/15
ExpressVPN works brilliantly for me!
LilacSymphony - r/okinawa 2 votes - 12/22/16
ExpressVPN has worked wonderful for me.
tw3thorb - r/vpnreviews 2 votes - 12/16/16
I have been using ExpressVPN for 5 months now.
I am very happy with the speed and all just seems to work.
Except no kill switch with linux so I have to use the firewall as kill switch.
kaysn - r/androidapps 2 votes - 12/02/16
I use ExpressVPN. It's pricier than the competition but I have the best experience with them. Plus they still bypass Netflix VPN blocks.

Linkme: ExpressVPN
AudiJeff - r/techsupport 2 votes - 10/07/16
I have a great exprience with PureVPN. But would also suggest you to check ExpressVPN too!
harisaltaf12 - r/PopCornTime 2 votes - 09/20/16
Try ExpressVPN App Its really awesome at vpngrades 5 best vpns app listed but my vote for express
redditismyslave - r/australia 2 votes - 03/30/16
ExpressVPN hasn't been affected to the best of my knowledge
Alenh7 - r/jailbreak 2 votes - 02/04/16
ExpressVPN is the best
StarfighterFoxtrot - r/dubai 2 votes - 10/15/15
+1 for ExpressVPN best one I've used
Zhangsun321 - r/Piracy 2 votes - 10/31/17
get a vpn... torguard... PIA...ExpressVPN..AirVPN...IVPN..MullVAD

are among the best of the best
YakzitNood - r/Piracy 2 votes - 07/23/19
Expressvpn is the best 99 dollars I spend each year
NoisyFlake - r/DunderMifflin 2 votes - 06/26/19
expressVPN. Been using it for almost a year and it works absolutely flawlessly!
Phixia - r/geek 1 votes - 07/05/11
ExpressVPN works wonderfully. Sympathies from the UAE!
alexnguyen2015 - r/vpncoupons 1 votes - 07/18/15
my expressvpn account expired, I'd like to look for another vpn. May I have one? :D
laidlow - r/australia 1 votes - 06/23/15
I'm using ExpressVPN and I'm very happy with it. Paying about $8 a month for it IIRC.
JeniferBaron101 - r/Bitcoin 1 votes - 04/25/15
I am using ExpressVPN for my iPhone it work best for me. you can check it out at [VpnRanks](
-lumpinator- - r/australia 1 votes - 04/07/15

I recommend ExpressVPN. Very happy with it.
mdfaisal - r/Cricket 1 votes - 02/11/15
Like expressvpn ?Did you manage to register and watch anything. Just wondering about quality and the best vpn to get.
micjustin33 - r/VPN 1 votes - 08/11/14
1. PIA The best recommended on this sub-reddit
2. PureVPN
3. ExpressVPN
micjustin33 - r/VPN 1 votes - 06/13/14
In $10/month you can get around all best vpn some I'd recommend is IPVanish, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, VPNArea, TorGuard, BTGuard, ibVPN
j_s420 - r/unRAID 1 votes - 12/22/16
i use [Express VPN]( and its the best
j_s420 - r/VPNHelp 1 votes - 12/20/16
the best VPN is [Express VPN](
j_s420 - r/Turkey 1 votes - 11/23/16
the best way to access all blocked sites is [Express VPN]( it is the best VPN service
jasonsmith420 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 11/18/16
i do and with [**Express VPN**]( the best part is i never got caught or tracked doing it.
DoomedHooman - r/AskUK 1 votes - 11/01/16
I suggest you to go for one which supports P2P. Your said ones are great but I would also like you to check Purevpn, ivacy, & expressvpn out too!
abdulqadir4716 - r/dubai 1 votes - 10/19/16
ExpressVPN best one I get it at VPNgrades after check the list of iphone 7 vpns
Ik gebruik nu ExpressVPN, maar mijn abonnement verloopt binnenkort. Langzaamaan eens aan het oriu00ebnteren, dus mooi dat dit hier langs kwam. Over het algemeen ben ik best te spreken over ExpressVPN, alleen ligt de prijs een stukje hoger dan bij PIA.

Ik werk op verschillende plaatsen, dus het is niet (altijd) de optie om de VPN verbinding af te dwingen in de router. Op mijn Mac gebruik ik dan de Express VPN app. Het krachtige van deze applicatie is dat deze al het internet verkeer blokkeert totdat de VPN-verbinding tot stand is gekomen. Dus als ik mijn laptop openklap en deze al verbinding heeft gemaakt met een WiFi-netwerk kunnen applicaties niks doen op het internet. Aangezien het verbinden met de VPN-server eventjes duurt vind ik dit wel erg prettig. Er kan niet per ongeluk verkeer over een onbeveiligde lijn lopen. Biedt PIA ook zulke functionaliteit?
instantether - r/ethereum 1 votes - 08/11/16
PIA is unreliable. Best bet is ExpressVPN as they've designed it to evade the VPN blocker. Was there 9 months ago and the best one I could find.
Segat1 - r/unitedkingdom 1 votes - 08/06/16
ExpressVPN is flawless.
Pattinson123 - r/DarkNetMarkets 1 votes - 07/25/16
Best VPN is express vpn service
UpChuck_Banana_Pants - r/China 1 votes - 07/14/16
ExpressVPN is awesome
Loaffi - r/NetflixByProxy 1 votes - 07/09/16
ExpressVPN works for me and they have excellent setup guides on their page.
denisholc7 - r/Rainbow6 1 votes - 06/23/16
With VPN you can change it. No lagging and no rubberbanding. Expressvpn is one of the best. Sometimes I'm using it and have no problems at all
rudidit09 - r/churning 1 votes - 04/25/16
that's great! which US location did you pick for ExpressVPN?
john-conor - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 12/11/15
ExpressVPN is really best for torrenting. Read [ExpressVPN review]( to know how it makes you anonymous on internet.
beno_mare - r/China 1 votes - 02/23/18
I've been using ExpressVPN for almost a year now. Couldn't connect to the gameing server i wanted in RSA, but it works perfectly for steaming movies/series/youtube/facebook/Instagram. Got a one year license and i've installed it on every device in my house. I do sometimes have to change between Hongkong, Taiwan and US servers- depends on the time of day
boxheadmoose - r/VPN 1 votes - 02/21/18
Some others to try are

* Celo VPN
* AirVPN
* Mullvad
* ExpressVPN
* ProtonVPN
* Perfect Privacy
Zhangsun321 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 01/25/18
get a vpn.... pia, expressvpn, or ivpn are among the best
hank_space604 - r/beijing 1 votes - 12/23/17
I've been using expressvpn. It works great! I believe it does have a trial period as well.

Zhangsun321 - r/VPN 1 votes - 11/03/17
ExpressVPN, Torguard, Mullvad, IVPN, AirVPN are your best bets. DO NOT USE PUREVPN
Zhangsun321 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 09/27/17
get a vpn
expressvpn airvpn or ivpn are among the best
andyg_87 - r/dubai 1 votes - 09/07/17
use VPN man. I am using expressVPN with utorrent and am very happy with it
yijiujiu - r/China 1 votes - 07/15/17
Best resource for phones while traveling:

Buy and install a VPN on both your phone and laptop before you come. I suggest expressvpn or astrill.
haidi8 - r/beijing 1 votes - 07/13/17
Which one do u use? I've heard expressVPN is the best.
fin_ss - r/worldnews 1 votes - 07/10/17
ExpressVPN, has been working flawlessly here in china.
detonya - r/Wavesplatform 1 votes - 07/29/19
Thank you for your answer. I will try to reinstall this evening or tomorrow and I will post a feedback here.

Best regards !

P.S : I am using ExpressVPN connected to switzerland
ittav0321 - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 07/27/19
ExpressVPN is the best but costly
DeV3RDICT - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 07/24/19
ExpressVPN works best for me
Eagle-66 - r/gtaonline 1 votes - 07/24/19
A router that supports VPN is the best option for PS4/Xbox1 Iu2019m using it now with ExpressVPN and it works flawlessly.
lizardworm - r/Eesti 1 votes - 07/02/19
No kui vu00e4ga tahta, leiab tasuta ka. Aga Netflix ei lase vaadata. :D See hit-or-miss, mu00f5ned u00fctlevad, et ExpressVPN-iga tu00f6u00f6tab, aga osadel ei lu00e4he see ka lu00e4bi.
Cluerabbit - r/terracehouse 1 votes - 06/06/19

Yeah, Softether is the best, I use this also. (Tho sometimes it gets disconnected)
r1ma - r/BitcoinBeginners 1 votes - 05/25/19
Thank you. I now have account and wallet on [](

Support person in ExpressVPN told me that these wallets are supported:


My Blockchain wallet didn't work. Its not fully supported.

Maybe because it doesn't have payment protocol.

So where is best to transfer my bitcoins from [](
Akyd-FR - r/CallOfDutyMobile 1 votes - 05/19/19
Use ExpressVPN it's the best
GhostHunter82 - r/askTO 1 votes - 05/14/19
Seconding expressVPN. Not the cheapest but excellent customer service and works with US Netflix
Kaleeva - r/france 1 votes - 04/29/19
ExpressVPN est excellent, environ 10e/mois et tu peux avoir le catalogue Netflix de plein de pays (US compris)
Amir-Jilani - r/newzealand 1 votes - 04/15/19
ExpressVPN is best for streaming purposes because it unblocks all streaming sites and provides fastest speed to its users.
ittav0321 - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 04/13/19
ExpressVPN is costly but best
Premislaus - r/techsupport 1 votes - 03/17/19
ExpressVPN user here. Netflix works perfectly.
danielsuarez369 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 03/14/19
ExpressVPN is one of the best(If not the best) VPN out there.
SniffMyPanty - r/tech 1 votes - 03/12/19
ExpressVPN. Best performance according to the reviews I read.
MichealHeitz - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 02/20/19
I don't know about using a VPN on XBox but for Netflix my best choice has always been ExpressVPN
jikflet - r/pics 1 votes - 02/13/19
Im writing this from China. ExpressVPN is the best option.
Blacky123_456 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 02/09/19
ExpressVPN works the best
blueeyes2die4 - r/verizon 1 votes - 02/04/19
I use ExpressVPN and it works perfectly with all video streaming apps.
nmrdc - r/nordvpn 1 votes - 02/01/19
ExpressVPN is one of the best i heard. When my Nord plan expires I'll probably subscribe to it
yukiharasoma - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 01/23/19
Yea I had I had to use a VPN and my vpn provider help me fill out the settings I had to enter. If you dont have a vpn try using expressvpn trial. That worked for flawlessly without having to change any settings
Yeah,Its Best In Business Now.

If You Want To Try Other.Then,Use These VPNs(Top-10)Modded:

1. [Touch/[VPN/]Proxy(v1.4.9.Build.1000152)/[Elite/]Mod]( /MediaFire
2. [VPNHub(v1.3.1)/[Premium/]Mod]( /MediaFire
3. [ExpressVPN-Best Android VPN(v7.2.3)/[Mod By Stabrion/]]( /MediaFire
4. [BlockaNet(Free)ProxyList(Pro) v1.10/[VPN/]]( /MediaFire
5. [Barando{Pro}/[VPN/](v4.5.3)Mod]( /MediaFire
6. [JustVPN(v1.1.0)Mod(AdFree)]( /MediaFire
7. [Power(Pro)/[VPN/](v5.27)]( /MediaFire
8. [IPVanish/[VPN/](v3.3.5.28123) /[Premium/]Mod]( /MediaFire
9. [Secure/[VPN/](v1.1.12)Mod(AdFree)]( /MediaFire
10. [Psiphon(Pro)/[VPN/](v214)/[Premium/]Mod]( /MediaFire
FifenC0ugar - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 01/14/19
Expressvpn is the best. You can watch Netflix on Android or desktop (not sure about apple)
sucker911 - r/shanghai -1 votes - 04/04/18
My expressvpn works perfectly
cbk27 - r/Piracy -1 votes - 08/01/19
I would say Expressvpn is the best. Don't go anywhere else.
koproo - r/mac -4 votes - 03/29/18
Expressvpn best one money can buy.