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donkeyrocket - r/politics 32 votes - 08/04/12
If you have Chrome it's easy-peasy (I believe Firefox also). Get the extension FoxyProxy and then get yourself a list of some of some proxies and just pick a U.K. one. I've got a Macbook and am watching track cycling as we speak. I'm amazed at BBC's iPlayer, it has a phenomenal interface.
lolibattlemech - r/battlefield3 11 votes - 06/05/12
If you use firefox foxyproxy is a great extension that lets you change proxies on the fly.
MarcTCC - r/firefox 9 votes - 09/28/14
Try Stealthy, Proxmate or Foxyproxy. I wouldn't trust the servers of these kind of services though. I haven't used any of those is some time so no guarantee that they will work. In any case, the best solution is buying VPN access. /r/VPN
boogiepanda - r/GameDeals 8 votes - 05/26/13
From people trying to access the website : Port : 80 (Thanks to oreo_for_president) via FoxyProxy to access the website was successful. Completed a purchase from the UK with PayPal (billing address UK) without a problem. Steam code for Deux Ex : HR was emailed to me within a minute.
sparkfist - r/Diablo 4 votes - 11/18/13
I just assumed everyone used chrome. There is also a really good plugin for firefox. Problem solved.
zab_ - r/i2p 4 votes - 10/26/18
I've heard that too (from someone on Irc2P). It makes sense, that's why we're probably not going to end up recommending FoxyProxy, even though it sure is convenient!

Frenchy182 - r/nrl 3 votes - 03/17/13
Okay, so what I did was purchase a Proxy subscription from this website.
I selected US/6 months for $30USD (it will last until finals time)

I then used their browser extension for Chrome which can be added from here

Then they will send you a log in including the Proxy URL/Port as well as a user name and password to access it.

Using this information it will have details of where to add these details in the FoxyProxy extension.

Once you got that all going, Click the extension and select 'Use Proxy [url:port] '
It will ask for the Username/Password

If you log in successfully, it should now appear that you are browsing from the US.

Then free roam for the NRL Streaming! :D

(I hope that makes as much sense, I plan to set this up for my Dad so I got to make it as simple as possible)
borque - r/AskReddit 3 votes - 12/28/08
[Tor]( seems quite good, and can be easily integrated into Firefox using an extension like [FoxyProxy](
swissel - r/battlefield_4 3 votes - 10/14/13
foxyproxy is your keyword. More info [here](
CredAndBercuses - r/conspiracy 3 votes - 07/27/15

My favorite Firefox addons, can't go without 'em.
luigii - r/firefox 3 votes - 05/01/11
I use vimperator, so mine looks [slightly unusual](

I've got greasemonkey, adblock, noscript, stumbleupon, tab groups, sync, Gmail Manager, foxyproxy and echofon. That's probably more icons than I'd ideally like, but I find them necessary (and I've managed to keep them all to one bar, which is nice)
Tiver - r/netsec 3 votes - 04/28/10
You can also use FoxyProxy with this setup to easily switch between using the proxy or not, or to setup rules for what sites use the proxy and what don't. Generating some safe browsing activity might be a good idea in case they really closely monitor things.
1000EnCarne - r/ 3 votes - 01/15/10
Imgur is good and no matter how much you rant reddittors won't stop posting on it. You should get something like foxyproxy with an automated rule to use a proxy when you go to imgur. I can't even go to proxies (thanks a lot websense) but I can still see imgur if I do an ssh tunnel.
[shameless plug]As a person from outside the UK I'm still going to watch it using Foxyproxy [/spontaneous recommendation].

Looks really interesting. He's made some great portraits before.
Ventajou - r/software 3 votes - 07/09/12
If you use FireFox, I think there's an add-on called FoxyProxy that lets you switch easily.

Chrome and IE (and other software) use the proxy settings from Windows, so I don't see how flipping between them would work but who knows, I've never tried...
javiervc12345 - r/netsec 2 votes - 06/24/10
Great work. Why not recommend FoxyProxy?
vagif - r/linux 2 votes - 05/20/12
I use foxyproxy for that. Works great with SSH tunnelling.
B-Con - r/netsec 2 votes - 11/16/09
No, FoxyProxy does not change any of the about:config settings. I'm saying that enabling socks_remote_dns does not work if FoxyProxy is installed. It *should* work, intuitively, but does not. It seems that FoxyProxy causes Firefox to ignore most proxy-related about:config settings. It works if FoxyProxy is not installed, however.
nevadahooker - r/onions 2 votes - 09/06/12
We need more information.

Are you just using TOR or TOR+Vidalia?
Are you using a SOCKS proxy?
I don't see a indicator for TORbutton or FoxyProxy? Are either installed?
flbeachcracka - r/formula1 2 votes - 09/03/12
Also using foxyproxy with a U.K. IP address will allow you to go on the iplayer and watch the coverage. DC is good and all but I prefer speed, the only thing is U.K has like 3 hours of coverage its great
boogiepanda - r/GameDeals 2 votes - 05/26/13
Paid and did everything with FoxyProxy on.

Most games are no region locked AFAIK
sapphire29 - r/the1975 2 votes - 03/02/16
I was able to watch and download the video from Ireland using a proxy. I've never used Hola for Chrome but FoxyProxy for FireFox works for me
iKickComputers - r/MLPLounge 2 votes - 04/16/14
Welcome to the Firefox brotherhood.

Here is my list of important add-ons:

* AdBlock Plus



* FoxyProxy Standard

* Ghostery

* Google Translator for Firefox

* Greasemonkey

* NoScript

* Firebug

* HTTPS Everywhere

* FT DeepDark


Enjoy using your time with best web browser.

Edit: Quick Translator works well too.
cmdrogogov - r/Bitcoin 2 votes - 06/19/13
There's a great foxyproxy tutorial up [here]( - I'm aware this isn't a secure solution given session data will still be in the browser, but if the user is that paranoid they should be running it in a virtual machine anyway.
sourheart - r/hockey 2 votes - 10/08/11
Dude thanks so much. I had been using FoxyProxy and haven't been too happy with their speeds. proXPN is a million times easier to use and way faster!
Ochobobo - r/doctorwho 2 votes - 07/27/11
You're gonna have to do some Googling to find out what works best for you, but what I used was the FoxyProxy addon for Firefox, then entered a UK proxy I found on Google.

Try not to use this unless there's no other way to watch the episode, since it kind of drains BBC's bandwidth. Fortunately I haven't had to do this for a year or so, since thejosh has been pretty punctual about posting download links for each episode as it comes out.
jakdominance - r/Archery 2 votes - 07/27/12
I installed Stealthy on chrome (I guess you can use [FoxyProxy]( too) and was able to watch BBC iPlayer streams. Stealthy has a free proxy service and you can subscribe to a faster one for 5 Euros (~$6.20USD) FoxyProxy's is like $12 for a UK proxy.
thefifthwit - r/baseball 2 votes - 04/30/12
Also, foxyproxy. Affordable and easy to use.
Natanael_L - r/netsec 1 votes - 08/26/13
NoScript and FoxyProxy hooked up to a HIPS like Comodo's? :D
x01a4 - r/Android 1 votes - 11/17/11
This is how I got it to work:

1. I use Firefox with the Addon 'FoxyProxy'

2. [Get a Proxy form here](

3. Enter Proxy in FoxyProxy and enable Proxy

4. Log In to google music and accept terms

5. Download the upload tool and you are good to go, never need the proxy again!
sep76 - r/linuxadmin 1 votes - 03/05/19
ssh -D + foxyproxy plugin and pattern matching in the plugin... soo good!
thatdroid - r/LifeProTips 1 votes - 08/29/11
Foxyproxy? I used it to bypass timed chat limits via the Great Firewall of China.
d4nm3d - r/Piracy 1 votes - 02/14/15
foxyproxy is the best one i've found.. though you'll need to find your own proxy to populate it with or buy theirs.
d4rch0n - r/technology 1 votes - 07/29/17
Tamper Data is great. Another great thing to set up is foxyproxy and burp proxy, or any proxy plus burp.
LongJohnJon - r/funny 1 votes - 02/07/14
I'm using the addon FoxyProxy for Firefox. There are many alternatives for Chrome if you're using that instead. You can google for a list of Canadian proxies. I picked one that offered the best speed. It's not HD, but it's watchable.

[Here's the list that I used](
Moondawn - r/apple 1 votes - 05/25/15
has anyone found any good proxy server extensions for safari. There are great ones for firefox and chrome but safari hasn't seemed to catch up in this area

EDIT: I'm thinking something like [FoxyProxy]( for Firefox
NomadNella - r/politics 1 votes - 07/29/11
Sounds good but I'm a noob when it comes to proxies so how do I find out what port a proxy is being run through so I can enter it into FoxyProxy?
AutoArt - r/formula1 1 votes - 07/09/11
You got BBC streaming to work for a mac? I have a really awesome and easy method for my PC, but I rarely use it. If you don't mind PM'ing me how you got it to work on your mac that would be awesome because inputing IP's into foxyproxy is a pain in the ass every time I want to stream BBC.
bloodqc - r/gaming 1 votes - 12/17/09
set up a http proxy at home and if your workplace's firewall block outgoing connection except web, set up a VPN (like openvpn) at home and set it on the 443 port (https so it should pass throught your workspace's proxy). foxyproxy is nice to switch between proxies.
tempguest - r/technology 1 votes - 07/21/09
It does look nice there, but my status bar is already too cluttered: FoxyProxy Icon & Text; greasemonkey; NoScript; and Screengrab.
Complex- - r/quiteinteresting 1 votes - 12/11/11
just finished whaching it good episode,anyways, to get the BBC iplayer to work on here in the US or elsewhere just get this [FireFox addon]( and use a UK proxy IP form [here]( check the country make sure it a UK IP.
Natanael_L - r/technology 1 votes - 04/10/13
What kind of extensions? I know I can't do without FaviconizeTab, NoScript (first-party scripts allowed by default, 3rd-party domain scripts blocked), Session Manager (you can (auto)save sets of tabs and switch, it handles crash recovery better), and then there's FoxyProxy which allows you to set proxies per-URL using custom rules and Download Statusbar (got a few options that beats what Chrome has). Keyconfig is nice too.
cf0ed2aa-bdf5-4ef6-a - r/funny 1 votes - 02/22/13
Yep proxy works of course. There are some addons that unblock the blocked videos on yt automatically. ( [proxtube]( for example)

I'm using my own proxy with foxyproxy though. I don't neccessarily trust those addons.
If you use firefox you could use [FoxyProxy]( and use your own.
6aph - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 04/01/18
Replying to my own comment, seems like for Firefox a solution would be to use an extension -
puncho22 - r/unRAID 1 votes - 11/05/17
Awesome, I got foxyproxy and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for :)
seehazy - r/Games 1 votes - 12/13/13
There are a gazillion options and i don't claim to be an expert AT ALL. I use a paid service called [Astrill] ( They offer a 7 day free trial which would be perfect for this. You have to 'buy' the free trial for $0.00. Install their client and choose a server in your country of choice! There is also a Firefox add-on called FoxyProxy. Never used it before so can't help you there. Like I said there are tons of options for VPN/proxy service, some are much easier to use than others. Astrill has good customer support and have a 24/7 chat feature on their website in case you have issues.
wet-dreaming - r/nin 1 votes - 07/26/13
I'm using Proxmate (because of general youtube blocks) with the posted proxy ( You can add your own proxy in the options. FoxyProxy should work fine aswell.
digitall565 - r/doctorwho 1 votes - 05/16/11
Or better yet, download ExpatShielf. All of the iPlayer access without any of the setup (having to find proxies) every time you want to use FoxyProxy on FFX or Switchy on Chrome.
TomatoAintAFruit - r/Amsterdam 1 votes - 04/27/11
In addition: for the daily news for online repeats

Sometimes you need to have a Dutch IP address in order to watch a programme online. I recommend setting up a proxy in that case -- works perfect for me. If you have Firefox try FoxyProxy and just google 'dutch proxy server' or something like that.
alaghu - r/apple 1 votes - 03/06/11
Foxyproxy. I have used it for more than a year. Works well. Just to watch BBC from US.
KrzaQ2 - r/hacking 1 votes - 05/15/12
Set up VPN at home. Or just use SSH tunneling for the sites you need (use Firefox with FoxyProxy for that).

If you can't use either, there was a PoC DNS proxy, but I can't remember its name from the top of my head.
MrNifty - r/techsupport 1 votes - 01/09/12
You *might* be able to use FoxyProxy for that. I haven't used it in awhile though.
Big_Ern - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 10/08/11
noscript, ghostery, foxyproxy, web of trust, flagfox, browser protect, better privacy.
noxville - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 01/30/14
[Foxyproxy]( is excellent for pushing stuff over multiple SOCKS5 proxies, allowing bypassing of shaping.

Adblock is great, don't forget to turn it off on Twitch so you can support some streamers!

[Reddit Enchancement Suite]( is essential for efficient Redditing.
[deleted] - r/Battlefield 1 votes - 10/15/13
Google FoxyProxy and its safe, if you deactivate the Proxy before you Pay.
dexbg - r/Android 1 votes - 06/11/13
What does it help with ?

More security ?

Is it like dedicated-proxy settings for each app ? like FoxyProxy ?

[deleted] - r/ireland 1 votes - 03/26/13
Hold up thar now! Watch Netflix through a US proxy and you're sorted. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I'll give you a hand setting it up if you're stuck, but if you can figure it out yourself just basically download FoxyProxy and use google to find US proxies :)

EDIT: there's /u/DKoala saying Media Hint is another one. Gonna check that out myself.
AbbyTR - r/leagueoflegends 1 votes - 03/01/13
Check your proxy, did you change any internet setting.. etc. Most of the time, this is a network problem. I get that if I use foxyproxy on chrome (since LoL and chorme share the same internet options as IE and the computer)
replicated - r/languagelearning 1 votes - 01/14/13
Thank you. I think I might have used FoxyProxy. I will research these some more.
ConcealClunkMinds - r/privacy 1 votes - 04/10/15
It doesn't. However, if you so choose (not particularly recommended for security reasons) you can set up i2p, tor, and your VPN of choice all as proxies and run them through FoxyProxy. You could even set up your own if you have a VPS and some free time.
DatNiko - r/i2p 1 votes - 11/22/14
I was using FoxyProxy while in i2p to be able to visit .i2p sites ( ) and was also able to see .onion sites.
So I wasn't using the i2p network while on .onion sites?
asscrit - r/heroesofthestorm 1 votes - 02/17/16
Install Chrome-> get FoxyProxy Addon. Works for 9gag, twitch and Imgur :)
Gowame2 - r/FreeGamesOnSteam 1 votes - 07/02/17
FoxyProxy + Brazilian proxy is OK.
egudu - r/waterfox 1 votes - 04/27/19
Did you make sure you used an old/legacy version of FoxyProxy?
21dresden21 - r/linuxquestions 1 votes - 03/15/19
I'm going to be getting this server: []( the Linux starter one.

With that server I can purchase additional IPs so I will be getting 10 of them.

I want to turn these into proxies on that server so that I can use them using FoxyProxy on my windows machine.


Hope that makes more sense
Randomfraff - r/cybersecurity 1 votes - 03/01/19
Good list, foxyproxy is useful too, for burp and whatnot.
redstoneglowstone - r/VPS 1 votes - 02/22/19
Once you are connected to any VPS you can socks5 proxy through your ssh client. Firefox is the easiest to setup with Foxyproxy. Iu2019ve used Chrome as well with command line switches...a bit more cumbersome. I use it mostly to watch Canadian and UK television and browsing privacy when Iu2019m not on my home network.
mhatta - r/i2p 1 votes - 12/21/18
Glad your problem was solved. Anywise, here's the updated config for the newer FoxyProxy:

gameswiplay - r/australia 1 votes - 11/28/18
Basically I buy a bunch of linodes all around the world and run Tinc on them, rather than OpenVPN. Each VPN endpoint is its own VLAN.

From there, you can do whatever you'd like; I'm also running squid proxies on all of them, so I just point FoxyProxy at whichever I need to use. For more important stuff, I run a virtual machine in whichever VLAN I need.
Tilduke - r/mildlyinfuriating 1 votes - 02/02/15
Not that I have looked into it but I'm guessing you just need to access the geo-checking code from the appropriate country. Using something like foxyproxy (allows you to set proxy settings based on regex) you might be able to do this easily, assuming you have a proxy in another region...
Wuselon - r/battlefield_4 1 votes - 09/18/13
Most of this 'trick' you can google, but i say as much as:

you need firefox+noscript+foxyproxy(or other proxy addon doesnt matter) and a mexico proxy :D

you'll find the rest on your own, its not that difficult ^^

result will be ~51 u20ac BF4+Premium :D so enjoy!
jeremyneil - r/Fraudnet2 1 votes - 12/22/16
Or try foxyproxy monthly proxy plan with one unique ip !
TheMidnighToker - r/linux 1 votes - 10/06/13
if you're using firefox, then [FoxyProxy]( makes this upsettingly easy :)
gnomff - r/tifu 1 votes - 11/05/15
You can always use something FoxyProxy or Proxifier to proxy to your home server with SOCKS5. I used to do this to get around the filter at work. Easy and free!
kevin19713 - r/software 1 votes - 12/07/09
Ableton Live 8 Suite

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox






Windows 7 Ultimate

Ubuntu 9.10





PDANet for Android

Tune up utilities 2009


Everything is free except for Ableton(professional music software and fuckin amazing, well worth the $800) and Win 7.
Everything runs on win except for ubuntu(well it will kinda run on windows, but its better on a partition), PDANet is a windows program but it tethers my android phone to my laptop for unlimited 3g everywhere, I think you have to pay like $10 for PDANet but it works on android, blackberry and even an iphone(although since its and apple and you don't own it, you just share it with Steve, you'll have to do some crazy hack).
I'll add more if I think of them!
ShattereddM - r/TPB 1 votes - 11/22/18
I have a good solution for bypassing any block to get to official website if anybody wants it:

You will need FoxyProxy (is available on Chrome) and UltraSurf.

It's easier to run UltraSurf on a PC which is always on (like an old laptop).

Just [setup FoxyProxy to detect 'thepiratebay' in the URL]( and when that pattern is matched let it switch to [directing all traffic through the PC running UltraSurf](

[deleted] - r/ukpolitics 1 votes - 08/11/11
easy to switch proxies with Foxyproxy extension
LoudBlock - r/TOR 0 votes - 04/12/19
Hey this is a solution:

/- go here and download this VPN client (it's free) []( (select the vpn)

/- connect the VPN, and so go to check your IP to any IP finder ( []( this is just one, there are thousands)

/- install on Firefox or Chrome the FoxyProxy Extension

/- configure a 'SOCKS5 proxy using as IP/hostname the exit IP you find and the port 9050

/- activate the proxy, and so you're able to surf the tor without any tor


Please since this is a project to avoid any censroship please feedback.

Good Luck
_1b0t - r/TOR -1 votes - 10/29/18
sudo apt install tor

sudo systemctl start tor

and set proxy in Browser (i.g.: FoxyProxy in Firefox) socks5 to []( and port 9050
smolderas - r/battlefield_4 -5 votes - 09/16/13
Yeah sure, give your credit card details without ssl or https to the foxyproxy, genius...