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Vulvastix - r/geek 21 votes - 09/12/16
hidemyass is on there LOL, who's the noob that made that infografik
14mit1010 - r/india 16 votes - 02/26/12
They are welcome to go to Pakistan, but not to turn India into Pakistan

Also, the site seems to have been blocked in India (or atleast filtered by my college)

Use HideMyass if you want to access it
liesthroughhisteeth - r/VPN 9 votes - 12/11/12
I seem to recall something about Hidemyass retaining a fair amount of data on users traffic, being served with court order to release the information and complying.
Cproo12 - r/nosleep 9 votes - 12/28/13
Use proxies. Hidemyass is great.
holyhandgrenadier - r/geek 6 votes - 07/04/11
I've had a good experience with [hidemyass Pro VPN](http://www.hidemyass.com/vpn/)
Empereol - r/canada 5 votes - 07/15/13
The two I've used with a great experience are...

* [HideMyAss](http://hidemyass.com/vpn/)
* [ProXPN](http://proxpn.com/)
[deleted] - r/ireland 5 votes - 02/28/14
I used HideMyAss and it was very good.
gerry613 - r/ottawa 4 votes - 08/19/12
I wouldn't trust any proxy.
Also the speed isn't probably amazing.
I am still with hidemyass and has a great service.
Fedor2 - r/funny 4 votes - 10/12/15
Lol but just recommend a Google chrome app. Just don't throw acronyms at the guy. HideMyAss is nice so is aloha
NinjaNetizen - r/anonymous 4 votes - 05/15/15
ayy nice self promotion!

a word on number 5: https://invisibler.com/lulzsec-and-hidemyass/

edit: http://freedomhacker.net/is-hide-my-ass-vpn-secure-in-2014/

edit2: if youre honeypotting gtfo, if youre srs l2gitgud.
wolfcry0 - r/torrents 4 votes - 04/08/15
PIA is good, never use hidemyass
Its7up - r/CasualConversation 4 votes - 06/19/15
HideMyAss or Zenmate are both good extensions, though both of them charge to get a desktop app, I think.
Youknowimtheman - r/VPN 3 votes - 01/09/15
Hidemyass does not have a good reputation.
gonaria - r/de 3 votes - 12/15/11
lol! Deutschland Radio serviert kalten Kaffe!

a)es gibt bezahldienste wie HideMyAss, die aber nicht sicher sind

b)TOR ist denen zu langsam

c)STAATLICHER Server des Landesdatenschutzzentrums Kiel

...ne, ist klar.

Schnell & billig sind anonyme offshore rootserver wie internoc24 oder ccihosting.
dj-shortcut - r/torrents 3 votes - 09/08/16
very good but my ISP blocks this, i used hidemyass proxy and thats's that.
pseudo_identity - r/VPN 3 votes - 09/05/13
HideMyAss isn't a great VPN, it's well known to log. If you're using it for torrenting you might want to move to PIA (who don't log).

Oh and if you want to wait there's a discount in the sidebar that reduces the yearly package to ~$36.95.
Cyriix - r/leagueoflegends 3 votes - 05/10/12
Just hop through a proxy. I don't know if they're any good, but i heard that blockedsiteaccess and hidemyass work.

If you don't trust the sites (I wouldn't), i can rip the video from youtube and send it to you somehow if you want.
dbarefoot - r/AskReddit 3 votes - 07/31/13
I prefer HideMyAss (despite it being my only desktop icon that includes a rectum), but they're both excellent.
cthulhufhtagn - r/Piracy 3 votes - 11/20/13
Do you recommend any good Seedbox providers? I have not had a lot of luck with VPN (TorrentPrivacy and HideMyAss are both woefully slow for me and are at times virtually useless).
Niske - r/jailbreak 2 votes - 03/04/15
HideMyAss VPN works without any problems on Jailbroken iPhone :P
spacecrab - r/germany 2 votes - 10/20/11
[hidemyass](http://hidemyass.com/youtube-proxy/) is also a good solution. there is even a chrome plugin which will automatically switch to (bad quality but hey..) proxy version.
flexd - r/malefashionadvice 2 votes - 02/01/15
I wish I could find a good stream though. The NBC stream via HideMyAss VPN keeps stuttering.
t3zla - r/privacy 2 votes - 02/02/15
Lol hidemyass
jjennings089 - r/ffxi 2 votes - 07/05/17
So I travel a lot and use VPN in US hotels and at airports. My VPN server is in a colo with very nice internet speeds so it's not a problem.

My family did a 3 year stint in Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea); so I bought my sister a HideMyAss account. She watched Netflix, Hulu and Youtube and played Wii of that account with no problems what so ever.
r00dyp00 - r/worldnews 2 votes - 05/23/12
HideMyAss. The one I use. Very good VPN, and you can pick what country you want your IP to be in, whenever you want. Great stuff. http://hidemyass.com/

Been using it for about 6 months, and it always runs full speed. Best one I can recommend.
Macmee - r/BigBrother 2 votes - 06/28/13
I use hidemyass :P

HideMyAss is very effective. Porn is banned in my country.
baronsameday - r/dubai 2 votes - 09/17/14
How does UnoTelly work on the PS3? Do you need to pay for it as I already pay for HideMyAss which is great but I don't know how to use it on my PS3.
DepressedExplorer - r/onions 2 votes - 10/30/17
> buy hidemyass or any good one

> hidemyass

> good one

[deleted] - r/BitMarket 2 votes - 08/15/11
Bitcoins to Mt.Gox, out to LR, buy HideMyAss with it. HMA is awesome.
seamour - r/SEO 2 votes - 11/25/16
here are the ones I found.

1. Awario u2013 50% OFF: https://awario.com/pricing
An app that tracks mentions of your brand or anything else all around the Internet and respond to the mentions you find.

2. HideMyAss u2013 57% OFF: https://www.hidemyass.com/pricing
Don't think this one needs any explaining :D

3. Udemy u2013 all courses $15: https://www.udemy.com/
An online learning platform with courses on anything in the world. Discounts drop every day.

4. Lucidchart u2013 30% OFF: https://www.lucidchart.com/users/registerLevel?tP=1&t4=A&t10=A
Makes good-looking charts and diagrams.

5. BuzzBundle u2013 60% OFF: http://www.link-assistant.com/buzzbundle/black-friday-2016.html
An SMM platform that lets you track brand mentions online, post and schedule posts, create unlimited accounts and basically spam the hell out of the Internet.
[deleted] - r/reddit.com 2 votes - 02/02/11
Use the hidemyass proxy. It works, I just watched the video and it IS awesome.
justabrickinthewall - r/canada 1 votes - 12/31/14
There's no way to prove this so it's best to assume that most vpn providers will lie about this to boost sales. Case in point: hidemyass.
aphoticinullity - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 07/26/12
I've heard good things from the Hidemyass VPN, but I haven't had one in a while.

(always look up coupon codes!)
CuzinVinny - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 02/05/13
I don't recommend it because it costs 9.99, but HideMyAss is the best one out there
Effnames - r/movies 1 votes - 02/05/13
I use hidemyass...it's a paid VPN service and the best one I've tried
Farhaan0400 - r/VPN 1 votes - 08/07/15
I am using Hidemyass at the moment you can also the check updated list of Best 5 fastest VPN Service at http://www.fastvpnservice.com/5-best-fastest-vpn.html hope this information would be helpful for you and others.
throwaway904983 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 12/22/18
HideMyAss :P
As caldariblue said... hidemyass not so good... but see [this](http://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-providers-really-take-anonymity-seriously-111007/) article.
imp4act - r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS 1 votes - 01/02/19
I'm also a PTCL user from ISL. hidemyass nhn mil rha mjhay muft ka, bhai ki madad kro na thori :P
SekusoTrez - r/2007scape 1 votes - 07/28/13
I have searched and found out about 2 VPN providers. HideMyAss and GhostVPNPro. HideMyAss is free, but can it give me a good VPN where I can see the IP and find my best IP for staking?
marcus_413 - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 01/17/14
Well if you decide to use a VPN you would have to buy that online. I use HideMyAss Pro VPN I believe I bought it for $60 and its an ok buy. I would do some research before you buy any VPN. Anyway what you would do is go into your settings and enter some info and you can bypass the restrictions you mentioned. I know this isn't the greatest explanation, however there are some great ones on the rest of the web that are worth checking out. Good luck!
madboymatt - r/canada 1 votes - 12/05/12
I've heard hidemyass is good for the price. I'm thinking of trying it.
baronsameday - r/dubai 1 votes - 09/28/12
Get hidemyass, gives you speed tests and stuff so you can pick best server. Also means you can access USA and UK versions of Netflix!
Luretrix2k - r/PopCornTime 1 votes - 01/31/15
If it's a VPN service you're talking about like 'hidemyass' i would recomend the built in one in popcorntime.You can create an account here:


Then you just enter you're log in details in settings in popcorntime,activate it and you're good to go.You can see on the padlock iff it's on(green) or off(red).
tiger4291 - r/gaming 1 votes - 06/14/13
You can probably use a proxy or VPN (something like HideMyAss) to get around this somehow. Best of luck if you choose to buy the Xbox one, that'll be an adventure.
cycloblastic - r/Cricket 1 votes - 12/29/14
i am searching for a vpn with a good india server, hidemyass?
Influxuate - r/hcfactions 1 votes - 09/20/14

best website name lolll
[deleted] - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 08/27/13
Hidemyass or ninjacloak are good websites for that
grandmaester - r/Mariners 1 votes - 05/17/16
Hidemyass works good for me.
kulsum669 - r/VPN 1 votes - 04/16/13
i suggest you go for [hidemyass vpn](http://www.hidemyass-vpn.net) if you use vpn for torrent purpose use [torguard](http://www.torguard.com) these two vpn service are really awesome
top10vpnsite - r/vpnreviews 1 votes - 12/25/16
I am using hidemyass and nor vpn i think this the best vpn site

just_too_kind - r/technology 1 votes - 04/13/15
HideMyAss? Lol?
GatesMcTaste - r/formula1 1 votes - 12/17/13
hidemyass or any proxy site works brilliantly for me.
Reddits_owner - r/hacking 1 votes - 11/24/17
Have you looked at radioplayer I don't know if it's location based


If you just need your IP changed for a website try HideMyAss web proxy


The best option pay for a VPN /r/VPN /u/thatoneprivacyguy
[deleted] - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 07/20/14
Hidemyass lol jk jk.
b908 - r/BigBrother 1 votes - 06/26/15
I was using HideMyAss it's $10/month but it works great.
Try hidemyass - best vpn out there with great support
john-conor - r/computers 1 votes - 08/29/15
HMA is really good check out their summer deal offering 50% discount https://bestvpnreviewz.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/hidemyass-special-summer-offer/
ReggieJ - r/nfl 1 votes - 01/21/13
Not if you don't mind paying for good VPN. I use HideMyAss to watch the stream and reliably get best quality. There's always a bit of a delay though, even when I am using the UK stream without the VPN. I'd estimate it is anywhere between 2 and 20 seconds, but you get broadcast quality viewing experience otherwise.
YBGRAY - r/VPN 1 votes - 08/28/13
I`m using [HMA VPN](http://www.virtualprivate-network.com/hidemyass-vpnreview/) to watch some BBC shows, Sky Go from the US. The UK server is the fastest I tried, streaming video on BBC iPlayer, Sky Go works great with it.
Here is the list of [UK VPN Providers](http://www.virtualprivate-network.com/bestukvpnservice/)
Kinost - r/slavelabour 1 votes - 08/07/16
None of these islands have data centres, or even ASNs corresponding to these countries.

The best you're going to get is IP addressed SWIPed (geolocated to region) but belonging to prolific VPN blocks, like HideMyAss, which is blocked by 4chan.
jamesvdm - r/formula1 1 votes - 07/08/11
The best Mac solution I've found it HideMyAss VPN (paid).
IBStudentHelper - r/IBO 1 votes - 09/04/16
Hey you can use a proxy like hidemyass!!! :D
wedaboys - r/IAmA 1 votes - 07/15/14
cool, cause im considering purchasing it, seems like it will get some very good results having it run on a vps with custom macro's i especially love that it has hidemyass integration.
[deleted] - r/atheism 1 votes - 02/29/12
hidemyass is your friend :P
boredinfovore - r/korea 1 votes - 02/15/12
I use [HideMyAss](http://hidemyass.com/), but for in-browser stuff Stealthy works great.
pokenutjob - r/pokemongodev 1 votes - 08/20/16
I pay for hidemyass (vpn) - hidemyass.com, best vpn I've ever used.
SamwiseOfGamgii - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 10/21/14
AdBlocker, Hola Better Internet, Panic! Button and HideMyAss!
That doesn't affect lobby, its the npc numbers, just switch off any VPN you could have turned on, this seems to greatly affect the number of people in a lobby (I'm testing 3 different VPN actually and so far PIA. Freedome and HideMyAss cause massive problems with GTA Online)
AnthonyCumia1776 - r/Firearms 1 votes - 03/28/19
Hidemyass is a great poxy site.
Kevin_Gilbride - r/NYGiants 1 votes - 07/21/18
HideMyAss lol what a great VPN company
Megalolo8 - r/DotA2 1 votes - 06/02/14
proxxy browsers if they haven't been blocked (they probably have but its worth a shot) like HideMyAss CatProxxy or Tor is the best but its for download
UDGHT - r/DarkNetMarkets 0 votes - 02/25/16
> Read up on what happened between HideMyAss and LulzSec
> http://www.darkreading.com/risk-management/lulzsec-suspect-learns-even-hidemyasscom-has-limits/d/d-id/1100389?

You win the internet
ImNotKarl - r/AskReddit 0 votes - 01/13/13
Get a VPN. Hidemyass will probably be good for your needs.
wellthatescalated - r/worldnews 0 votes - 05/07/13
Hey. Festering troll here (proof in history). Hidemyass froze my account for spamming 'CHOLBY RULES!' on freenode IRC. Then after I replied saying 'it wasn't me' I got it unfrozen with the threat that if I did it again they'd terminate my account. I spammed again, got my account terminated. 'email 1: could you explain this?' lol. Hidemyass VPN my ASS!
PervertedBatman - r/technology 0 votes - 03/03/13
HidemyAss keeps logs

rayjump - r/fo4 0 votes - 11/09/15
i am on hidemyass, works perfect
elitealpha - r/coolguides -1 votes - 05/04/16
it's proven. I use PIA myself, it's great service. hidemyass otherwise is proven keeping logs.
Walt3OCP - r/army -1 votes - 12/21/17
Hidemyass is also a good one.
BaconZombie - r/funny -3 votes - 03/23/12
You do know hidemyass will happily hand over ALL your information when ask.