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From our analysis of 1.3 billion reddit threads, we found Nordvpn was mentioned in 28585 comments, which had an average of 4.3 votes. The earliest comment appeared on April 30th, 2013.

There were 25209 comments with a positive tone, and 3376 comments with a negative tone (and the rest closer to neutral). Scroll down to read the most voted & downvoted comments, and the most positive & negative Nordvpn reviews from reddit.

Nordvpn's advertised features
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AndyTheQuizzer - r/Jeopardy 40 votes - 06/30/19
NordVPN is probably your best option.
Balder759 - r/chromeos 18 votes - 07/06/19
NordVPN and CyberGhost are the best VPNs for me.
Balder759 - r/Addons4Kodi 13 votes - 07/06/19
NordVPN and PIA, both are best for me.
Adrian751 - r/VPNTorrents 13 votes - 07/06/19
NordVPN and CyberGhost are best for me.
red23dotme - r/technology 11 votes - 07/06/19
I use NordVPN and think it's excellent tbh.
Zach746 - r/VPNTorrents 11 votes - 06/30/19
NordVPN and CyberGhost are best. No problems for me at all.
Balder759 - r/Addons4Kodi 9 votes - 07/06/19
NordVPN and CyberGhost are best for me.
itsme2417 - r/hacking 8 votes - 03/31/18
nordvpn seemed to be the best one
Cjhom89 - r/Neblio 7 votes - 12/14/17
Yes, I use nordvpn and staking works perfectly.
stonetear2017 - r/conspiracy 6 votes - 10/29/17
You either set one up or you buy a subscription to one. But the VPN WILL provide your traffic when requested by a government

I recommend NordVPN but find why works best for you; what you are looking for
Jplepler - r/dankmemes 6 votes - 07/23/19
The best sponsor message i saw was Michael Reeves showing how nordVPN works in the trigger me Elmo video (hilarious video). Since he knows programming and networking he should exacly how nordVPN secures your data.
TomBroom - r/NetflixViaVPN 5 votes - 04/12/18
Heard that NordVPN, StrongVPN work the best at the moment
LtPatterson - r/VPN 4 votes - 04/10/18
Torguard or NordVPN for torrenting. Which is best?
Ik heb sinds kort NordVPN. Kost je 3,30 per maand maar werkt perfect
OniCr0w - r/vpnreviews 4 votes - 02/23/18
NordVPN works great for me!

I think this subreddit has anti-nordvpn shills
privacy_oh_privacy - r/VPN 3 votes - 02/07/16
I use NordVPN and have no complaints. Customer support is excellent.
SikhGamer - r/unitedkingdom 3 votes - 12/07/16
NordVPN have been perfect for me.
LenonTV - r/Graffiti 3 votes - 11/23/17
Hope you use NordVpn for hiding your IP cause Putin will not like it :D
kginext - r/Bitcoin 3 votes - 03/01/18
you should be looking at VPN services for that. i recommend checking torrentfreak's [article]( about best anonymous vpns like slickvpn, torguard, nordvpn
If you need a VPN for Netflix, I recommend NordVPN. It works flawlessly for me.
cineg - r/worldnews 3 votes - 03/23/18
nordvpn has been awesome... imho
kahikatea - r/perth 3 votes - 02/22/16
I was so impressed with NordVPN I got a two-year sub. Something like 13 Aus servers; all East coast tho. No logging also.
slacker-77 - r/Bitcoin 2 votes - 04/01/18
NordVPN is an excellent VPN provider.
Blackstrider - r/AskReddit 2 votes - 02/12/18
NordVPN is the best choice that I've found. Unlocator doesn't seem to uh, unlocate you.
Ma3ndhark - r/androidapps 2 votes - 11/02/17
Anti-Virus: Not needed, but if you insist then [Avast](

Anti-tracking/spyware: [Samsung Browser]( + Enable Extensions [Disconnect]( & [Adguard](

Anti-Adware: [DNS66](

Permission Control: You don't need app for this. Just go into settings and disable whatever you won't allow for each app.

VPN: Any paid service will do.[NordVPN]( is among the best.
PorkAmbassador - r/GalaxyS8 2 votes - 12/25/17
NordVPN is awesome. On PC, Android and Router
Effecxs - r/RPClipsGTA 2 votes - 07/21/19
hey, have you heard of this awesome extension called nordVPN
MoreWintersPlease - r/VPN 2 votes - 04/10/18
NordVPN should give you a trial if you ask nicely.Other than that I would say cheapest is best.
F_Noir - r/Piracy 2 votes - 05/01/18
NordVPN it Perfect Privacy.
Well, it's either you pay for a VPN or move. NordVPN works best I've heard.
mrbang0day - r/ItalyInformatica 2 votes - 05/04/18
Sono stato cliente di NordVPN e mi sono trovato da dio, hanno una valanga di server con varie e differenti ottimizzazioni, ottima politica no-log e sono di Panama quindi welcome to favelas, crimine e denaro offshore. E cosa piu00f9 importante: u00e8 economico!
TeboeCubes - r/LifeProTips 2 votes - 06/28/19
Audible says that Brilliant says you should use NordVPN!
fappycaust - r/VPN 2 votes - 06/19/16
What I don't get is that VPN providers end accounts which violate their terms of use. How do they know you are violating their ToS when nothing is logged? That's contradicting as hell.
According to your chart, the best privacy is Nordvpn, IVPN etc.
If you look at , you see that they will end accounts violating their ToS.
ChaoticWolf2 - r/Piracy 2 votes - 04/28/18
you need to get a vpn my friend, the best ones you can get are ipvanish and nordvpn, works wonders
AvailablePension - r/chromeos 2 votes - 04/11/18
Been using NordVPN on Chrome OS, works perfect. Heard StrongVPN works well too. Found this article too, maybe it will help
shuttersteed - r/marchmadness 2 votes - 03/17/16
I just paid $8 for a month of NordVPN and now the March Madness streaming site works perfectly.
Applebeignet - r/thenetherlands 2 votes - 10/27/16
BBC blokkeert om de haverklap de VPN servers van diverse diensten, ikzelf merk dat met NordVPN. Ze zitten er best strak bovenop, dus ik houd me aanbevolen voor workarounds als iemand er een vindt.

Ondertussen zijn de meeste dingen die je van de BBC wilt zien wel via andere kanalen te verkrijgen.
Moisturizer - r/PokemonMasters 1 votes - 07/26/19
NordVPN works perfect too for anyone reading Auneth's comment.
Reeceeboii_ - r/nordvpn 1 votes - 07/26/19
Yes. NordVPN works perfectly for unblocking geoblocked content.
SNsilver - r/homelab 1 votes - 08/14/17
My biggest concern is running nordVPN with FreeNAS. I am considering running Ubuntu and mdadm, best I know it would work with plex, nordVPN and teamviewer
SparklingCactus - r/korea 1 votes - 07/31/19
Chromecast is awesome. If you want to watch US stuff and you're in a hotel setup a hotspot with your laptop and share it to the chromecast if you're using windows 10 and get a VPN like nordvpn so you can access US content.
shoxey - r/redditbay 1 votes - 07/31/19
Grammarly and Nordvpn accounts are working perfectly.
Legende2301 - r/gtaonline 1 votes - 07/25/19
Yeah I got it sorted out now changed to NordVPN and it works perfectly
Brilliant says you should use NordVPN!
Fried-Penguin - r/6thForm 1 votes - 07/09/19
I've always seen NordVPN being rated as one of the best. Must be some money involved in this.
vpnstore - r/chromeos 1 votes - 07/03/19
NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and IPVanish VPN are the best one for Chromebook.
LessVast - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 07/03/19
NordVPN is the best choice in my opinion
duxeyo - r/PopCornTime 1 votes - 07/20/19
imo 2 best vpns are pia (private internet access) or nordvpn
abird0fhermes - r/TenseiSlime 1 votes - 07/23/19
I use Nordvpn and it works. Though, the best one that works on all platforms is express vpn
Cajmo - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 07/24/19
For me, nordvpn is unnoticeable except for sometimes at startup. Reconnect fixes it perfectly
feirnt - r/excel 1 votes - 08/20/17
That's peculiar, but sometimes apps do peculiar things. I think your best bet is to ask NordVPN.
NordVPN is awesome if anyone is looking for a top-notch one.
agent22922 - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 12/28/17
I have NordVPN speeds arenu2019t the best (around 2MB/s) but plenty of servers and country choices to pick from
Bullshit. NordVPN the best.
agerer - r/VPN 1 votes - 04/21/18
> and best paid NordVPN
doggiewog - r/nordvpn 1 votes - 04/15/18
Ok. Were you asking which server /(from nordvpn/) is the best for torrenting?
The best thing you can do would be to get a virtual machine on a USB flash drive that runs tails. Get a vpn called nordvpn on (designed for tor) and use the tor browser. But using the tor browser by itself should be sufficient
If you don't mind using Firefox(beta version), uMatrix add-on is the best bet, just sub to all 'assets' host files in the uMatrix setting, no ad will get through.

There's no native Chrome ad blocker, but if you have a NordVPN subscription, they have 'CyberSec' setting you can enable to block out ad.
rK3sPzbMFV - r/apple 1 votes - 05/04/18
Maybe you should try using Yoga via OpenVPN? NordVPN didn't work as an app for me, but afyer switching to OpenVPN it works flawlessly.
Check [here]( for reviews

Your best bet is probably [Mullvad]( or if you have a DD-WRT/Tomato based router [NordVPN]([AirVPN]( .
truefranco - r/lostarkgame 1 votes - 08/08/16
Nordvpn work perfect for me too, but you have to pay for the service.
scwol - r/AskUK 1 votes - 04/09/16
I also use NordVPN. Their client seems flaky at best, I'll often have to restart it to get it to connect to anything.
[deleted] - r/DarkNetMarkets 1 votes - 03/09/16
This. NordVPN is one of the best imo.
nordvpn is the best of the best
nathanvpn - r/freekoditv 1 votes - 08/31/17
Unsure of which VPN to try? Here is my comparison of the best VPN for Kodi and Firestick/Fire TV
poberado - r/PeaceCountryIPTV 1 votes - 04/07/18
PIA, IPVanish, NordVPN
They offer trials I think, see which one is best for you
Awesamdude - r/pcmasterrace 1 votes - 10/03/17
dont wanna hijack thread but any recommendations for the best vpn for torrenting and keeping 10mbps speeds? Ive been thinking of airvpn, pia, or nordvpn
itsme2417 - r/hacking 1 votes - 12/04/17
Best one ive seen based on thatoneprivacyguy was nordvpn
Hanghalst - r/canada 1 votes - 09/29/17
NordVPN. It's the best one out there without a doubt. Blows the competition out of the water.
Im using NordVPN and can confirm that it works flawlessly.
truefranco - r/lostarkgame 1 votes - 09/15/17
I use NordVPN and it work perfectly.
Theblindhatter - r/Fraudnet2 1 votes - 12/22/16
I can vouche, NordVPN is great!
Artorias_K - r/Marvel 1 votes - 12/07/17
I use NordVPN for access to both of those. Best of all worlds.
Hakan1218 - r/apple 1 votes - 02/14/18
nordvpn is awesome
hibakushamoto - r/litecoin 1 votes - 01/10/18
Awesome. I use NordVPN so my kids can watch Netflix while we travel.
SNsilver - r/NiceHash 1 votes - 01/23/18
With what VPN? To the best of my knowledge, NordVPN does not allow this
gorkok - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 12/31/17
dont know about nordVPN but iv been using express vpn some servers work awesome.
eyusmaximus - r/AskThe_Donald 0 votes - 04/12/18
That's why you should get a VPN, best one would be Panama-based like NordVPN.
I want nordvpn i used it before and it was the best ive ever used but i dont have 90$ to spend
JoeyJoeC - r/sysadmin -8 votes - 02/28/18
Have a look at nordvpn. There is a 3 year plan for $99 And it's one of the best things I've bought. Can use it for torrents too, up to 6 devices can use one account, it will allow you to wath Netflix from any country.
Probably ways around that, maybe with a VPN or something. I used NordVPN for years and it was excellent.