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From our analysis of 1.3 billion reddit threads, we found Opera vpn was mentioned in 1496 comments, which had an average of 2.83 votes. The earliest comment appeared on April 20th, 2016.

There were 1286 comments with a positive tone, and 210 comments with a negative tone (and the rest closer to neutral). Scroll down to read the most voted & downvoted comments, and the most positive & negative Opera vpn reviews from reddit.

Opera vpn's advertised features
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manavsridharan - r/rickandmorty 56 votes - 07/08/19
Opera VPN great tho
SquelchFrog - r/apple 28 votes - 10/11/16
This list represents the best of the best, IMHO.

* Reddit: Narwahl
* Email: Inbox, Outlook, stock app
* Twitter: Tweetbot
* News: Feedly
* Web browsers: Chrome, iCab, Safari
* Music: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal
* Cloud storage: Google Drive AND Google Photos
* Note taking: Notebook by Zoho
* Maps: Google Maps
* Video player: VLC
* Image Editing: Snapseed, Pixelmator, Adobe suite
* File Manager: Documents
* Automation and power use: Workflow
* VPN: Opera VPN
* AdBlock: NeverAds
* Ringtones and notifications: Zedge
* Calendar: Outlook, stock app
robni7 - r/jailbreak 11 votes - 09/13/16
Opera VPN blocks ads and trackers and is free on the Application Store. Give it a try!
ventesimo - r/androidapps 8 votes - 11/06/16
Opera VPN, very effective solution.

Link me: Opera Free VPN
Kyrr_ - r/linux 7 votes - 07/21/17
The reason I use it is because of the VPN. So much stuff is banned in my country, and Opera VPN works best over here. Also the built-in adblock is nice.
WhiteMilk_ - r/kickasstorrents 6 votes - 07/23/16
Opera VPN doesn't do what they need a VPN to do = keep them safe while torrenting
tech_cc - r/apocalympics2016 4 votes - 08/15/16
IIRC, the opera VPN does not allow you to connect via the UK. So the BBC is off the table - but as others have said, CBC's coverage is killer and you DO get to connect via Canada using Opera, so use them!

I've been doing this for a number of days now, it works flawlessly :-D (you do have to use Opera Development Edition, and you have to manually go into the security settings to enable the VPN)
MasterFanatic - r/Philippines 4 votes - 02/16/18
eh, Opera VPN solves this problem handily.
slowpro1211 - r/oneplus 4 votes - 12/28/17
Opera VPN is the most popular.

PinkieBarto - r/oneplus 3 votes - 08/01/17
Get a VPN (for example opera vpn in play store), switch to Canada/Germany, go to settings and the update should be there :D
jackmaku - r/jailbreak 3 votes - 11/27/16
Opera VPN with adblock on works great for me

Edit: lol i dont get why this is downvoted if its works
Konzti - r/oneplus 3 votes - 12/01/16
Download opera vpn and change to canada. Worked good on my op3.
Arctureas - r/oneplus 3 votes - 09/30/16
Was really bummed i couldn't get the update yet... Downloading Opera VPN and changing to germany worked perfectly for me, so thanks a ton m8! :D
Deadlyxda - r/OnePiece 3 votes - 06/07/18
I just use opera VPN in my work pc. But if yours is more riskier. You can use tachiyomi app which I hear is good
share_me_plz - r/privacy 3 votes - 02/22/18
Opera's Presto Engine was Replaced with Google Chrome. As such it inherits all the known [privacy problems of Google Chrome](https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/ImportantGoogleChromeBugs).

Firefox is still the best option for now, or more specifically TBB which contains many patches to protect your privacy.

Opera VPN is not that great for your privacy, since Opera can log. Use r/Tor if you want to be anonymous, use VPNs if you want to protect your LAN traffic from snoopers over Wifi, but that's all.
rparanson - r/jailbreak 2 votes - 07/08/16
Opera VPN has worked flawlessly for me too
velcromomo - r/exmormon 2 votes - 09/19/16
Opera VPN. You're welcome.
TeamVlad - r/The_Donald 2 votes - 08/08/17
Brave on mobile as well. Also Opera VPN app for mobile.
Blinkseed - r/malaysia 2 votes - 02/16/18
I just downlaod Opera VPN :P
Maedras - r/DragonballLegends 2 votes - 05/14/18
I used melon vpn, but also tunnel bear is good since they removed opera vpn from the store
Sabersky7 - r/NoStupidQuestions 2 votes - 08/08/17
Opera vpn is a good one
MaskedWeabo - r/iphone 2 votes - 05/15/16
Opera VPN is just a lifesaver. I can now easily watch crunchyrolls and netflixes US catalogue for free ! No adds, nothing !
Whoever made OperaVPN Thank you !
theanswer183rd - r/jailbreak 2 votes - 03/08/18
You can also do opera vpn which can give alights faster speed but you gotta change the source to ikev2 but this one has issue with certain devices ps4 Xbox but it works perfect on pc I got both on depends what tethering to
manu4ever365 - r/RocketLeague 2 votes - 07/17/17
If u want try opera VPN..its kind of cheating though.
Nephalism - r/southafrica 2 votes - 10/04/18
Opera VPN won't work, you need a good, paid subscription VPN with many servers to manage to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions. You need a VPN like Nord, I use it myself and can reassure that it works.
Labatros - r/BleachBraveSouls 2 votes - 10/29/17
Can you recommend me the best VPN? Tunnel bear and opera vpn were both not available for my country lol
coffeeandsocks - r/iphone 2 votes - 06/07/16
Opera VPN to block adds for sure. MinimaList to make to do lists if you're into that sort of thing, and Yummly if you're into cooking.
Alphazeta2 - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 12/25/16
Opera VPN is the one i've had the best experience with
jon_targareyan - r/tmobile 1 votes - 10/11/16
I've been using opera vpn for iOS and it's been working perfectly till now. Netflix and HBO now both works with VPN on
Marcus_Habert - r/WeAreIndia 1 votes - 08/25/16
What do I think? I think the Opera VPN [is not a VPN](http://bestvpnprovider.co/opera-vpn-review-the-false-vpn/). It's a proxy. At best.
Download the app Opera VPN on your smartphone.
Switch your location to Canada.
Look up the ep on YT.

Happy Halloween!
adichandra - r/apple 1 votes - 07/05/17
Opera VPN. I turn it on all the time. It's awesome.
estilianopoulos - r/MLS 1 votes - 03/06/19
That Opera VPN is awesome
dutchkimble - r/androidapps 1 votes - 02/11/19
Yes listen to this guy

Try opera vpn, or ideally a paid vpn service which you can use with openvpn
My servant, thou does good work!

P.s. For Android Opera VPN is good!
MacGr3gg0r - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 08/22/16
Opera VPN in the App Store works great for me
Akeb - r/summonerswar 1 votes - 06/08/16
I downloaded Opera VPN the day after the connection issues began and haven't experienced any since
Opera VPN from USA works great.
ronaldyeo - r/crusadersquest 1 votes - 07/20/17
Try using the Opera VPN. Works for me great.
Bravo555 - r/RocketLeague 1 votes - 07/14/17
I've just used Opera VPN to vote 4 times. I'm proud of myself.
Mister_Johnson_ - r/Android 1 votes - 07/10/17
Lol that site thinks I'm in Singapore. I use the Opera VPN app. I'm not in Singapore.
EnemysKiller - r/F1TV 1 votes - 03/17/19
Working great for me, I'm using Opera VPN, haven't tried it without yet.
cleanslater - r/Blackops4 1 votes - 02/06/19
Lol managed to get in through opera vpn, i'm guessing either my isp's ip is banned or smth like that is happening
AvidlyApathetic - r/southpark 1 votes - 11/30/18
Yeah, that's what's up. I had forgotten all about Opera. You said Opera VPN, and o assumed it was a VPN service I hadn't heard of. :P
EnegueWeil - r/hitmobile 1 votes - 12/15/16
install opera vpn, run it and then load HIT. best of all its free.
Noredy - r/korea 1 votes - 09/12/16
Opera VPN works perfectly and it's free
logicblocks - r/LifeProTips 1 votes - 08/09/16
The iOS app Opera VPN is just as good.
WszystkoZajete - r/reddevils 1 votes - 12/13/17
Opera vpn is the best one I think and 100% free
nanatsumeliodas - r/OnePieceTC 1 votes - 11/15/17
With opera Vpn work good
MusicalPigeon - r/school 1 votes - 02/19/19
On your phone the opera vpn is good. But from what I've noticed vpns drain your battery.
NoNameWalrus - r/programming 1 votes - 09/24/18
Opera VPN imo is mostly good for getting around blocked websites
WhaleTrain - r/oneplus 1 votes - 11/28/16
Great stuff, downloading Opera VPN as we speak! Work Wi-Fi isn't the best so I'll report back ASAP.
roflpops - r/Oneplus5T 1 votes - 04/22/18
Opera VPN. Just quickly choose another country then bam, download the update :D
Spencervb256 - r/oneplus 1 votes - 11/03/17
Correct! It came out a couple days ago at most. Also, to download it as OTA just download opera VPN and connect to Canada (I think) and then you'll get the update!
zeedware - r/indonesia 1 votes - 11/16/16
Try DNScrypt instead.

Or just use Opera VPN, their VPN is amazing
heysoundude - r/flying 1 votes - 05/15/16
You might also want to try Opera VPN. works quite nicely on my iphone
Fox5orce5ive - r/MyStreamsClub 1 votes - 02/25/18
I'm not with BT, with Virgin & use my own router so no chance it's their own router filtering software blocking it (I know sky & bt block loads of sites using their router under the guise of a 'security shield' or similar named thing that you can switch off but most people are unaware of.

Using opera vpn on my phone set to the Netherlands got it working though. That's very odd.
sredd007 - r/firestick 1 votes - 07/21/17
Sideloaded Turbo vpn (which is free) and had no issues.
If you have a bluetooth mouse, it would be much easier to configure the vpns.

Another option to try is the Opera VPN.

See which one works best for you.
Unisira - r/megalinks 1 votes - 07/01/17
Opera VPN it's unstable, taking the download to 0% after some minutes, i'm using the extension ZenMate and it's working good for now :)
r3v1t - r/indonesia 1 votes - 02/13/19
>Anri Okita

Google indo: no result

Google with Opera VPN: 'ah.. nice...'
kuskusxyren - r/twice 1 votes - 12/13/18
Yea my country was blocked as well so I used opera vpn

Mnet can't stop me watching Twice lmao
felcress - r/PopCornTime 1 votes - 02/04/18
Opera VPN is free on android. If you want a good, paid version I suggest PIA.
aashay2035 - r/eagles 1 votes - 09/23/17
User Opera vpn. It is free and good.
ruchir031 - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 09/28/16
Opera VPN is free and works great. Using it currently.

It's available on the App Store.
Smicelato - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 08/05/16
bro, u can use opera vpn, its good and free :)
tylerurbanski - r/FashionReps 1 votes - 12/05/16
I tried us in opera browser and it didnt work, then I turned on the built in opera vpn and it worked like magic. try it
runeza43 - r/indonesia 1 votes - 11/23/16
Work like a magic with a VPN

Use opera VPN
Mcstuart39 - r/Tennesseetitans 1 votes - 11/06/16
I just downloaded opera vpn for iOS - free download. Then you can change your location to watch on your mobile device (or airplay to Apple TV like I am) I made an account to make this comment! Hope it helps.
sieger1996 - r/apple 1 votes - 10/20/16
Use the Opera VPN app, it has a profile you can install on your phone :)
Opera VPN has an adblocker thar works okay
LatterDayDeist - r/exmormon 1 votes - 09/19/16
For those who access is still blocked download opera VPN and voila free unfettered access!
Jorgesarcos - r/TheSilphRoad 1 votes - 09/06/16
I used Opera VPN (iOS) a couple of times without issues (for ad blocking), but then i remember the ToS and now i turn it off before using PoGo, i would advise against using it though, better be safe.
grgsiocl - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 09/03/16
Use opera vpn from Apple Store which is free and unlocks all the sites which are restricted by your isp provider / government !
rbild89 - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 08/30/16
Is this better than Opera VPN?
srgjager - r/apple 1 votes - 08/11/16
Opera VPN is more than just a content blocker. It fulfills you bonus: stats on how many ads and trackers have been blocked. And of course, it blocks all of those on any browser, not just Safari.

EDIT: Here is the link: https://appsto.re/us/TOWAab.i
kobinatorke - r/iOSBeta 1 votes - 07/11/16
I got it to work with a vpn :) (Opera VPN)
jonisc - r/ios 1 votes - 06/19/16
There is a VPN, which is unlimited and block s ads. It's a VPN you can trust. It's from SurfEasy. I love it.
Edit: It's called Opera VPN
LemurWithAFemur - r/Piracy -1 votes - 10/12/17
Because when I torrented that I didn't have the Opera vpn on because I'm a dumbass. Whenever I have had it on it's worked perfectly.
shanghai123456 - r/shanghai -1 votes - 11/03/17
Lantern works best for me right now. Also surprisingly the built in Opera VPN works as well.
coolstory0001 - r/iphone -3 votes - 12/08/16
Opera vpn is the best ive found, and its free
ssmichel - r/androidapps -4 votes - 01/12/18
Try Opera VPN, its free and good.