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JIGGA_HERTZ - r/apple 40 votes - 08/24/16
It's pricer than some others but the service you get is very good.
jokingnuthatch - r/apple 10 votes - 05/06/18
Iu2019d also take a look at [privateinternetaccess (PIA)](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/), the best IMO
motoroats - r/saskatoon 8 votes - 03/14/18
Privateinternetaccess is the one we use. Works awesome.
SomePostMan - r/technology 7 votes - 03/20/13
Yeah, from what I've read, PIA ([Private Internet Access](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/)) is all around just the best.
pern5150 - r/VPN 7 votes - 07/21/14
[Private Internet Access](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/). Best $40 you will spend all year.
ReturnOfLilith - r/startrek 7 votes - 10/04/17
I use PIA (Private Internet Access) and connect to Australia Sydneh. Then I type netflix.com/au and it works perfectly. PIA is 35 dollars a year.
DDRDiesel - r/television 4 votes - 04/18/19
Best option IMO is [PIA - Private Internet Access](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/)
bintasaurus - r/theNvidiaShield 4 votes - 07/10/16
I use PiA VPN,just sideload the app works great
bancigila - r/indonesia 3 votes - 04/19/18
PIA vpn best vpn
cheslz - r/Piracy 3 votes - 06/05/18
pay 7 dollars a month for the PIA vpn instead :D
domyates - r/AndroidTV 3 votes - 06/10/19
I use [Private Internet Access](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/buy-a-vpn/1218buyavpn?invite=U2FsdGVkX1_EDk8pskrQu_Kp9JI-3ERfhZNMxb0JIEA%2CBm4tL4BTZGPJsB_Y63p5C9qi1Sg) and OpenVPN for Android app... with the country profiles loaded into it. Works flawlessly.
ainthisomeshit - r/korea 3 votes - 08/28/15
I don't use one but I've heard privateinternetaccess is the best.
sparafucilee - r/baseball 3 votes - 08/27/15
privateinternetaccess is superb.
BigGregly - r/technology 3 votes - 08/21/15
Agreed on PrivateInternetAccess. I pay $40 for a year. Plus their tech support is awesome. If you ever have any questions or issues, they have tech supports reps on chat 24/7.
Valius11 - r/The_Donald 3 votes - 02/28/18
privateinternetaccess best VPN out there
thatother1guy - r/computers 3 votes - 01/15/15
[Private Internet Access](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/) has a very good selection of locations and has quality service.
The_Meme_TM - r/pcmasterrace 3 votes - 12/02/16
Feature | PIA (Private Internet Access) | TunnelBear
No Logs | Yes (Apparently tested in FBI Case, **unconfirmed**/source is sponsored by PIA) | Yes
Encrypted | Yes | Yes
Servers (Countries) | 24 | 20
Speeds | Very Good | Very Good
Connection | Stable | Stable
DNS Protection | Yes | Yes
P2P | Yes (Port Forwarding in the Client) | No
Price (Monthly) | $6.95 | $7.99

I couldn't find the official number of the servers for TunnelBear (just the countries).

Source: My experience with the VPNs and the official websites.

I use TunnelBear by the way.
getsomeawe - r/PopCornTime 3 votes - 11/19/14
PIA (private internet access) works great and is the best price IMO. I use it with popcorn time
mb9023 - r/technology 2 votes - 02/16/15
I pay for PIA vpn already :D

Alright now for the 11 hour drive...
fatscat84 - r/torrents 2 votes - 01/22/15
Pia vpn is the best. $50 walmart gift card for 1 year of service.
invincible777 - r/Piracy 2 votes - 12/31/17
Get PrivateInternetAccess they're the best VPN providers.
Tony49UK - r/Piracy 2 votes - 08/01/18
I've posted a link to here on [/r/PrivateInternetAccess](https://www.reddit.com/r/PrivateInternetAccess/comments/93ogm9/rpiracy_claims_that_pia_is_leaking_usernames_and/?st=jkb3zo93&sh=582a7aa5), which has the best support of any PIA help platform.
iamnomoney - r/AskReddit 2 votes - 04/24/16
Tixati is awesome for torrenting and uses basically 0 resources.

PIA (private internet access) is a great paid vpn without losing any speed.

Tor browser.
dasing123 - r/Bahrain 2 votes - 08/03/18
PrivateInternetAccess is the best. Been using it for a year. I use it to stream Popcorn time in the US and in BH, works great. It's like $40/yr
soymichaelscarn - r/hbo 2 votes - 04/16/19
You should also consider using a good VPN (Iu2019ve had good experience with Private Internet Access (pretty popular among Redditors).

Download a vpn and search your home country! Now, assuming Ziggo isnu2019t as aggressive as Netflix in terms of blocking VPNs, you should be good :)

Happy GoT watching!
danielsuarez369 - r/VPN 2 votes - 09/11/18
And let me guess you also think Trump is a great president!! The Russians got u dud!!!

In seriousness, stop using their service, also if you want a VPN may wanna get a good one like ExpressVPN (fyi, private internet access or PIA IS NOT a good VPN)

pilotinspector85 - r/netflix 1 votes - 07/05/15
I use the pia vpn, works flawlessly
Lol_Im_A_Monkey - r/technology 1 votes - 12/04/14
PIA VPN is awesome.
LeeSwaggers - r/androidapps 1 votes - 08/30/16
Alright this is awesome! But I just wunder what is OpenVPN? I use PIA VPN, and I assume I can still do that?
bintasaurus - r/fireTV 1 votes - 03/15/16
That's awesome, I had no idea you could do that with PiA vpn
weepark - r/DarkNetMarkets 1 votes - 03/07/16
and PIA vpn best price ever and accept btc
tw0bears - r/nhl 1 votes - 02/25/16
I use PIA VPN with NHL.tv and it works perfectly.
tbgoose - r/qnap 1 votes - 02/15/16
I tried again, this time disabling Privoxy and it is working with PIA vpn servers! Awesome. I couldn't get it to resolve my chosen server using the xx.privateinternetaccess.com address, so I am just using one of the IPs of the Hong Kong servers. I'm in AUS so dont want to use US / Euro servers.
justfor1t - r/television 1 votes - 01/07/16
PIA vpn is the best
ll0_0ll - r/IPTV 1 votes - 01/17/18
i been using pia vpn which is supposed to be one of the best
0x0177 - r/privacy 1 votes - 08/03/19
Depends on the VPN youu2019re using, for example, PIA VPN is one of the best for privacy regarding governments (read this : https://www.technadu.com/private-internet-access-wins-against-fbi/30987/)
sirdung - r/peloton 1 votes - 03/09/19
Eurosport player is awesome! PIA VPN works well with it no dramas.
SteveKep - r/nfl 1 votes - 07/15/15
Been doing it for 3 years. I use PIA (Private Internet Access), somewhere on this page is a discount link ($30/year). Search from each country for the best deal for NFL GamePass.
Whiteoak789 - r/TPB 1 votes - 09/12/16
After 100 post a day about this just use PIA (private internet access) Best bang for the price of a coffee each month for 5 devices.
BuddyRepperton - r/siriusxm 1 votes - 07/20/16
If you're subscribed to SiriusXM online your best option might be too get a VPN (like Private Internet Access). I've used the watchespn app and slingtv when traveling around Asia to watch playoff basketball and it worked perfectly using VPN.
MasterSith - r/Piracy 1 votes - 08/30/17
You might want to try PIA (Private Internet Access). They don't use trackers and they are around $40 a year. Also, you can use a gift card from places like Best Buy and GameStop (in the US, at least) so as not to put a charge on your credit card.
Jman095 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 07/01/17
Use PIA (private internet access) best vpn I've used
GuerillaG0rilla - r/DCUnited 1 votes - 06/27/19
If it helps, I use [Private Internet Access]https://www.privateinternetaccess.com) and it works great!
f3u3r - r/teenagers 1 votes - 04/22/19
Nord might be the best. Idk. Maybe PIA (Private Internet Access). I donu2019t use a VPN tho.
Hi sweetie, I'm tech savvy.
The best VPN (sex worker /wallet friendly that comes with a fail safe. Is 'PIA' VPN.
'private internet Access'
They take great care of me ;)
wredditcrew - r/britishproblems 1 votes - 02/20/14
Yeah, you can use Tunlr or another DNS-based proxy approach (like [UnoDNS](http://www.unotelly.com/unodns/)) and change your Xbox's network settings (which is probably the second easiest way).

The best solution is to put your traffic through a VPN (I like, and am an affiliate for, [PrivateInternetAccess](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/buy-vpn/PODERR), but there are a few others like HMA (expensive but good) and VyprVPN and StrongVPN. Do you have a PC or laptop or Raspberry Pi or whatever available nearby? What router do you have?
ggolemg - r/linux 1 votes - 01/31/13
Maybe it's time to switch over to a paid VPN? I use privateinternetaccess with openvpn on mint 14. Works perfectly.
ruruau - r/indonesia 1 votes - 05/29/15
Privateinternetaccess works flawlessly when I was in Indo. One account can be used with Windows and android.
3Dphilp - r/ipad 1 votes - 01/30/15
I use privateinternetaccess. They are awesome
alaughinmoose - r/reactiongifs 1 votes - 07/07/14
Happy PrivateInternetAccess subscriber!
Vatican - r/bodybuilding 1 votes - 04/06/14
Get a VPN! I recommend privateinternetaccess :D
sageDieu - r/Android 1 votes - 11/26/15
privateinternetaccess is probably the best you can get for user security/anonymity and they have an android app that integrates with the built in Android vpn settings
bobdole776 - r/fo4 1 votes - 11/08/15

You can get like a while year for 12 bucks, and its like the best one out there.
OUTFOXEM - r/blackdesertonline 1 votes - 09/03/15
[PrivateInternetAccess](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/network/) is known to be one of the best VPN's. They have a JP server you can use as well.
pirateninjamonkey - r/Pirate 1 votes - 08/01/17
Privateinternetaccess in the best.
I've explained the best and safest solution in this comment thread:

PIA VPN is tried and tested. They have a very good reputation here and in /r/vpn.
Use PIA (Private Internet Access) who don't care about torrenting, you can have 6 devices connected and there's no data cap. They even advertise on one torrent site I know of. Speeds are very good.
Julekwis - r/Piracy 1 votes - 11/25/18
I use PrivateInternetAccess with the VPN kill switch enabled and I've never had any problems. Very good speeds and they have a 100% no logging policy.
Swissguru - r/nottheonion 1 votes - 05/25/18
Privateinternetaccess has been very good for me as a paid service, and can both be used on a per browser basis with an app or PC-wide.
beto0707 - r/cordcutters 1 votes - 09/13/13
Works great, pointed PIA VPN service to Netherlands and it works great!

[/r/vpn coupon codes](http://www.reddit.com/r/vpncoupons/comments/1lsyk7/old_rvpn_sidebar_promos/)
JB0nd007 - r/onions 1 votes - 04/12/13
Yes you can. You need a VPN service. I use privateinternetaccess and it has proven to be great and with an awesome yearly price!
xxxRCxxx - r/television 1 votes - 02/11/18
Was successfully got the Canadian broadcast working. Used PIA vpn. Connected to the Toronto server and it is working flawlessly.
mrcrassic - r/Surface 1 votes - 12/29/16
Use a VPN (Disconnect.me is $4.99/month, Private Internet Access is $40/year). Do some searching on Reddit for sites. Good luck!
axpatito - r/hacking 1 votes - 08/21/17
ProtonVPN or PrivateInternetAccess, but of them promise to 'never keep logs' but who knows... anyway, Proton is Switzerland based, so laws are on your side logwise. Good luck!
bendr251 - r/dankmemes 1 votes - 01/20/19
What's the best VPN? I am thinking that I will get one when Article 13 passes. I heard that PIA VPN is good but please pass me some opinions.
nick22tamu - r/Astros 1 votes - 08/11/17
[Private Internet Access.](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/) It is $50 annually, but, tbh, you should probably have a good VPN anyway, and this is one of the best.
madcarro8 - r/GalaxyS9 1 votes - 03/08/19
Thank You a lot!! :D

Did this and its way easier and faster than the one OP wrote, good thing i already use a VPN (Private Internet Access).
TheWheez - r/tech 1 votes - 03/07/15
I use privateInternetAccess and it works beautifully
dunnomate - r/chrome 1 votes - 02/28/14
I chose this PIA VPN because they had great [explanations](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/how-it-works/) of everything, good support, and I could pay using Bitcoins which was a plus for me at the time!
Glad to be of assistance!

-This message comes to you through PIA VPN :D
fatscat84 - r/torrents 1 votes - 12/18/14
Pia vpn. Works great. Use walmart gift card for payment so no trace of your c.c or paypal they also take bitcoin. They have a kill switch that kills ur internet if the vpn turns off.
[deleted] - r/VPN 1 votes - 06/27/14
ALSO, the PIA vpn works great on my desktop, but when I tried to install this on my windows 8 laptop, it connects, I cant connect to anything.. Whats going on?
living_on_a_plane - r/news 1 votes - 10/25/16
PIA vpn is a great compliment to my NHL subscription...
fatscat84 - r/The_Donald 1 votes - 04/26/16
Startpage is great also, they keep zero records

I suggest getting pia vpn (private Internet access). Then your invisible to anyone
fronkr56 - r/VPN 0 votes - 11/14/14
Privateinternetaccess! I've been a very happy user for 6 months, there's no reason why it wouldn't be perfect for your situation. They have a program for each platform and it is everything you could ask for from a VPN company
SunlySarcola - r/Windows10 0 votes - 08/01/15
Had this problem tried all the fixes. My problem was solved by disconnecting my VPN app (PrivateInternetAccess) then i tried and it let me connect via the win 10 store app and the xbox app on store menu.

BUDWYZER - r/usenet 0 votes - 10/28/15
[PrivateInternetAccess](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/) :D

But yes, good point.
Kissofdeathxoxo - r/Piracy -1 votes - 08/12/18
Regardless use a condom, your isp will find out they monitor your connection they know what your doing if you don't have a conversation, you can use express vpn, or pia vpn, those are the best options.
lascanno - r/VPN -2 votes - 06/16/18
I think PIA vpn is very good. I use it on the pc and smartphone
TheDudado - r/cordcutters -5 votes - 05/31/15
>Private Internet Access. It's a paid VPN service. Seeing all the recommendations here, I ended up going for it. I think I pay ~$35/year.

Might as well try that. 3/mo looks very good