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From our analysis of 1.3 billion reddit threads, we found Purevpn was mentioned in 2857 comments, which had an average of 2.08 votes. The earliest comment appeared on April 14th, 2011.

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Tilde88 - r/Piracy 3 votes - 10/10/17
lolol RIP purevpn...

PIA all way!
cannycultivar - r/Piracy 3 votes - 10/01/17
What's a good reliable one? I got PureVPN and have gotten 4 letters since!

I know that the VPN was turning of at points but we adjusted the stettings and it's still happening.
rainybeats - r/Piracy 3 votes - 08/23/16
I have been using PureVPN for around 3 years now and I haven;t faced any difficulty ever in unblocking websites or torrenting movies and shows. Speeds are also great. They have some dedicated servers for torrenting.. You must give it a try..
kzshantonu - r/privacytoolsIO 3 votes - 05/03/18
Powered by purevpn lol
FRED_HH - r/The_Donald 3 votes - 09/13/18
Brave Browser + PureVPN = Kiss My Ass Gargle
micjustin33 - r/VPN 3 votes - 02/08/14
There are many VPN providers you can search it iPhone VPN on google and read the reviews before buying any service.. best option PIA, PureVPN, IPVanish, ibVPN....
hotmind - r/Bitcoin 2 votes - 05/16/15
PureVPN is awesome too. They accept Bitcoin: http://pureVPN.com
blevok - r/AskReddit 2 votes - 07/17/16
I use PureVPN. And i believe they're doing their summer sale again, $60 for 2 years, an excellent deal for one of the best hosted VPN services.
CadeLogan - r/VPN 2 votes - 12/23/15
Checkout PureVPN.
It is Hong Kong Based, doesn't keep logs, it supports all iOS devices (has apps too), and you can get 2 years VPN and smartdns subscription in $49.95

Phew! I hope I didn't miss any of your question :D
jpcrypto - r/VPN_Reviews 2 votes - 07/25/17
Hmm... I'm using PureVPN on Windows 7. I just went to dnsleaktest.com and all reports show that PureVPN is working perfectly.
I_AM_YURI - r/nrl 2 votes - 07/01/17
Get a vpn like purevpn and set your location to Singapore. Once the stream starts, disconnect your vpn and it'll load and play perfectly
mogsington - r/StallmanWasRight 2 votes - 10/11/17
Ok so ... FBI brain on here.

'Can we ask his ISP who he was logged in to at that time? YES! .. Damn .. they say it was a PureVPN IP address!'

'In that case we'll need PureVPN logs to verify that he was logged in to PureVPN at that time!'

Waiitttt a minute ...
I'm in Europe using PureVPN it worked great.
sofrittos - r/VPN 2 votes - 09/17/14
They're great if you want your username and password stolen: http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/purevpn-was-hacked-but-is-not-closing/
PureVPN works great for me
AxelFoiley - r/The_Donald 2 votes - 12/24/17
PureVPN works great. And I download from yts.ag
4zkrHo9oRE - r/privacytoolsIO 2 votes - 06/13/19
PureVPN cannot be trusted. They happily provided logs to FBI.
hk-noisyboy - r/hockey 2 votes - 05/27/19
That's great, i will also use my purevpn Netherlands vpn service to watch.
YakzitNood - r/VPNTorrents 2 votes - 07/16/18
dont use purevpn either...

kripare - r/roblox 2 votes - 05/23/18
You should check out NrdVPN & PureVPN. I've tried both, and they're really good. [NrdVPN](https://twitter.com/shutflcers/status/999276342515400704) has the best reviews on the web, but [PureVPN](https://twitter.com/shutflcers/status/999276305572139009) has an amazing promotion going on now - $29 for a 1-year subscription.
kripare - r/VPNTorrents 2 votes - 05/23/18
You should check out NrdVPN & PureVPN. I've tried both, and they're really good. [NrdVPN](https://twitter.com/shutflcers/status/999276342515400704) has the best reviews on the web, but [PureVPN](https://twitter.com/shutflcers/status/999276305572139009) has an amazing promotion going on now - $29 for a 1-year subscription.
micjustin33 - r/VPN 2 votes - 03/10/14
you can claim a refund their and search another vpn provider Purevpn, ibVPN, VyprVPN, LiquidVPN are really good
yang2w - r/technology 1 votes - 01/10/11
Both my son and I used purevpn very happily.
micjustin33 - r/VPN 1 votes - 03/05/14
Then purevpn is best choice...
RahiAn - r/VPN 1 votes - 03/03/14
Try PureVPN its neatherland servers are best for P2P and torrent downloading.
harisaltaf - r/linux 1 votes - 06/17/13
I prefer purevpn service because it is one of best vpn client i read this vpn client detail from bestvpnservice.com and i buy this 6 months plan
hotmind - r/Bitcoin 1 votes - 04/06/15
FWIW, PureVPN (http://pureVPN.com) are awesome and they accept Bitcoin. I know this because I use them and paid in bitcoin.
Gankbanger - r/pcmasterrace 1 votes - 03/25/15
Try PureVPN then. Seems to be the best one for Dota 2: https://youtu.be/KyVcULP71Fk
TH3xR34P3R - r/pcmasterrace 1 votes - 03/08/15

I use purevpn atm myself but those are the best choices as well listed on there.
basit5 - r/Cricket 1 votes - 02/19/15
Na man. Go for PureVPN. It's the best VPN ever!
brickfrog2 - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 12/19/16
OP is a spammer, they'll say anything to advertise PureVPN and the domain they're linking to. Best to downvote & report them as spam, hopefully /r/VPNTorrents mods will catch on eventually.
needyspace - r/hockey 1 votes - 11/09/16
pureVPN is the best out of the three I've tried.
Have you tried PureVPN (9.99/month)? Its working best for me in downloading torrents. Here is the list of torrents VPN with reviews and prices you can compare it online and get help in choosing best one. https://www.torrentsvpn.com
TheSeanKyle - r/kindlefire 1 votes - 06/14/16
try Purevpn, it is a great service and supports kindle!
goodpricefriedrice - r/VPN 1 votes - 11/25/15
> best return on investment

cant beat $69 for 5 years of purevpn
00nine - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 04/16/18
PureVPN is the best and the fastest
00nine - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 04/16/18
PureVPN is the best and the fastest
Sacredkeep - r/nordvpn 1 votes - 02/10/18
Working great for me! Solved my problems from Purevpn and PIA.
P1n4 - r/VPN 1 votes - 10/14/17
If I knew what is the best service, I wouldn't be asking opinions... So what're the cons you can share about PureVPN?
Eastkap - r/formula1 1 votes - 08/26/17
there's lots, paid ones are best ofc.
I use purevpn but there's lot others
You can try a speedy option like torGuard or PureVPN. Check for the best speed scores at this [tiered ranking](https://vpntierlist.com/).
hk-noisyboy - r/marketplace 1 votes - 05/03/19
Ummm great! i m using purevpn will connect to there USA VPN server to get these discounts.
nukey75 - r/pcmasterrace 1 votes - 01/18/19
PureVPN is u00a32.30 per month, best I could find..
If you still face issues try Chrome extension. I have been using PureVPN chrome extension they are best in the business.

totallyconfused2018 - r/btc 1 votes - 09/10/18
PureVPN accepts bitcoin since 2013 I guess. If you are buying VPN for anonymity the best way to use Bitcoin for it
kathyy87 - r/privacytoolsIO 1 votes - 07/18/18
Give PureVPN a go. Probably the best VPN option around.
nickhudsonincs - r/China 1 votes - 06/21/18
If you have their subscription then the best solution is to contact the customer support and ask which of their servers are working in China. Me and one of my friend has PureVPN subscription and the customer support was responsive to help him identify working servers in China when the ban hit on VPNs.
hk-noisyboy - r/PUBGMobile 1 votes - 06/17/19
Great! i also got Purevpn Vietnam VPN service to get Vietnamese ip address. I will try it for sure!!!
I like TorGuard. PureVPN is also very good for streaming. Check this [site](https://vpntierlist.com/) and look for the best scores in streaming compatibility.
micjustin33 - r/technology 1 votes - 02/12/14
I would suggest PIA, [PureVPN](http://www.bestvpnservice.com/providers/30/purevpn.html), IPVanish, ibVPN they are really great vpn providers and offer best protocols to keep you Anonymous on internet..
alifaizan - r/privacy 1 votes - 08/01/13
Should start using [TOR](https://www.torproject.org), [PureVPN](http://www.bestvpnservice.com/visit/30/PureVPN), https://zenmate.io/u200e vpn extension for chrome and good firewals. that Oughta keep the NSA at bay!
Lorrainewalshh89 - r/Android 1 votes - 12/05/16
Good feature added on Netflix (finally I can browse while flying) but when Netflix will start showing unrestricted shows/movies here in Canada? I have been using PureVPN US IP though to stream it and yes plus is I don't know why but connecting PureVPN speeds up my connection!
AudiJeff - r/NoStupidQuestions 1 votes - 09/21/16
Nopes, but if you have a good VPN service and it doesn't leak the DNS like PureVPN or Express!
PatrickkJames - r/chromeos 1 votes - 06/30/15
you should've gone for PureVPN. It's got dedicated servers for P2P and works great across a variety of OS. The best bit is that it is running a great campaign that gives 2 years of VPN service for the price of 1 year.
c0verm3 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 09/21/16
PureVPN, it's great.
CadeLogan - r/shanghai 1 votes - 07/11/16
I used to have purevpn working great for me in mainland China
Always_the_NewGuy - r/army 1 votes - 05/31/16
I can't say it's the best , because I didnt try all of them, but I used purevpn and liked it.
PureVPN is cheaper than that and works great
DontDOwhat - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 04/18/16
Using Android or iPhone? I know of this app PureVPN which gives great speeds and security.
Vadasz11 - r/synology 1 votes - 03/11/16
I use PureVPN on my 415+ It works great and reconnects itself when needed. Went with them because they have a legit synology install/setup guide on their site which I couldn't find elsewhere.
Koolkoala8 - r/australia 1 votes - 10/06/15
are you happy with purevpn ? I may give it a try
slimgogo - r/discordapp 1 votes - 03/14/18
Le VPN pour navigateur marche uniquement pour le navigateur. Pour lol quelque chose come PureVPN ou autre devrai marcher, a moins qu'il soit mal configuru00e9.
Drink_it_black - r/saudiarabia 1 votes - 01/09/18
PureVPN has worked here for years. Tunnel Bear works great on my phone, but isn't as reliable on my laptop.
Ana_R_Chist - r/australia 1 votes - 10/18/17
Since PureVPN added Brunei to their hosts, I can torrent at great speed. Ping test is 31ms.
wheresyourgodnoweh - r/CasualUK 1 votes - 06/21/19
Yeah, as mentioned, this has been a thing for years. Get a VPN, bish, bash, bosh, problem sorted.

I use, and am happy with, PureVPN, but there's loads of there.
Great, just connecting to my purevpn using india vpn server.
totallyconfused2018 - r/China 1 votes - 09/19/18
Well, these all are great VPN solutions but I have used PureVPN in China so I will vouch for PureVPN.


What you should do?


Before visiting China contact PureVPN customer support from their website and ask for them to provide a solution that can work in China. I have heard that they have a separate app for China which can bypass Great Fire Wall
emmaw9278 - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 06/11/18
why don't you try PureVPN. They are also offering builtin AD and App Blocker by the name of content filter. I am using it and it is working great.
hk-noisyboy - r/teenagers 1 votes - 06/17/19
Yeah you can search for it and choose the best one not going on cheap but for the best like express or purevpn.
kripare - r/travelchina 1 votes - 05/23/18
You should check out NrdVPN & PureVPN. I've tried both, and they're really good. NrdVPN has the best reviews on the web, but [PureVPN](https://twitter.com/shutflcers/status/999276305572139009) has an amazing promotion going on now - $29 for a 1-year subscription.
micjustin33 - r/VPN 1 votes - 02/10/14
I would recommend PIA, PureVPN, IPVanish... they are good in speed and price with great protocols...
micjustin33 - r/China 1 votes - 11/05/14
For Hong Kong I would suggest PureVPN a Hong Kong based VPN service that offer great protocols and works good in China.
TheSeanKyle - r/VPN 1 votes - 06/17/16
I can't be sure about streaming but I have a great working dedicated ip from purevpn. Didn't try for streaming though!
hk-noisyboy - r/ireland 1 votes - 04/18/19
LoL good idea, i m thinking to buy some accounts of buffered, nord, express and purevpn once they got some deals out ud83dude01
DontDOwhat - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 06/16/16
Paid ones are the best ones. Yes, but some premium services offer free Apps to start with. Take PureVPN for Windows, Android or iOS into consideration. All are great.
john-conor - r/shanghai 1 votes - 12/08/15
PureVPN $50 for 2 years isn't the best deal also?
Work fine in China
ThinkLikeBuddha - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 02/19/14
PureVPN, Damn good.
micjustin33 - r/VPN 1 votes - 02/08/14
Check IPVanish, PureVPN, ibVPN .....they are trustworthy and good price..
leakersum - r/VPN 0 votes - 09/17/14
A friend has PureVPN. He's really happy with it.
tauseeefgt - r/VPN 0 votes - 02/13/15
i recently experienced purevpn and this is the best tool i have ever used ..must go for it and enjoy internet freedom.
kripare - r/privacytoolsIO -4 votes - 05/23/18
You should check out NrdVPN & PureVPN. I've tried both, and they're really good. NrdVPN has the best reviews on the web, but [PureVPN](https://twitter.com/shutflcers/status/999276305572139009) has an amazing promotion going on now - $29 for a 1-year subscription.