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Torguard's advertised features
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Miladran - r/Bitcoin 26 votes - 01/08/18
TorGuard is great!
aDogCalledSpot - r/AyyMD 22 votes - 10/15/18
> TorGuard
> qBittorrent

Probably best not to know what else youre doing.
rotll - r/PleX 18 votes - 05/09/14
VPN time. I use [torguard]( and am happy with it.
Booobs_PM_Them - r/Android 8 votes - 04/18/18
I you don't want to be the product you have to pay. I don't want to be the product so I pay, I used torguard but now I'm using MullvadVPN since it doesn't require any registration, you should try them the customer support are both excellent.
plughead666 - r/Roku 8 votes - 08/25/17
Your best bet is probably running the VPN on your router. You may need custom router firmware for this to work well (or you may not.). I use the Asus Merlin firmware on a RT-N66U to connect to Torguard and it allows me to specify which devices get routed through the VPN.
laft - r/torrents 6 votes - 11/12/12
I've had great luck with torguard, they have excellent customer support. They're based (I think) in the Netherlands.
Urfaust - r/technology 5 votes - 03/16/14
TorGuard. Best VPN yet.
pigley_the_third - r/needadvice 3 votes - 09/23/16
TorGuard has a VPN that can get around the great firewall or so they claim.
AgedChoreboy - r/GameDeals 3 votes - 06/27/15
TorGuard is excellent, been using it for awhile. Good prices and plenty of servers from around the world to choose from.
Torguard using discount code TORGUARD50 is $15 every 6 months and is one of the best VPNs out there. I bought it a while ago but I never use it though.
I_Am_Gassy - r/movies 3 votes - 11/22/17
If anyone needs a VPN suggestion, TorGuard is very good.
electricprism - r/buildapcsales 3 votes - 01/17/18
Well ideally you would have a inbetween that connects you to TorGuard or whatever OpenSSH provider you prefer and then bam all your traffic leaves the country over encrypted randomized channels that auto-delete all logs and data.
newslooter - r/VPNTorrents 3 votes - 01/30/19
You should think about pricing, speed, features etc. I would recommend Torguard, wind scribe, and PIA in that order. Why Torguard? See this video

TorGuard Review 2019 - Still the Best VPN?
pmwap - r/torrents 3 votes - 11/01/14
Very happy with TorGuard.
The_Ugliest_Man_Ever - r/VPN 3 votes - 09/12/13
I've been very happy with Torguard...

Please don't tell the rest of this sub that I don't use PIA.
micjustin33 - r/VPN 2 votes - 12/27/13
1. TorGuard VPN is best for Torrenting with anonymous VPN service.
2. Compatible with Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 7.
3. Best for your Geographical location as well.
micjustin33 - r/VPN 2 votes - 02/06/14
Yes TorGuard is really best vpn for Torrenting.. Their protocols are well for torrent downloading..
rubyantix - r/vpncoupons 2 votes - 11/10/15
TorGuard has very good IPs and a stable connection. Been using it for 8 months now without any issues.
Iggy0075 - r/VPNTorrents 2 votes - 08/03/16
I just bought (1 month ago) torguard VPN, found a discount coupons for 1/2 off so it's costing me $30/yr. Works great.
hurrycane01 - r/australia 2 votes - 07/09/18
>I use torguard with a dedicated US ip for my vpn.

Great choice!

For anyone sitting on the fence, there's this sub; /r/NetflixViaVPN
NytronX - r/LifeProTips 2 votes - 01/26/19
Viscosity is the best VPN client I've tried. TorGuard is probably the best VPN provider at the moment, use their 50% coupon.
sbabster - r/techsupport 2 votes - 04/13/15
Torguard is a great VPN service, it has bittorrent optimized servers to connect to, and can kill software if the tunnel disconnects (qbtorrent is open source and adfree)
FDAShill - r/TOR 2 votes - 11/13/16
My vpn service torguard has services for China, and you can route your tor traffic through there. What vpn service were you trying? Paid vpn with bitcoin, etc is best
boxheadmoose - r/VPN 2 votes - 01/08/18
Torguard is your best bet
jdown077 - r/NetflixViaVPN 2 votes - 01/03/18
I have TorGuard with a dedicated Michigan IP. I get 40-60 mbps download on the server. It works great with DTVN!
xbsd - r/DRKCoin 2 votes - 11/15/14
I am a torguard customer since about a year, can confirm their service is excellent.
stacksmasher - r/motorsports 2 votes - 01/04/16
Just got a VPN from TorGuard so I could use a UK server and it works perfect!!
corosario - r/chromeos 2 votes - 07/27/15
Ditto... Very happy with Torguard.
orjanl - r/China 2 votes - 06/07/16
[TorGuard]( may be your best choice, but don't take my word for it.
WhiteMilk_ - r/VPNTorrents 2 votes - 10/09/15
[TorGuard]( with *TGLIFETIME50* gives you -50% always ($30 per year, don't know how long that code is valid). Best speeds I've ever got from VPN and they have server in Spain that allows torrenting
TuxFuk - r/LifeProTips 2 votes - 06/22/16
Torguard is the best for this. They keep zero logs.
ricke17 - r/VPN 2 votes - 06/29/16
This is a bit worrying. I am happy with TorGuard but am concerned they log bandwidth - would they throttle those who use lots do you think?
pm_me_your_trees_plz - r/nba 2 votes - 10/05/17
Not OP but I use torguard and I've had a very good experience with it.
HeidiH0 - r/linuxmint 2 votes - 12/02/16
Torguard has a very very nice linux app. Pia has been struggling with that for awhile, so maybe it's best for LM to help them out,
Mgnyc11 - r/Astros 1 votes - 03/22/18
I use TorGuard. Itu2019s been great and has iOS and Android apps as well. Wonu2019t allow it to
Work on them but great for lots of stuff. I travel for work as well and itu2019s great to get around firewalls and content filters on wifi.

Blu3y3s681 - r/apple 1 votes - 05/07/18
Another good vpn for any OS is torguard. Iu2019ve used PIA, and theyu2019re very good.
xezuka - r/gaming 1 votes - 03/18/13
TorGuard has been great and continues to expand servers
Caesennius - r/VPN 1 votes - 08/17/18
Take a look at Torguard. I know that they offer dedicated IP addresses for an additional cost, and they are one of the best for torrenting in my experience because the speeds are good and they allow torrenting on all servers. I've gotten well over 100 Mbps before.
seanvree - r/PleX 1 votes - 09/07/16
Good luck. Gotta find a VPN that allows people forwarding. I use torguard. It's best to try and route plex around the VPN but I still have yet to figure that out. But mine still works great with Torguard.
Pilbarabobcat - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 10/27/18
If you want good speed, I pay for torguard with a 10gb server which is twice the price but I get great speeds with it!
ragetypron - r/cordcutters 1 votes - 11/28/14
Torguard has been great and allows you up to 5 simultaneous connections.
orjanl - r/China 1 votes - 06/09/16
[TorGuard]( ( may be your best choice, but don't take my word for it. Do your own research.
Gavin_- - r/VPN 1 votes - 06/22/16
I use TorGuard for everything and it's speeds are great.
hurlcarl - r/torrents 1 votes - 05/13/16
Torguard. Sometimes you can find great annual prices on like...
ganjfather - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 05/02/16
I just switched from pia to torguard and I like it. Tglifetime50 is a promo code you can use to get 50% off.

Buy the VPN not the proxy. The proxy is not what you need for torrenting but the VPN works great.
TrendKillGaming - r/Twitch 1 votes - 04/08/16
torguard has been great.
bannerlord - r/Philippines 1 votes - 07/10/16
torguard is a vpn

exodus is a kodi plugin, basically it provides a great UI for video providers(putlocker etc)
someguy9 - r/apple 1 votes - 08/24/16
Torguard is amazing, plus they have an app, no logs and excellent speed
chompyzombie - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 04/10/15
I do a lot of torrenting and have been happy with Torguard.
hughk - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 07/19/15
I use PIA, but there are plenty I know who use Torguard and are happy with them.
BeijingSteamer - r/VPN 1 votes - 01/26/15
Trying out torguard and it's going well. Great connectivity through openVPN.
sharpe13 - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 10/27/14
I have TorGuard and i am happy with that.
Stalked_Like_Corn - r/IAmA 1 votes - 08/26/14
I use TorGuard. They work great, it's 9.99 a month and you can use it on Android devices and PC.
handymanct - r/torrents 1 votes - 07/22/15
Torguard Bittorrent Proxy works great.
FreeManIsFrank - r/torrents 1 votes - 12/16/16
> that's cheaper than a VPN

Torguard VPN is $5 USD/month if you sign up for the 6-month or 12-month plans. They have servers in a lot of countries and very good speeds.
trotwine - r/korea 1 votes - 09/20/17
I'm not into torrenting, but I've read that TorGuard is also perfect for torrenting. Maybe you should contact the company...
neauxgeaux - r/blackfriday 1 votes - 11/04/17
Google for TorGuard lifetime coupon code of 50% off. Prob best deal you can get.
eLus1ve_ - r/MMAStreams 1 votes - 11/13/16
get a VPN and use a Switzerland node, always works for me.
check out TorGuard, one of the best in the business.
BieberFever4ever1 - r/verizon 1 votes - 08/23/17
Can confirm, torguard is working great!
kingsims - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 07/28/17
TorGuard + Dedicated Streaming IP.

They support OpenConnect UDP as well which means the best speeds.
seanvree - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 10/03/16
Torguard. Awesome
ilpirata79 - r/Bitcoin 1 votes - 01/19/18
Make a tipping LN node where users can connect to send and receive tips. Maybe connect that node to the TorGuard node also :D
sjwking - r/netflix 1 votes - 01/29/16
Torguard gives non shared IPs as an option. But I haven't heard the best things about that service.
st3v3n - r/freefolk 1 votes - 04/29/16
What VPN did you use? I use torguard and I've been very happy with them. You do have to pay for it though.
elitechikonu - r/PopCornTime 1 votes - 01/04/16
If your VPN provider keeps logs, then you are screwed! Just use a VPN that does not keep logs! Check out their privacy policy. PIA, Ivacy, torguard are some of the best VPNs. Or you can check out torrentfreak's list as well.
Gnopps - r/NetflixBestOf 1 votes - 12/15/15
I've been using Torguard for a year now and am very happy with it (using their android and windows apps), I would wish for faster speeds from some of their servers though.
mrfl1pper - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 09/28/16
I've been very happy with TorGuard
silvererror - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 07/29/19
Never heard of them, but TorGuard is one of the best for torrenting and they have -50% lifetime deal with coupon code: TGdiscount50
TorGuard is, in my opinion, the best of them all. You can check a ranking of brands [here](
ClintE1956 - r/nvidiashield 1 votes - 01/17/19
TorGuard works perfectly.
Overwatchus - r/dfsports 1 votes - 09/23/16
TorGuard is great. I use to unblock Draftkings in Nevada!
Meemo- - r/vpnreviews 1 votes - 04/13/19
I've been with Torguard for years. Find them and their support very good.
flooger88 - r/kickasstorrents 1 votes - 08/08/15
Torguard has worked best for me for years.
namewithhe1d - r/movies 1 votes - 06/26/14
VPNs are a wonderful thing... and for $29/year ([Torguard]( they are a no brainer.
4g3nt43 - r/linuxquestions 1 votes - 03/07/19
Best vpn with GUI IS TorGuard <u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u267eu267e
TorGuardVPN - r/torguard 1 votes - 05/17/19
Hi, by default TorGuard will display the location closest to you for best performance.
imofean - r/australia 1 votes - 04/30/19
+1 for TorGuard. I used to use Nord but it crapped out a bit and am very happy with TG.
loplop717 - r/pcmasterrace 1 votes - 05/30/15
Torguard is good too!
4g3nt43 - r/HowToHack 1 votes - 03/17/19
TorGuard is best vpn, no logsud83cudf9aud83cudf9aud83cudf9aud83cudf9aud83cudf9au2714ufe0f
I like TorGuard, speeds are top-notch.
p_m_w_a_p - r/torrents 0 votes - 06/30/15
I've used TorGuard and PIA. Both are very good.