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From our analysis of 1.3 billion reddit threads, we found Windscribe was mentioned in 10352 comments, which had an average of 2.32 votes. The earliest comment appeared on April 13th, 2016.

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Windscribe's advertised features
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mango091 - r/pcmasterrace 15 votes - 10/30/18
windscribe is actually awesome
popeydc - r/Windscribe 7 votes - 10/11/18
Hey! I work on Snapcraft and would /*love/* to have a snap of the Windscribe desktop application in the snap store. I'm keen to work with the Windscribe engineers on this. Do get in contact if you have some spare cycles to talk about this! :D
jerseyguy195 - r/Windscribe 6 votes - 09/22/18
Comedic relief and a great VPN service are my tops reasons for buying a pro subscription to Windscribe!
BoobDoodles - r/Windscribe 6 votes - 03/03/18
Excellent question.

RemindMe! 2 days 'Windscribe logging clarification'
gigaknight_878 - r/gtaonline 5 votes - 07/24/19
Windscribe is the best, I can speak from experience.
FitRip - r/bakchodi 4 votes - 10/25/18
Using vpn service windscribe. Had the best orgasm of my life knowing i'm fapping to something which is banned.
CALF0219 - r/Crunchyroll 3 votes - 05/18/18
It's a lot easier on Android, but one of my friends uses Windscribe VPN iOS on their Windflix service and it's flawless. He can watch region locked shows.
Awesome :D, followed the steps with Windscribe and it works great.
TheOfficiallST3ALTH - r/Piracy 3 votes - 06/23/18
I use windscribe and it works perfect
ladevastacion - r/Dodgers 3 votes - 06/05/19
I use Windscribe both on chrome and thereu2019s an firestick app. Works perfectly.
renearturo - r/vzla 2 votes - 01/21/19
Data is beautiful!

Windscribe es de los mejores. Proton VPN tambiu00e9n pero es mucho mu00e1s lenta la velocidad.

Uso Windscribe desde hace 2 au00f1os sin problemas, y desde mediados del au00f1o pasado lo activu00e9 para que se conecte automu00e1ticamente en el inicio y soy mu00e1s feliz a excepciu00f3n de cuando debo entrar en una cuenta bancaria. Ademu00e1s, desde 1$ al mes pueden pasarse a pro ud83eudd18

Y no, no me pagan por publicidad.
jwlagina - r/eFreebies 2 votes - 07/02/16
this is the best I could find on that:
yashsk23 - r/Windscribe 2 votes - 04/17/18

Cheers Windscribe
Motecuhzoma - r/apple 2 votes - 07/14/19
Windscribe is great!
TEKNISION1200 - r/Windscribe 2 votes - 05/10/18
I am very happy with Windscribe and recommend them to all of my friends.
nosmokingbandit - r/Windscribe 2 votes - 05/27/19


I haven't done it in a while, but this worked perfectly for me.
Iamonabus67 - r/NetflixViaVPN 2 votes - 06/08/19
Windscribe works perfectly
Express and TorGuard (Dedicated IP) are the best choices if money isnu2019t a problem. Otherwise you might want to check Windscribe PRO out: they offer dedicated streaming servers (Windflix) for UK, USA and soon Japan.
Ole113 - r/memes 2 votes - 03/26/19
Windscribe best vpn
fanofleafs - r/Windscribe 2 votes - 08/02/18
Honestly, you can't afford $24 for a 3 year licence? That's 8 bucks a year!!!
LaxusiC - r/sideloaded 2 votes - 12/28/17
Windscribe is the best
wermodaz - r/movies 2 votes - 02/22/18
Windscribe has Windflix US and Windflix UK that work wonderfully.
tvfriestie - r/golf 2 votes - 04/11/19
windscribe chrome extension (VPN) (free) does the job perfectly for me, give it a try!
RossTheBossPalmer - r/hacking 2 votes - 09/06/17
Windscribe lifetime subscription after you buy a membership from Was the best deal I found and don't have to worry about recurring payments over time.
etay080 - r/Windscribe 2 votes - 05/03/19
Yup. Windscribe is just awesome. I regret buying a 3 year subscription instead of a lifetime one :(
feoil - r/ireland 2 votes - 07/22/18
> /r/Windscribe

Nice one! Ta!
tczorro - r/Windscribe 2 votes - 04/20/18
Happy Birthday. Though I just joined windscribe, it is the best vpn I have ever used. Keep it great!
GrapeJelly33 - r/androidapps 2 votes - 07/14/19
Ah, but which VPN is best for HTTPS and DNS tunneling??

Does windscribe do that?
coolduck008 - r/questions 1 votes - 12/08/18
You need a vpn, I recommend windscribe, Itu2019s probably the best vpn out there (in my opinion) and the cheapest.
Tankspeed13 - r/DunderMifflin 1 votes - 01/19/19
I'm not an expert on vpn's but I use windscribe and they have 2 server locations that are just for US and UK netflix that work perfectly
seedsorter - r/privacytoolsIO 1 votes - 12/31/18
There are three that I know of that do it: Windscribe, Perfect Privacy, and PIA.
razje - r/ik_ihe 1 votes - 12/29/18
Geen idee hoe het bij PIA zit maar de meeste VPN providers hebben. Aparte servers voor Netflix

Windscribe heeft in hun server keuze bijvoorbeeld Windflix UK en Windflix US en dat werkt perfect.
etonien - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 11/26/18
Noob here. Could you link a tutorial that teaches ppl how to set up a wired vpn router?
If I have 10 wired devices that I wish to connect to the internet through VPN, what would be the best cost efficient hardware to get and set up?

What do you think about these set ups:

10 devices->switch->Ovpn on OpenWRT on [hEX lite](> Windscribe-> internet

(since ovpn only uses one core so hex wouldn't provide much benefit over hex lite?)

10 devices->switch->usb to ethernet adapter-> Ovpn on OpenWRT on raspberry pi-> Windscribe-> internet
source: [](
fuck_gfw - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 10/19/18
Yes, in China I have to log in windscribe with another VPN or proxy, and then the best location is not the real best one!
SwitchNinja2 - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 06/09/18
I'd say that Windscribe is one of the best VPNs I've ever used.
Zazerrr - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 05/23/18
happy cake day my bb windscribe!! <3 u0f3c u3064 u25d5_u25d5 u0f3du3064
dignitasTheo - r/privacytoolsIO 1 votes - 05/25/18
Windscribe is the best
bearrilla - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 11/25/17
I have a 100mbps line with a 10MBps download speed, but on Windscribe I get max 1MBps and that is on a very good server. And I am am on a one year subs.

I have to renew soon, but going to look for another VPN
ChauskoSK - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 05/23/19
'Windscribe' is very good for torrenting
xiojqwnko - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 02/18/19
Also, thank you for Windscribe. It's a very good program.
FireBlackHat - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 05/28/18
who made windscribe ?

best developers of the world xD
Master_Singleton - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 06/04/18
Windscribe one of the best VPN on the market.
thecarnivale - r/computers 1 votes - 07/23/18
I use Windscribe. I am very happy with their performance.
trancemixt - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 07/24/18
Nevermind I figured it out. Working wonderfully now. Needed to turn off Windscribe, logout of netflix then turn on windflix and go from there.
VPN + torrent client is your best bet. Check out [the guide we put up this week on how to do this correctly.](
Colin_XD - r/iphone 1 votes - 07/04/18
Yo windscribe the best
GANI0 - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 02/03/19
Windscribe for PC worked perfectly for me without any change to settings. However I could not connect to any servers with the android app
P6801 - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 07/30/18
What the others said. Whenever I'm online I always use Windscribe VPN, otherwise it doesn't connect to the internet. I quite like this feature, Kaspersky VPN allowed the internet to be connected without VPN but Windscribe doesn't and that's awesome.

Can't complain about the speeds, they're as it should be.
AmIJames_ - r/FizzMobile 1 votes - 03/06/19
Windscribe is the best ud83dudcaf
12323Josh12323 - r/RotMG 1 votes - 07/01/19
Windscribe prob one of the best freemium ones
I've been using Windscribe for a while, and am very happy with it.

al_set - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 06/30/19
Configuring access between the Dot and Windscribe through your router, may be the best way. Take a look at the features your router provides.
Therealmikenz - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 06/26/19
Windscribe the best!!!
PatternRec - r/linux4noobs 1 votes - 06/12/19
Seconded. Windscribe is great!
jawadkasht - r/NetflixViaVPN 1 votes - 06/15/19
Windscribe has dedicated Netflix servers for UK, US, CA, & JP that work flawlessly.
usamac - r/TVZionApp 1 votes - 07/29/19
I have a lifetime subscription with Windscribe, i got for $30 when they had a promotion on Anyhow, it work's perfectly well with realdebrid and I've used it with just about every device except an Nvidia Shield.
SpawN3222 - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 08/01/19
Omg this is works! :D
Very good support on the Windscribe!
duffydick - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 10/19/17
3 weeks have passed and the support is now in beta! great job windscribe! congratulations!
kira156 - r/GarlicMarket 1 votes - 02/25/18
I foud out about windscribe two days ago and it's fucking awesome.
Tokega - r/panelshow 1 votes - 10/19/17
I rememberede I had Windscribe installed, fired it up and it works marvelously!
Havel_88 - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 10/12/17
in linux you can do:
$ windscribe connect best
Beerbaron23 - r/computerhelp 1 votes - 08/25/17
Windscribe VPN

Best pay, for privacy


thatoneblackguy17 - r/Piracy 1 votes - 08/31/17
I use windscribe to download my torrents about 2MB/s download speed. It's awesome.
mastertryce - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 02/05/19
windscribe connect best
nabilvirani - r/tanzania 1 votes - 06/11/19
I use windscribe and it works perfectly.
Windflix for Windscribe works great for me!
Windscribe is the best. Unless you want it to buffer every 10 seconds, use Nord. WindscribeFTW
mediacenterfreak - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 02/17/19

Looks great! How can I setup it with Windscribe?
fpwhite - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 02/09/19
This is quite impressive. Is this also the speed you get with client level windscribe?
fpwhite - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 02/09/19
This is quite impressive. Is this also the speed you get with client level windscribe?
fpwhite - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 02/09/19
This is quite impressive. Is this also the speed you get with client level windscribe?
SonamKumar - r/eFreebies 1 votes - 11/08/16
It's a wonderful product. Grab Windscribe lifetime VPN and privacy service for just $39. Here is the link-
re1mon - r/Windscribe 1 votes - 03/08/19
Killer feature. Windscribe best vpn <3
SLBMLQFBSNC - r/korea 1 votes - 03/30/19
I use Windscribe. They have a Canadian 'WindFlix' server, $1 for 10gb or $2 for unlimited. Best deal ever.
chinesechinito - r/Philippines 1 votes - 04/07/19
Ultrasurf is still the best, pero nanjan din ang browsec and windscribe.. Pag Europe, lagi naka-geo block
BoobDoodles - r/chromeos 1 votes - 03/15/19
I like Windscribe and ProtonVPN. But Windscribe works best on my Pixelbook.
ft420 - r/VPNTorrents 1 votes - 03/14/19
I thought of that, but if I have not updated Windscribe VPN and everything was working perfectly 10 days ago.
tails618 - r/techsupport 1 votes - 05/26/19
Windscribe is great!!
puabie - r/MLS 1 votes - 03/12/19
Windscribe is also an excellent VPN service.
Kobeissi2 - r/Piracy 0 votes - 05/15/18
I bought Windscribe Lifetime VPN for $69.

Every time I get the MEGA bandwidth error, I switch locations. Works perfectly.
vivamango - r/nba 0 votes - 06/18/19
I use Windscribe and itu2019s awesome