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From our analysis of 1.3 billion reddit threads, we found Zenmate was mentioned in 11937 comments, which had an average of 3.79 votes. The earliest comment appeared on July 25th, 2013.

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articleofpeace - r/pics 47 votes - 07/17/16
Zenmate has a lot of IP leak. Probably best to stick with TOR or a reliable paid VPN for comments like that friend. All the best.
TheConesofDunshire - r/crossfit 26 votes - 07/23/16
I know there was some awesome performances yesterday but Zenmate might be the MVP of my weekend

rinacio - r/soccer 18 votes - 03/30/16
ZenMate is awesome
Soul_Shot - r/australia 13 votes - 04/09/14
If you use Chrome, you can download an extension called Zen Mate.

Probably the best browser-based proxy out there.

monkeyvonban - r/soccer 10 votes - 06/26/14
Download zenmate and you can watch the bbc1 livestream on internet atleast :D
Affenzahn375 - r/Documentaries 9 votes - 12/18/14
ZenMate browser extension. Best extension I've ever installed.
CoolAlf - r/harrypotter 8 votes - 03/30/15
[Here's the whole documentairy.](http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b05nxgls/tom-felton-meets-the-superfans) It is awesome but you have to be in England to watch so I recommend an encrypt-extension for your web-browser. I'm using ZenMate.
canuck1337 - r/TopGear 7 votes - 02/08/15
ZenMate is great to!
[deleted] - r/chrome 7 votes - 04/26/14
Use ZenMate, it rocks and it's easy to use !!
Cheers !!
Were-Takatomon - r/Muse 6 votes - 05/23/15
A Friend of mine showed me ZenMate
its a addon for Chrome
you can select your nationality there and change it to GB so you can watch the strem on the bbc site :D
Danecdotes - r/community 6 votes - 03/24/15
ZenMate Chrome. Just watched it from Bilbao. Worked perfectly
gunnarownsu - r/soccer 6 votes - 06/23/14
zenmate is the best add on for that IMO
Coragiran - r/rugbyunion 5 votes - 11/01/14
Don't use Hola unblocker, it's adware. ZenMate is the best alternative.
hardinho - r/germany 5 votes - 07/20/14
Download the Chrome Addon ZenMate. Works perfectly.
Xian244 - r/germany 4 votes - 02/28/15
Hola or ZenMate extensions for Firefox/Chrome work perfectly on Netflix. They don't seem to care either.
r3y1a1n - r/freebies 4 votes - 11/20/14
Zenmate is your best friend if you're using chrome
Spynjess - r/Dodgers 4 votes - 06/22/14
Use Google Chrome and search Zenmate. Its a plugin that works perfectly for this. I watch using this method.
ColonelSanders21 - r/videos 4 votes - 05/06/14
[ZenMate](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zenmate-for-google-chrome/fdcgdnkidjaadafnichfpabhfomcebme?hl=en). Hola stopped working for me, plus I heard it was adware anyways. And with MediaHint moving to a paid subscription, this one seems the best for me.
ha_nope - r/teenagers 3 votes - 11/23/13
the sites to find them on are banned, the best way to unblock everything is the zenmate addon for chrome, works like a charm
Spynjess - r/Dodgers 3 votes - 06/23/15
What do you guys use for mlb.tv? Zenmate not working too great!
johndrama - r/Documentaries 3 votes - 04/07/15
Use [Zenmate](https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=zenmate&oq=zenmate&aqs=chrome..69i57.1493j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=91&ie=UTF-8), It works perfectly for me in australia and I can watch anything on BBC iplayer with it.
poetical_poltergeist - r/soccer 3 votes - 03/17/15
Best stream:

1) Download [zenmate](https://www.google.com.hk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CB0QFjAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fchrome.google.com%2Fwebstore%2Fdetail%2Fzenmate-security-privacy%2Ffdcgdnkidjaadafnichfpabhfomcebme&ei=88bsVNunDIjdaqjtgaAJ&usg=AFQjCNF8-_WRIpvfheBiH3EYQOIU-UdNUg)

2) Go to ITV player (https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/itv)

3) Use postcode W84AA

4) ????

5) Profit
GoldenAyk - r/Documentaries 3 votes - 11/24/14
ZenMate is a wonderful thing
AlonsoForLife - r/formula1 3 votes - 10/10/14
Use ZenMate. Working perfectly for me.
Get a chrome extension called ZenMate. Set your location to the UK. Watch all the episodes on the official BBC iplayer. This seems like your best option and it's not piracy.
digitag - r/britishproblems 3 votes - 04/16/14
No. It just makes the server think you're in the US so you get US content on your account when its on.

Zenmate & Proxmate seem to be the best choices since mediahint became a paid service.
Wignug - r/NewYorkMets 3 votes - 09/13/16
Check out the ZenMate VPN or Hola VPN Chrome add on. Not the best VPN if you want one but it works great to watch MLB.tv! I use it anytime I'm blacked out!
DeBryceIsRight - r/olympics 2 votes - 02/16/14
Zenmate works almost flawlessly for me
Vftffvv - r/IAmA 2 votes - 01/08/14
Zenmate- chrome extension that lets you view websites blocked by the ISP. Welcome!
Jessie246 - r/lifeisstrange 2 votes - 07/05/15
Whats the best alternative? ZenMate?
duduwongjowo - r/indonesia 2 votes - 05/11/15
All hail ZenMate :D
Eggerhaus - r/KCRoyals 2 votes - 05/07/15
Thank you, /u/preffelytizer, for making my Royals watching incredible! Zenmate works on Firefox, too, if you dl it from their website.
AMeowingCat - r/SquaredCircle 2 votes - 04/19/15
You don't have a vpn programme like Zenmate running do you? I have that on chrome always on so I can access blocked websites in the UK. Torrent sites and the like and disabling that made my Network run flawlessly
markshlaf - r/cringe 2 votes - 04/06/15
hey, use [zenmate for chrome](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zenmate-security-privacy/fdcgdnkidjaadafnichfpabhfomcebme?hl=en). I am from toronto and I just got it today, and its awesome. it spoofs your location using their VPNs. it worked on this link when I set my location to USA.
ZenMate extension, mate. The best thing I've ever added to my browser.
GrzegorzWidla - r/Surface 2 votes - 02/10/15
Used ZenMate - worked perfectly.
Tifa_AU - r/pcmasterrace 2 votes - 12/19/14
Download ZenMate extension. Proxy to US. Create Account. Buy subscription. Profit :D
redchris70 - r/chrome 2 votes - 09/11/14
Anyone else? Zenmate is not unusable having worked flawlessly for months.
aznatheist620 - r/VPN 2 votes - 07/20/14
try the Zenmate Chrome Extension. Best solution I've seen
thegrammarunicorn - r/geek 2 votes - 07/20/14
from l-r

wolfram|alpha, awesome screenshot, adblock, google dictionary, Web of Trust, chromoji (shows emojis properly and not just a box), Zenmate (proxy so I can watch American TV shows in the UK, but isn't turned on atm), and ghostery
JasMcK - r/ireland 2 votes - 06/29/14
When I tried Zenmate there was no option to change your location to the Republic, Hola Unblocker's probably the best choice.
d0p3t - r/Twitch 2 votes - 12/28/16
Use a Browser proxy extension like Zenmate. Worked perfectly for me
ConcernedBrother420 - r/sixers 2 votes - 08/08/16
CBC stream use a proxy to look like you're in Canada. CBC has the best Olympic streams for all the events
The zenmate chrome extension works well
Canduff - r/wargame 2 votes - 07/20/16
Zenmate VPN best broswer addon ever.

Also Opera browser is implementing a VPN someday, I'm using it with Zenmate at the moment and it's wonderful, just need my VPN goodniss.
correia95 - r/nrl 2 votes - 07/13/16

need a vpn to watch if you are in aus

zenmate is probs the best option
hganjoo - r/Cricket 2 votes - 05/01/16
VPN, Macha.

Zenmate is best for Chrome. Set country to Germany or Romania.
> Hulu and Hola have teemed up to be browser bitches

You shouldn't be using Hola anyway, for security reasons - Use ZenMate, which worked perfectly on Hulu for me.
MaltaNsee - r/AskReddit 2 votes - 02/22/16
I've been using ZenMate for a while at it works perfectly (it used to have more countries you could mask as but is still very solid for what it is)
Manisil - r/techsupportmacgyver 1 votes - 03/10/14
I just use zenmate. It's awesome.
small_horse - r/funny 1 votes - 02/15/14
ZenMate chrome extension :D
AeonTek - r/USAHockey 1 votes - 02/15/14
I waited almost 5 minutes and nothing, I just download ZenMate extension for Chrome and i'm watching it via BBC in Britain, good quality and no lag. Thank you for your help though, GO USA!!!
FlippyDog - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 08/28/13
Zenmate is awesome, too
Let you change your IP just by clicking
diggitydean - r/crossfit 1 votes - 07/24/15
ZenMate is awesome!
archevil - r/indonesia 1 votes - 07/08/15
no, don't use zenmate premium, instead use https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/

it's one of the best VPN out there imo
iLaser - r/AskReddit 1 votes - 07/08/15
ZenMate is a great alternative to Hola!
Tyler_matson_ - r/jailbreak 1 votes - 06/25/15
Zenmate is what I have had the best experience with.
Isaacfreq - r/nottheonion 1 votes - 06/10/15
Ah! Zenmate was set to Gerrmany!

I understand now. :D
Matt_Stairs - r/Boxing 1 votes - 05/07/15
Allow me to clue you in to a wonderful thing called proxies.

Try ZenMate for chrome.
rojuslap123 - r/beermoney 1 votes - 05/04/15
Yay lietuvis! :D Kaip ir sakyta, naudok ZenMate ar Hola, kad veiktu. Earnhoney yra tik zmonems is JAV ir Kanados.
jortbru1299 - r/CinemaSins 1 votes - 03/14/15
The Zenmate Chrome extension is excellent.
snuffysniper - r/USCR 1 votes - 01/24/15
I just tried ZenMate at the suggestion of someone else, it works beautifully!
Hinokun - r/bravefrontier 1 votes - 01/03/15
ZenMate? got it :D

Will try~ ty XD
poxpoxsc - r/poker 1 votes - 10/19/14
try ZenMate on google chrome :D
waitasecondminute - r/netflix 1 votes - 10/07/14
I just tried ZenMate and it works great! Thank you!
envy1400 - r/chrome 1 votes - 07/30/14
awesome im going to look into zenmate then
Obnas - r/leagueoflegends 1 votes - 07/17/14
use zenmate for chrome, its perfect!
Zenmate is excellent.
ndspl - r/india 1 votes - 07/04/14
Can confirm. Airtel has blocked it. Works perfectly with Zenmate for Chrome.
warwagon86 - r/reddevils 1 votes - 06/29/14
Ooo that's a good idea! I'm in Australia but can use zenmate and use iPlayer!
illegal_deagle - r/baseball 1 votes - 06/02/14
Zenmate works best.
Cesarin_nc - r/Sneakers 1 votes - 10/13/16
Whats the best vpn service to cop from adc?
Do services like zenmate or hola unblocker work to acces adc us?
Mandruyd - r/LiquidSky 1 votes - 09/28/16
Use a browser vpn add-in like 'Hola' or 'Zenmate' and try the countries until it works. :D
That worked for me.
AthuOfficial - r/india 1 votes - 08/21/16
For mobile users zenmate is the best as it has an app...for PC users hide.me or dotvpn can be used.
jercubsfan - r/CHICubs 1 votes - 08/06/16
Zenmate chrome extension. Check it out. It'll be your best friend
rubixthegreat - r/KCRoyals 1 votes - 04/26/16
Ya I used to do this all the time with Zenmate to get around blackouts. It's great!
groovetonic - r/nrl 1 votes - 04/16/16
Best country for zenmate streaming?
majorijjy - r/Cricket 1 votes - 03/31/16

use zenmate vpn and access via germany. am in canada, works great!
juicyjurgenz - r/latvia 1 votes - 03/06/16
I'm using zenmate chrome addon, works perfectly
Teezz - r/soccer 0 votes - 05/05/15
ty, i use zenmate now! works :D
zuxtron - r/battleparty 0 votes - 06/06/14
Since posting this, I've found that the ZenMate extension for Chrome works perfectly for playing from anywhere in the world.
dsgn09 - r/chelseafc -1 votes - 10/28/14
~~Should be streaming on http://www1.skysports.com/watch/sky-sports-1/ . Just run a VPN, plugin (ZenMate, i know there are others), or something to change your IP's location to the UK.~~

EDIT: Yeah, seems like you have to pay for it now.

EDIT2: Best one i can find. http://games-host.info/Channel4.php