How to Delete Your Reddit Account

Thirteen years ago, Reddit was born. Following Google and Youtube, Reddit became the third most popular website on the Internet.

Although discussion forums, bookmarking sites, and blogs are becoming less and less popular, community platforms like Reddit attract users that want to research quality content or information on how to do stuff. These are usually long-time passionate members.

Despite the fact that Reddit provides us with practical knowledge, some users have grown out of it, and have found new ways of gaining and spreading information. You might be one of those users who simply doesn’t use Reddit anymore, either because you don’t have time, or because you don’t think it’s useful.

Okay then. So you want to get rid of Reddit? Read the article below and find out how to:

  • delete your Reddit account easily
  • delete your search history
  • change your username
  • clear your search history
  • reactivate your Reddit account

How do I delete my Reddit account?

You can delete your Reddit account at any time by using your username and password. The deactivation process is very simple to perform.  Make sure you go to the ‘Preferences' tab. If there is a problem closing your Reddit profile, the platform administrators can help you. However, they do not have access to your personal data.

Follow these steps in order to delete your Reddit account:

First of all, sign into your Reddit account using the login credentials of the account you want to delete (username and password).

Once you’ve logged in, go to the ‘Preferences’ section.

Now, look for the ‘Delete’ section: you will find the Reddit account removal form.You can leave a comment if you want to share with the Reddit team the reason for leaving the site.

Then, re-enter your login credentials for security reasons. Finally, check the box that confirms that this action is irrevocable. Click on "Delete account”.

You will receive a message that confirms the successful deletion of your account.

Congratulations, you've just closed your Reddit account. You are now officially off the platform.

What are the consequences when I delete my Reddit account?

By closing your Reddit account, you will no longer have access to the members area and it will be impossible for you to recover your account and username. Reddit administrators do not allow former users to retrieve their closed account or their username. In addition, all your favorite links will be lost.

That’s unfortunate, and maybe, knowing this will make you realise the benefits of using Reddit.

How can I delete comments from reddit?

Here is a straightforward answer: your content will not be erased from Reddit. It will remain there. Forever. Deleting your account does not imply the removal of your content.

All your messages, comments, subreddits and other contents will mention that the user has been deleted: u/[deleted].

Nevertheless, the contents will always be visible without indicating that you were the author. You can not delete messages and other posts posted on Reddit.

Can I reactivate my reddit account?

Your reddit account has been deleted. Maybe it wasn’t you. Maybe, it was your crazy ex that deleted it (as one Redditor reports!).

A Reddit account that has been deleted cannot be reactivated: Reddit’s customer support cannot help you on this. In fact, when you’re about to delete your account, the platform asks you several times whether or not you want to delete your account. As a matter of fact, you even have to mark a box in order to confirm that you understand what deleting a Reddit profile implies, and you have to enter your username and password.

So you have no excuses. The deed has been done. You can either sit and cry over your deactivated profile, or, you can be proactive and create a new one.

How can I delete my search history on Reddit?

So maybe you changed your mind, and you no longer want to delete Reddit. After all, you kinda need it. Instead, you want to clear your search history and you don’t want to leave any traces of what you’ve been cheekily researching. That’s alright. We’ve got you covered.

Google Chrome Users:

In order to delete your search history, you need to delete your saved info on Google Chrome.

Make sure you follow the steps on this guide in order to clear your browsing data.

Go to the ‘Advanced’ section and select the Autofill form data.

Safari Users:

Open Safari in the Dock or Application Folder.

Select ‘Preferences’ in the menu bar section.

Select ‘Auto Fill’ and click the ‘Edit’ button next to ‘Other Forms’

Now, choose the websites whose search history you want to erase from the list. Select Reddit.

Click ‘Remove’, and then click ‘Done’.

Voilà. Now you know how to delete your Reddit search history.

How do I change my reddit username?

Reddit is full of weird usernames. Many users on reddit don’t like theirs any more. They probably chose it a decade ago, and now, because they don’t want to lose their Karma points and number of comments they have posted, they are stuck with it.

So if you chose a bad username as well, maybe when you were a rebellious kid or a pothead, I have some bad news for you.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your username, nor can you re-use your username if you create a new account. Let’s say you delete your reddit account: the username you have employed will not be recycled.

How do I delete chat messages on Reddit?

Deleting messages on Reddit is easy. Go over to the chat and select the message you want to delete and click the ‘trash can’ icon.

However, it is worth noting that you cannot delete all messages: you can only delete the ones you have sent, and not the ones you have received from other users.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot delete messages on the iPhone or Android App: you can only do this from your browser. I know, it sucks.

How to Make and Grow a Successful Subreddit (And Why You’d Want To)

Reddit has undoubtedly become one of the leading marketing tools today. Most people fail to realize this because they consider it as one of the interactive forums where you can use it for the sole purpose of interacting with friends or making new ones. However, Reddit has some features that definitely make it stand out as one of, if not the best marketing platforms today.

One such way is through a subreddit and you need to understand how and why you need one. Before you create one, Reddit has its own rules and minimum requirements for anyone who wants to create a subreddit. Each subreddit is subjected to its rules and should anyone breach them, they are moderators (mods) who may shadowban a user or even delete any unauthorized post made.

Starting a Subreddit

Anyone who has been an active member of Reddit and has gained enough Karmas is legible to create a subreddit. However, you need to know how to grow your subreddit or make it popular for you to be able to enjoy its privileges. There is no point in creating a subreddit and having less than 5 comments a day, which would be pointless in helping, you achieve your marketing goals. Another important point to consider is to do enough research so that you do not create an already existing page that is more popular.

Those who treasure Reddit understand its real value and you can actually make some money out of it. Although most subreddits and policies do not allow you to directly advertise your business on the platform, as a blogger, you can channel your blog/website growth via Reddit. Most Redditors who are used to the platform know how to get what they want and they actually use specific subreddits to get information. To make money on Reddit, you need to master how and when to do it. Below are just some ways you can maximize your income on Reddit:

a)    You can use communities like /r/SlaveLabour, /r/WorkOnline, /r/frHire and /r/rBeermoney to find paying gigs or even advertise your expertise. You need to find out what each subreddit does, their rules and requirements to fully maximize your returns. Also, make sure you are an active participant, always answers to questions when you can and post comments that make you stand out.

b)    The second way to make money is to promote your service by creating subreddits of commenting about your service indirectly. Be careful not to put advertisements or links that violate Reddit/subreddit policies. The subreddits you create are meant to give a description of your good/service and do not allow, in any way, users who feel they need to directly earn money.

c)    The best and safe way to make money on Reddit if you own a business is to use Reddit ads that let you market your service after charging a fee.

Growing your Subreddit

Once you have gathered enough karma on Reddit and you have an account that is at least 30 days old, you are able to create your own subreddit. Make sure you choose a topic carefully and creatively for a subreddit before posting it up, you may be shocked to find that your selected tag name already exists or banned. If you want to, you can create a subreddit with a similar name to one that exists; however, you may fail to get enough participants. Make sure you create your subreddit based on what you think you are aiming at, whether it is for fun or you want to promote your business out of it. You are now ready to create your subreddit, just click on the “Create your own Subreddit” button found on the homepage. You will be asked to fill a form where you will fill the details required including the name and title of your subreddit.

With your subreddit up, it is time to grow it and below are the most effective ones:

1) As an active Redditor, you need to be on the lookout for hot topic or topics that are almost similar to the one your subreddit promotes. Things then become easier for your subreddit because all you simply need to do is to drop your link for other Redditors to subscribe. The simplest way is to sign up on TrackReddit and this tool will do all the work for you in analyzing new comments as it underpins keywords related to the topic on your page.

On top of this strategy, you can always contact mods of other subreddits similar to yours to link your page with theirs. This is a way to increase traffic to both pages and earn more subscribers so you really need to know how to convince them.

2) Another way to grow your subreddit is to make your link available in larger subreddits that share the same ideologies like yours. You will need a small explanation to convince users to subscribe to your page but do not overdo it because you stand a chance of being banned. The more subscribers a subreddit have, the more you are likely to get people following your link, should you follow the rules.

3) Set up your subreddit to be invigorating, exciting and talks about a relevant topic. Once you select your subreddit title, try and allow only contents that support your theme. Make sure you stay on topic and not just include every hot topic on your page. For example, if you set your page to talk on movie celebrities, do not jump to topics on sports celebrities just because it may be a hot topic at the moment.

4) You can also grow your subreddit by creating backlinks that lead readers or participants to your page. The way to do this is through doing enough research and participating in forums or websites that promote similar topics. If your page is all about cars, you would want to participate in forums/discussions or leave comments on youtube videos that are most viewed. Then, simply leave a link to your Reddit page and make sure your content is relevant to the initial page/website.

There are many ways to grow a subreddit but the above stand out more. Try and implement some or all of the methods listed above, you are sure to easily grow your page!

How to Get Karma on Reddit FAST: Top 10 Secrets for Easy Karma

There are very few things you wouldn’t find in Reddit and that is why it has become so much popular of late. One of the most talked about things when it comes to Reddit is karma. Just like Instagram has its likes, you really need karma to have a complete experience with Reddit. Once you post your message or info on Reddit, you either get an upvote if it is popular or the consequence of a poor link is a downvote.

Karma is considered a benchmark or score that you need to know how much popular you are on Reddit. They calculate it based on your upvotes minus downvotes per user. The benefit of having good karma means you can access more Reddit privileges and become popular. This way, you can easily build your network and reach as many users as possible. So, let us look at some important steps to boost your Karma.

1. Post on /r/politics 

What better way to get people talking than talking about a heated political topic or making fun of the most controversial president in America’s history, Donald Trump. In getting karma, nothing is off limits because both positive and negative publicity is just the best publicity. You can also talk on his administration or some controversial policies that have recently sparked a lot of heated debate. Come on; give it a try, the Internet is your weapon to dig up something!

2. Comment on new posts on AskReddit

Look for some of the hottest subreddits on Reddit and make sure to give a comment that stands out. Posts that are invigorating get noticed easily and you will notice tons of comments below it. Why not become a contributor yourself and add something that will get you upvoted.

3. Repost on /r/funny

Another subreddit that always has something to keep people talking and reposting. Who does not need a little laugh ones in while? Another thing that is important is the use of memes that have revolutionized advertising completely. Get creative and utilize the page, you may just get 1000 karmas easily!

4. Verify your Posts

One thing subreddits condemn is plagiarism. This will definitely get you downvoted as fast as you got your upvotes and this will only lower your karma. Some research will guarantee that you hit the hottest topics, post on the right subreddits and even give you ideas to create your memes/jokes.

5. Give articulate, creative and exciting answers

Each great subreddit normally has tons of questions asked by fellow Redditors, for example, r/blogging. Some of these questions normally involve a Redditor wanting to know more about a topic or a solution to some of their problems. Help them solve problems and you can add in your blog site if you are a blogger or a website to help them out. Aim for at least 3 upvotes to your external link and this will earn you a do-follow to help you boost your karma.

6. Increase your postings on subreddits

As an active Reddit user, do not stop posting on subreddits that you are involved in. This should be done with the aim of increasing your karma even if you do not see any comments to them. However, make sure you adhere to the rules to each subreddits because not all of them allow frequent posting, which can be seen spam. If the community approves of your posts and you get positive opinions, you are on your way to earning post karma.

7. Upvoting Gives You Karma

One of the more simpler ways to get karma. The rule is if you are able to upvote up to 10 votes, you will get 10 karma points. So many different posts on very interesting subreddits, don’t be left out!

8. Earn if yourself

This one is a bit tricky because it involves a lot of research. You need to be the first Redditor to break the news or start a trending topic. One way to achieve this is subscribing and turning on alert to news sites or hot entertainment news websites.

9. Frequently visit trending subreddits or the more popular ones

Do your research and find out those subreddits with a million or more subscribers. Once you located one that is your favorite, you need to comment and get people talking. Don’t worry if you don’t get a response immediately but you are sure to get some people talking or commenting on your post. However, you need to avoid negative comments but they can be creative. Importantly, make sure to adhere to the rules of the subreddit selected.

10. Perfect Karma Timing!

It is understood that most Redditors are online at 8-11 (UTC-5). Utilize such opportunities to make your posts because you are guaranteed a quick response. Getting karma or managing to get your post upvoted is a skill that does not rely mostly on luck. In some cases, you can be lucky and get karma but mostly, proper timing and minding the nature of your post would most definitely help.


Karma is important for any Redditor because it comes in handy in various situations to make your experience in Reddit enjoyable. First, there are some subreddits that have a minimum karma requirement before you can make a post. Having a good rating (most karma’s) also helps your account to be identified from spammers.

The second reason you need karma is to have a higher social ranking where users will always rely on your word to measure authenticity. Then, getting downvotes is quite rare and this will give you an upper hand when you want to make your posts. Also, if you deal with a product or services, you stand higher chances of getting clients or people interested in what you are offering.

Should you successfully apply one or more of the above tips, you will definitely increase your karma. Just remember that it is the most important weapon you have as an active Redditor.

Best Time to Post on Reddit for Maximum Karma and Visibility

Once you’ve found the best time to post on Reddit you can significantly increase your karma generation or visitors to your website.

Reddit is a high potential platform for gaining traffic to any business website or blog on the Internet. Depending on if you’re a social media manager of a major company or a start-up, you need to keep in mind how Reddit monitors and scans any form of spam that goes through their radars and they filter out any anything that comes their way that has an ounce of spam material.

Before you start worrying about the best time to post

Don’t forget that the quality of a post you make on Reddit determines whether you will get a great reception from the community or not. Your efforts might get noticed sooner or later, and it has more do with than just the content. When you publish your content on this network also matters. But knowing the best times to post on Reddit is quite crucial if you want your content to be successful in bringing in the traffic it deserves. Even if you have a high-value post, releasing it at the wrong time can ruin your chances of generating substantial interest. If your aim is to make a successful business from posting on Reddit then you do not want to choose the wrong time to post as it will be regarded as a failure, you want a perfectly timed post that will boost sales immediately.

How do you know when to post on Reddit exactly? The answer to this question is not as objective as one would hope. But there are some methods and guidelines that can be followed to arrive at a decision regarding the best posting schedule. Marketing professionals and business owners must put in all efforts to discover the best time and day to capitalize on this platform. While there is a lot of advice that aims to pinpoint the exact timings for various post types, it is hard to know unless you try things on your own. If your objective is gaining a healthy flow of subreddit traffic, considering the factors mentioned below can be beneficial to you.

Key Factors To Focus On for Finding the Best Reddit Posting Schedule

The best days of the week to post

The very first consideration for making Reddit posts at the right time is the day of the week. When it comes to publishing your post on this network, doing so during the weekdays is a great idea. Monday to Thursday are the days of the week when Reddit is most active. This is because most potential visitors are active not just on Reddit, but across the entire Internet on these days.

Most people, who are professionals or run businesses, are in proximity to their desktops, laptops and phones during these days. Hence, there is a greater chance of them coming across your Reddit post. Marketers can witness a healthier flow of traffic and higher engagement between Monday and Thursday. Try this approach, and you can expect better results. The average person might not prefer to load up Reddit on their weekends and might miss any posts you make altogether.

It is also common for some weekend Reddit posts to gain considerable success in terms of engagement and upvotes. Since the total number of posts made by Redditors are less during the weekends, there is significantly lower competition. So, you might also give this type of posting schedule a shot and observe the results.

The best time to submit posts

The time at which you make a post also determines how successful it will turn out to be. If you are dedicated to understanding Reddit peak hours for posting your content, there are some fundamental guidelines you can follow. It is important to keep in mind that most of Reddit’s traffic is from the United States. So, your posting schedule should factor-in US time zones.

You also have to be aware of the routines of the typical US citizen. According to research published here, certain conclusions can be drawn. It is apparent that most people prefer to visit Reddit during the morning hours before they start going about their day. Thus, Reddit is buzzing with high-quality traffic throughout the morning hours. It is important to post on times that will ensure your posts gaining maximum engagement in the morning.

Apart from the morning, your potential visitors are also quite active on Reddit during their lunch breaks and after they finish their work shift. You can test out these time windows and see what kind of results you get. By posting at the right time and gaining substantial engagement your post has a bigger chance of gaining prominence within a subreddit. The best time to make a Reddit post can vary greatly between niches.

According to data scientist Randal Olson, one of the most suitable times to post is 9 am EST (Eastern Standard Time). He suggests that this particular time can produce the highest Reddit traffic by hour on average. Based on the statistics, a considerable chunk of posts made around 9 am Eastern Standard Time gains more than 100 upvotes. But this is not absolute and varies on the type of content you are publishing on the subreddits. Some subreddits might generally experience more traffic during other times of the day. You have to be aware of this and notice if your content falls under such an uncommon niche. Now, some will argue that 8 am is the best time to post on Reddit with the best day being Monday as it is known to be the best scoring hour. However, combining these two does not mean it is the best time. So, aim to stick with the time of 9 am EST as there should be a great amount of traffic at this time with everyone at their computer in work.

Analysis through the Later for Reddit tool

The Later for Reddit website is one of the most convenient ways of gaining clarity regarding when to post. It is fundamentally a post scheduler application that gives publishers a clear idea regarding how to optimize the post timing for their content. Based on your current location, you will be able to see data outlining the top posts, sorted by parameters like the day of the week, and the hour of the day. This information can be crucial in helping publishers plan a profitable posting schedule for their content. It will surely help you find the best time to post on Reddit for upvotes and engagement. The information you seek will be visible as soon as you enter in a subreddit topic and hit Analyse.

The Later for Reddit website literally shows you ‘The Best Posting Times’ based on variables provided by you. This information includes the most valuable days of the week, along with the most valuable time. To add to the convenience, you can instantly click the resultant timeslots to schedule your post on Reddit. For instance, if one of the best times to post is ‘Wednesday at 7:00 pm’ and you find that suitable, just click on it to start scheduling the post. The two variables you have to input and select respectively for viewing traffic data are Subreddit and Vote Threshold.

But before this tool can be utilized, it is important to know what subreddit you want to post under. Choosing inappropriate or irrelevant subreddits can take away all credibility and ruin your opportunity of promoting good content. You can visit a few subreddits on Reddit and take a look at the type of posts made on them, and if those are similar to the nature of your available content. You will gain considerable clarity regarding how to make the most of your content posting efforts.

The above-mentioned points highlight the different factors to be considered for identifying the best time to post on Reddit. If you are creating and making posts on behalf of a client business or your own business/blog, paying attention to this information can boost your results. Reddit is a vast network with a very active user base and good quality traffic is not hard to find. But, gaining prominence on a subreddit is easier said than done. You will begin to notice that posting at the right times is a good place to start. So, just remember to keep the best times to post in mind such as the peak times, if you really want to make some headway.

To get a better idea regarding when to post on Reddit, get in touch with experienced marketing professionals. They can create successful strategies for making your business successful.