While the benefits of vaping make it an easy choice, the best online vape shop isn't so easy to pick out, partly because there are so many to choose from.

Luckily reddit is a great source of information and redditors have a lot of tried and tested suggested.

In this post, I've compiled a few dozens reddit comments and honest opinions on where you should buy vaping supplies online, as well as their policies in regards to cost, shipping and customer service.  First, below is a table with the most mentioned vape shops on reddit sorted in order, full disclaimer, if you find a shop you love we may get a small commission, but this does not affect our reviews of these sites and helps support our research. 


Online Vape Shop


Reddit's Top Pick


Mentioned in 10,200 Reddit threads

  • Vast selection of e-liquids at a very cheap price
  • Fast shipping and good customer support
  • Best membership deal with discounts, exclusive offers, and free shipping

best vaping coupons and discounts


Mentioned in 7,370 Reddit threads

  • Good online vape store: best place to buy cheap mods, e-cigs, and vape kits
  • Benefit from VaporDNA discounts, promotions, coupons, and codes
  • Fast shipping and 45 day return period 
  • Large selection of juices

Cheapest Vape Hardware


Mentioned in 1,970 Reddit threads

  • Cheapest place to buy vape hardware 
  • Over 1,200 vape fluids to choose from. Expect a large variety of tastes.
  • Products are shipped 6-7 days after you have placed your order
  • 15% discount on all e-liquids if you sign up with your email

Best vaping brands

Element Vape

Mentioned in 2,070 Reddit threads

  • Great customer service and fast shipping 
  • Best selection of vaping brands
  • Does not accept returns on items that were opened or used
  • Great prices and deals on vape starter kits

Cheapest E-Liquid 


Mentioned in 441 Reddit threads

  • Best place to buy vape juices
  • Benefit of free shipping on e-juices and other products
  • Best online wholesale of e-liquids
  • You receive an ejuice.com promo code (10% discount) if you refer their website to a friend

Most Controversial on Reddit


Mentioned in 3,400 Reddit threads

  • Great vape juice deals: browse through their vast collection of fluids
  • Cheap vape site: offers affordable prices on all products
  • Reddit users were not very satisfied with their customer service and shipping time
  • They do not accept international Debit/Credit cards

Reddit's Favorite Vape Site: 


Customer Service and Shipping

VapeWild is one of the most trusted online vape stores with 100% customer satisfaction. Seriously, there are no bad reviews on Reddit when it comes to this company. Here, customer service is taken very seriously.

The staff makes every individual order feel special and personal.

If you order more than $39.99 worth of products, you are entitled to Free Shipping. Expect a 24h turnaround. 


Out of their 400 vaping juices, 150 cost $6.99 (30mL bottles).

If you’re part of their Membership Program VapeWild AF ($49.99), you get extra benefits including free shipping on all orders, access to additional flavours available only to members, 5% discount on all coils, and early access to new products.

Every year that you are part of the Membership Program you will gain an additional 1% discount.

VapeWild's website offers more than 400 vape fluids. You also have the option of making your own DIY juice in order to create a flavor as unique as your personality. Juices require a fair amount of steeping.

This company definitely goes above and beyond their customer’s expectations: their objective is genuinely that of putting a smile on their clients' faces.

VapeWild is very personable: when you order their products, they will include in your package handwritten notes, free small bottles of juices, stickers, smiley faces on packages, and mystery flavours.

Their cheapest vape pen starts at $10.99, whereas their disposable vape kits start at $5.99.

Quotes from Reddit About VapeWild

Vape Wild rocks! Every time I have ordered, they send me AT LEAST 4 samples, sometimes more. I recently won an Islander sample pack in a contest, used a coupon to get free shipping - so they sent the 3 bottle sample pack PLUS 7 MORE BOTTLES. I could not have been happier! "



Those people give great customer service.... I won a giveaway, they sent it FAST, threw in extra juice "birthday" and "cake" themed as it was my birthday, Dale wrote a nice note "


" VapeWild definitely has great customer service and makes it a priority "


VapeWild is my favorite juice company, they have the most succulent flavors "


Overall rating :  5 / 5

Reddit's Least Favorite Vape Site: 


Customer Service and Shipping

Customer service is not good. Expect long waits on the phone (even 2h!) before being assisted by a person. 

Shipping is not reliable either: sometimes your orders can arrive ahead of time, whereas other times, they are delayed.

However, EightVape offers several shipping options: standard shipping (expect the package to arrive within 4-10 days after it has been sent). 


EightVape offers many deals and juice collections. They are the cheapest online and start from $9.99 for 100ml bottles. An example is their Candy King Ice Collection (which literally tastes like candy!).


EightVape gets quite a bit of bad rap on Reddit: you can scroll the feed to read some real horror stories of people being shipped wrong or broken items; whereas other people swear by it and only have good things to say in regards to the company.

Contacting them for support is not the best option you have (both by email and phone). When you call them you will be told how many people are on hold, and subsequently, you will be redirected to a voicemail.

One of the biggest cons consists in the fact that they do not accept international Credit/Debit Cards. However, they do ship internationally.

Despite all the bad reviews from Redditors, EightVape seems serious about getting back on top of their game.

Overall, EightVape always has excellent deals on their vaping supplies and often has liquid wholesales.

Quotes from Reddit About EightVape

 They are hit or miss from what I've seen around any holiday is when people have a lot of issues with them but aside from that in my experience they are decent I've always gotten all my stuff tho I'm pretty sure the last mod I got from them was used because the screen was all scuffed up. " 


"  I've never found them untrustworthy or had a serious problem myself. I order from them a lot. But I have a hard time recommending them based on all of the things I've seen on here. Just because I trust them doesn't necessarily mean you should. "


Overall rating :  2 / 5

Reddit's Other Choices: 


Customer Service and Shipping

Overall good customer service and very fast shipping.

If you live in the USA, expect free shipping on orders over $59.00: also, you will receive the package within 2 days. Before being shipped, all orders have a processing time of 24-72 hours. 

You can edit you order up to 30 minutes after it has been placed.


The E-Liquids’ price ranges from $0.99 (15ml) to $28.99 (100ml).

Their vape mods are not the cheapest online: they range from $14.99 to $214.99. However, they are totally worth the price and have some excellent reviews.

VaporDNA is a good online store for e-cigs, vape mods, and vape juices. This is one of the top US vape sites.

VaporDNA offers several coupons and discounts. Get a 10% discount when you sign up to their news letter. Also, if you download their VaporDNA App (available on Google Play Store only), you can gain access to exclusive deals.

They also offer cool rewards: in fact, these rewards (which translate into discounts) come in the form of DNA Coins. You can earn these coins by uploading a photo or a video, by writing a review, and by sharing on Twitter/ Facebook/Instagram (= 50 DNA Coins). However, you also get coins in other ways: on your birthday (500 Coins), when you sign up (100 Coins), and 1 Coin for each $1 spent. 250 DNA Coins will give you a $5 discount, whereas 2500 DNA Coins will correspond to a $50 discount. 

VaporDNA has a 45 day return period, and their customer service department is one of the best. They are known to answer emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

This fast-shipping vape store also offers an extensive selection of delicious e-juices that can satisfy pretty much any taste. Their website is easy to navigate and you will be able to select and scroll through their e-juice ‘vendor’ section. Expect to find fruit, sweet, creamy, beverage, sour, and tobacco flavors. 

Overall, VaporDNA is the perfect place online to buy vape kits and mods: this company has a very reliable vape site, and their prices are good compared to other vape stores.

Quotes from Reddit About This Protein Powder

" My experience with them has always been stellar ". 


I have had absolutely nothing but good experiences with Vapor DNA. Every order has been processed perfectly and delivered promptly and the one time I had a billing issue they resolved it in a quick and professional manner.[..] They handled my request with prompt professionalism and apologize profusely for the inconvenience when they didn't have. They have exceptional customer service and I'm happy call myself a customer. "


Overall rating :  4 / 5

Reddit's Other Choices: 


Customer Service and Shipping

If you scroll Reddit you might  find complaints in regards to their customer service. Some clients lament the fact that they do not receive any email replies to their queries. However, Breazy does offer real time support via live chat. So if you don’t want to risk wasting your time on the phone or by email you can always try this option.

Discrete packaging. 

Do not expect to receive your product immediately. In fact, the shipping process can take a while (sometimes they can be shipped 6-7 days after your order), and also use drop shipping for some products. 

The company has a No Return policy.


Breazy’s cheapest e-liquids start at $19.99 (however, they can cost as little as $8.99 when on sale). 

Breazy is a legit vape site. 

If you are patient, and you are not looking for a fast-shipping vape company, then Breazy might be for you.

Breazy offers over 1,200 vape e-liquid, and they all come at a decent price. Yet, you can find cheaper vape-vendors online.

On the other hand, on Breazy’s website you can find the cheapest vape hardware: they sell popular mods that range between $9.99 - $149.99. If you enjoy vaping in a more discrete fashion, you can always opt for their cigalikes, i.e. e-cigs with a higher dosage of nicotine.


Quotes from Reddit About Breazy

They’re legit. I’ve placed around a dozen orders with them. All shipped fast, nicely/neatly packed boxes to prevent any damage to your items, and I appreciate how Breazy will toss a freebie in with your purchase like a tank band or chubby gorilla bottle or something. I only had one issue with an order, some missing cotton bacon, and I reached out to their customer service department and had a pack of cotton bacon on my doorstep less than 2 days later. "


Been purchasing from them for over a year. Definitely one of the more reputable sites in my opinion "


Overall rating :  3 / 5

Reddit's Other Choices: 

Element Vape

Customer Service and Shipping

Element Vape is considered a great vape store: this company is renowned for their great customer service and fast shipping. 


Element Vape is an awesome place to buy vapours online: they are cheap, effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

Free US Shipping if you spend more than $50.

When it comes to the best vapes online, Element Vape has one of the best reputations. Reddit users highly recommend this company and highly appreciate their service. On their website, they sell some of the best vaping brands that deal with vape hardware and e-liquids.

The usual price for e-liquids starts at $19.95, and their pack which includes 6 flavors reaches $119.95. However, when on sale, their individual bottles (60ml) cost $7.95, whereas their packs of 6 (360mL) cost $89.95. Although these vape juices are relatively expensive compared to other competitor vape sites, Element Vape distinguishes itself for its cool and clean designs and packaging. 

Visit their website for Element Vape’s coupon code on all e-liquids: you will receive a 10% discount by using the Code NEW10. 

Quotes from Reddit About Element Vape

" Element Vapes is an amazing company! I order from them frequently and have yet to have any problems or been dissatisfied with their services. And super fast shipping too. I highly recommend them! "


" Always order from them with zero problems "


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Reddit's Other Choices: 


Customer Service and Shipping

If you have any problems (e.g. you receive wrong item or want to change your order), you can call them. However, their live chat is also incredibly efficient. 

Shipping is totally Free if you live in the United States (except for Dalaware, North Dakota, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, Iowa, Oregon, Minnesota, and Virginia). 


When it comes to e-juices the top and cheapest vapor store remains e-juices.com.

This website has a vast selection of products, so make sure you take advantage of their liquid wholesale. 

Reddit loves ejuices.com, and tons of Redditors order from this site very often. 

Overall, we can say they have good customer service, and fast shipping. Their juices are extremely tasty. Amongst them, get ready to find flavours such as: fruit, dessert, beverages, breakfast, bakery, menthol/mint, tobacco, creamy, berry, nutty, candy. Their liquids on sale start at $9.50. 

If you sign up to their newsletter you will immediately receive a 10% discount.

Quotes from Reddit About ejuices.com

" They always have great sales and a huge selection. They keep it fairly up to date and get rid of slow sellers often. I highly recommend. Sign up for the news letters for deal updates. Shipping is fast and overall no issues. "


" Yes. This site is great. I use it more than any other site to order e juice and have spent hundreds on their site with zero issues. "


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Reddit's Other Choices: 

Volcano Vaporizer


Volcano’s vaporisers are not cheap: their Mighty Vaporizer costs £349.00. However, worth a try if you see it as a long-term investment. 

Looking for a really popular vaporiser out there? Then Volcano might be just for you. 

Their vaporisers are of high quality, and some Redditors claim to never want to switch to another brand after having tried Volcano. Although they are incredibly durable and consistent vaporizers, their noise-level are not the best. In fact, expect some noise and to hear the bag constantly crackling whilst using it. 

Quotes from Reddit About Volcano Vaporizer

I have a Volcano classic and an Arizer air. Both are great. I use the air more for solo purposes or on the go. The volcano is great for multiple people at home" 


I own a lot of vaporizers. From cheap to expensive. Two years ago i bought a volcano digital. Never used another vaporizer again. Not because the others were crap, it's because it fills blazing fast, is super easy to use and produces good vapour. If you're into caping and have the cash, go for it. "


Overall rating :  3 / 5

Final Word

Thanks for reading our review: hopefully you have gained a clearer idea of where to buy your next awesome mod or succulent fluids.

So, avid vape smokers and social vapers - are you ready to try tasty juices? The vaping sites mentioned above are great for one reason or another: they are definitely worth your time and taste-buds. Let us know if you try any of them out and share your opinion and experience with us! 

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