The Top 20 Airbnb Coupons on Reddit in 2020: Special Airbnb Codes for Redditors

When people think of Reddit, they likely think of memes and cat pictures. However, as some of you may already know, certain corners of Reddit are actually practical and legitimately helpful. Today, we’re looking at some Airbnb coupon subreddits, some of the most useful subreddits out there. 

Below we’ve dug up 20 of our favorite coupons from Airbnb Reddit and included some information below about the types of coupons and even how you can earn extra credit on your Airbnb account by making your own coupon code. 

20 AirBnb Coupons From Reddit

1. $55 Off Airbnb, $40 off a stay + $15 off an experience

Use link: 

or use code zeljkal56

2. $40 Off Your First Stay

Starting things off nice and simple we have a basic coupon code that gives you $40 off your first stay with Airbnb. Solid savings for new users to try out the site. 

Airbnb Coupon Code:

2. $40 Travel Credit With Your First Booking


If you plan to take a trip rather than stay somewhere nearby you can use this Airbnb promo code to get a travel credit of $40. 


Airbnb Coupon Code: katerinak114

3. Take $40 Off Your First Trip Over $75


If you’re planning a somewhat larger trip that totals at least $75 you can use this promo code to get $40 off. 


Airbnb Coupon Code: kevinb21270

4. $40 Travel Credit For Signing Up on Airbnb


Here we have another coupon code for a $40 travel credit, but unlike the second code we looked at, this one gives you the credit just for signing up. 


Airbnb Coupon Code: rgeorge52

5. Student Discount, £50 Off Your First Stay

This one comes from a friendly brit and is a student discount! If you have a student email you can get £50 off your first stay, which comes out to just under $65 with the exchange rates at the time of writing. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: sierran9

6. $75 Credit For Signing Up PLUS $40 Travel Credit For Account Creation PLUS $25 Discount On First Trip

Now that we’ve covered some pretty basic Airbnb promo codes we can start looking at some more interesting ones. This Airbnb coupon is a three-parter. It gives you a $75 credit when you sign up, an additional $40 travel credit for creating the account, and another $25 credit on your first trip. This is one of the best ways to get started with Airbnb

Airbnb Coupon Code: 5cA5TUizII

7. Free One Night Stay

Our next code offers a simple but powerful discount. A free night at a location of your choice. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: robertd3041

8. $100 Credit On Your Order

This is a coupon code we wish would show up on more websites (Amazon, please we’re begging). Entering this code at checkout gives you a whopping $100 credit on your order. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: NCOQ2mRI9H

9. $55 Off On Your First Booking

This code is similar to the first one we looked at, only better. Using this coupon will give you $55 off your first booking. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: brandonn43

10. $40 Travel Credit On Your First Trip Over 75$

With all the coupons we have on our list, this one isn’t a strong contender in all honesty, but we wanted to include it none the less to give you as many options as possible. It gives you a $40 credit for travel costs on your first trip over $75. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: jiaw14814

11. $60 Off For New Airbnb Users

Another quick and simple coupon code that gives you a respectable $60 off if you’re a first time user. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: yogih37

12. 30% Off Your Order

This is the first coupon on our list that gives a percentage off rather than a fixed amount. This promo code is great for very large orders and takes 30% off.

Airbnb Coupon Code: kellyk3705

13. $69 Off On A Reservation

We’re not sure how this person arranged this coupon with Airbnb, but using it gives you exactly $69 dollars off of a reservation. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: deborac4337

14. $12 Off Your Order

If you’re planning a small and inexpensive trip and need a smaller coupon to take advantage of, we have this coupon code that will take $12 off your order. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: ZesEocuCi0

15. Free $35 Credit

Unlike most of the other coupons on our list that require a first time user, minimum purchase or some other prerequisite, this code gives you a $35 credit for nothing. No purchase or fresh account needed.

Airbnb Coupon Code: paulap14037

16. $40 Off A Booking of $75 Or More PLUS $15 Off An Experience Worth $50 Or More

Here we have another multi-part code. This one gives you $40 off a booking of at least $75 plus $15 off an experience worth $50 or more. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: jacobc1413

17. 90$ Off A Reservation

For those who are good at planning ahead we have a code that can give you a very impressive $90 off a reservation. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: T6P3Sv9uNX

18. Up To $95 Off Your Next Trip

This coupon is one of the best we’ve found. It gives you $95 dollars off your next trip. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: gfE4T0shxN

19. $35 Towards an Airbnb Experience

If you’re planning to try out on of Airbnb’s experiences, this coupon will get you $35 off. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: MIKEH15193

20. $60 Off $75 Or More For New Airbnb Users

Finally, we saved a very good coupon for last. This one gets new Airbnb users $60 off a booking of $75 or more. That’s %80 off if you stick to the $75 minimum. 

Airbnb Coupon Code: timothyh14467

Different Types of Airbnb Promo Codes On Reddit

Coupons for Stays

Coupons for stays are by far the most common kind of Airbnb coupon code that you’ll find on Reddit. These coupons give you varying discounts on your rental booking. Coupons for stays can offer a fixed amount off or, in some cases, a percentage off. 

Also, the coupons can be either actual codes or links, with links being very popular on Reddit compared to actual codes for their convenience. Users don’t need to copy and paste the code into the right box but instead can just follow the link provided.

Coupons for Experiences

Coupons for experiences are less common and only a couple appear on our list. These allow you to get varying discounts on the experiences that Airbnb offers. Experiences on Airbnb can be almost anything but some of the most popular ones include cooking classes, tours of the area, dance lessons and even DJ classes. 

How to Get Extra Credits by Posting Your Airbnb Coupon on Reddit

All the codes and links you’ll see here and on Reddit were created by regular Airbnb users. You’ll even notice that many of the codes on our list have the person’s name as part of the code. The great thing is that you can easily do this too and get substantial credit to your account if people use your code or link. 

You can set up a referral link here on Airbnb’s website and then post it on social media and on Reddit in places like the Airbnb Coupon Club subreddit. It only takes a few minutes to set up and you can take a moment or two once a week or so to post your link or code on Reddit so people continue to consistently see it. 

Other Airbnb Codes you can Find on Reddit

In addition to the two main types of Airbnb codes on Reddit, there are also some other useful discounts that can be dug up. Reddit is great for finding past promotions that might not be advertised anymore if you sort the results by likes instead of by “hot” or by sorting things in reverse chronological order.

Also, there are a number of coupons on Reddit (and in our list) that give you credit for travel expenses rather than taking the discount off your order. 

History of Airbnb Codes on Reddit

Back when Airbnb was fresh and new there used to be multiple subreddits dedicated to Airbnb coupon codes. However, over time the hype has died down a bit and people don’t post nearly as many codes as they used to. 

While this can be a bit of a hassle for those looking for coupon codes, it’s actually a huge benefit for those who plan to post their own. Fewer people posting codes means less competition and more eyes on your Airbnb promo code if you post it. 

Tips for Using Your Airbnb Coupon Codes from Reddit

As you may have already noticed, there’s one thing that a lot of the coupon codes we looked at have in common. Many of them state that they are for first-time users. This means that if you’ve used Airbnb before you can’t use the codes and once you use a single code that’s all you’ll get to use.

Well, luckily Airbnb doesn’t use your IP address or any other information about your computer to tell whether you’ve used a coupon code before. What this means is that if you create a new account it will see you as a new user. By creating a new account, you can use another “first-time” coupon and save even more money. 

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