How to Delete Your Reddit Account

Thirteen years ago, Reddit was born. Following Google and Youtube, Reddit became the third most popular website on the Internet.

Although discussion forums, bookmarking sites, and blogs are becoming less and less popular, community platforms like Reddit attract users that want to research quality content or information on how to do stuff. These are usually long-time passionate members.

Despite the fact that Reddit provides us with practical knowledge, some users have grown out of it, and have found new ways of gaining and spreading information. You might be one of those users who simply doesn’t use Reddit anymore, either because you don’t have time, or because you don’t think it’s useful.

Okay then. So you want to get rid of Reddit? Read the article below and find out how to:

  • delete your Reddit account easily
  • delete your search history
  • change your username
  • clear your search history
  • reactivate your Reddit account

How do I delete my Reddit account?

You can delete your Reddit account at any time by using your username and password. The deactivation process is very simple to perform.  Make sure you go to the ‘Preferences' tab. If there is a problem closing your Reddit profile, the platform administrators can help you. However, they do not have access to your personal data.

Follow these steps in order to delete your Reddit account:

First of all, sign into your Reddit account using the login credentials of the account you want to delete (username and password).

Once you’ve logged in, go to the ‘Preferences’ section.

Now, look for the ‘Delete’ section: you will find the Reddit account removal form.You can leave a comment if you want to share with the Reddit team the reason for leaving the site.

Then, re-enter your login credentials for security reasons. Finally, check the box that confirms that this action is irrevocable. Click on "Delete account”.

You will receive a message that confirms the successful deletion of your account.

Congratulations, you've just closed your Reddit account. You are now officially off the platform.

What are the consequences when I delete my Reddit account?

By closing your Reddit account, you will no longer have access to the members area and it will be impossible for you to recover your account and username. Reddit administrators do not allow former users to retrieve their closed account or their username. In addition, all your favorite links will be lost.

That’s unfortunate, and maybe, knowing this will make you realise the benefits of using Reddit.

How can I delete comments from reddit?

Here is a straightforward answer: your content will not be erased from Reddit. It will remain there. Forever. Deleting your account does not imply the removal of your content.

All your messages, comments, subreddits and other contents will mention that the user has been deleted: u/[deleted].

Nevertheless, the contents will always be visible without indicating that you were the author. You can not delete messages and other posts posted on Reddit.

Can I reactivate my reddit account?

Your reddit account has been deleted. Maybe it wasn’t you. Maybe, it was your crazy ex that deleted it (as one Redditor reports!).

A Reddit account that has been deleted cannot be reactivated: Reddit’s customer support cannot help you on this. In fact, when you’re about to delete your account, the platform asks you several times whether or not you want to delete your account. As a matter of fact, you even have to mark a box in order to confirm that you understand what deleting a Reddit profile implies, and you have to enter your username and password.

So you have no excuses. The deed has been done. You can either sit and cry over your deactivated profile, or, you can be proactive and create a new one.

How can I delete my search history on Reddit?

So maybe you changed your mind, and you no longer want to delete Reddit. After all, you kinda need it. Instead, you want to clear your search history and you don’t want to leave any traces of what you’ve been cheekily researching. That’s alright. We’ve got you covered.

Google Chrome Users:

In order to delete your search history, you need to delete your saved info on Google Chrome.

Make sure you follow the steps on this guide in order to clear your browsing data.

Go to the ‘Advanced’ section and select the Autofill form data.

Safari Users:

Open Safari in the Dock or Application Folder.

Select ‘Preferences’ in the menu bar section.

Select ‘Auto Fill’ and click the ‘Edit’ button next to ‘Other Forms’

Now, choose the websites whose search history you want to erase from the list. Select Reddit.

Click ‘Remove’, and then click ‘Done’.

Voilà. Now you know how to delete your Reddit search history.

How do I change my reddit username?

Reddit is full of weird usernames. Many users on reddit don’t like theirs any more. They probably chose it a decade ago, and now, because they don’t want to lose their Karma points and number of comments they have posted, they are stuck with it.

So if you chose a bad username as well, maybe when you were a rebellious kid or a pothead, I have some bad news for you.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your username, nor can you re-use your username if you create a new account. Let’s say you delete your reddit account: the username you have employed will not be recycled.

How do I delete chat messages on Reddit?

Deleting messages on Reddit is easy. Go over to the chat and select the message you want to delete and click the ‘trash can’ icon.

However, it is worth noting that you cannot delete all messages: you can only delete the ones you have sent, and not the ones you have received from other users.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot delete messages on the iPhone or Android App: you can only do this from your browser. I know, it sucks.

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