How to Get Karma on Reddit FAST: Top 10 Secrets for Easy Karma

There are very few things you wouldn’t find in Reddit and that is why it has become so much popular of late. One of the most talked about things when it comes to Reddit is karma. Just like Instagram has its likes, you really need karma to have a complete experience with Reddit. Once you post your message or info on Reddit, you either get an upvote if it is popular or the consequence of a poor link is a downvote.

Karma is considered a benchmark or score that you need to know how much popular you are on Reddit. They calculate it based on your upvotes minus downvotes per user. The benefit of having good karma means you can access more Reddit privileges and become popular. This way, you can easily build your network and reach as many users as possible. So, let us look at some important steps to boost your Karma.

1. Post on /r/politics 

What better way to get people talking than talking about a heated political topic or making fun of the most controversial president in America’s history, Donald Trump. In getting karma, nothing is off limits because both positive and negative publicity is just the best publicity. You can also talk on his administration or some controversial policies that have recently sparked a lot of heated debate. Come on; give it a try, the Internet is your weapon to dig up something!

2. Comment on new posts on AskReddit

Look for some of the hottest subreddits on Reddit and make sure to give a comment that stands out. Posts that are invigorating get noticed easily and you will notice tons of comments below it. Why not become a contributor yourself and add something that will get you upvoted.

3. Repost on /r/funny

Another subreddit that always has something to keep people talking and reposting. Who does not need a little laugh ones in while? Another thing that is important is the use of memes that have revolutionized advertising completely. Get creative and utilize the page, you may just get 1000 karmas easily!

4. Verify your Posts

One thing subreddits condemn is plagiarism. This will definitely get you downvoted as fast as you got your upvotes and this will only lower your karma. Some research will guarantee that you hit the hottest topics, post on the right subreddits and even give you ideas to create your memes/jokes.

5. Give articulate, creative and exciting answers

Each great subreddit normally has tons of questions asked by fellow Redditors, for example, r/blogging. Some of these questions normally involve a Redditor wanting to know more about a topic or a solution to some of their problems. Help them solve problems and you can add in your blog site if you are a blogger or a website to help them out. Aim for at least 3 upvotes to your external link and this will earn you a do-follow to help you boost your karma.

6. Increase your postings on subreddits

As an active Reddit user, do not stop posting on subreddits that you are involved in. This should be done with the aim of increasing your karma even if you do not see any comments to them. However, make sure you adhere to the rules to each subreddits because not all of them allow frequent posting, which can be seen spam. If the community approves of your posts and you get positive opinions, you are on your way to earning post karma.

7. Upvoting Gives You Karma

One of the more simpler ways to get karma. The rule is if you are able to upvote up to 10 votes, you will get 10 karma points. So many different posts on very interesting subreddits, don’t be left out!

8. Earn if yourself

This one is a bit tricky because it involves a lot of research. You need to be the first Redditor to break the news or start a trending topic. One way to achieve this is subscribing and turning on alert to news sites or hot entertainment news websites.

9. Frequently visit trending subreddits or the more popular ones

Do your research and find out those subreddits with a million or more subscribers. Once you located one that is your favorite, you need to comment and get people talking. Don’t worry if you don’t get a response immediately but you are sure to get some people talking or commenting on your post. However, you need to avoid negative comments but they can be creative. Importantly, make sure to adhere to the rules of the subreddit selected.

10. Perfect Karma Timing!

It is understood that most Redditors are online at 8-11 (UTC-5). Utilize such opportunities to make your posts because you are guaranteed a quick response. Getting karma or managing to get your post upvoted is a skill that does not rely mostly on luck. In some cases, you can be lucky and get karma but mostly, proper timing and minding the nature of your post would most definitely help.


Karma is important for any Redditor because it comes in handy in various situations to make your experience in Reddit enjoyable. First, there are some subreddits that have a minimum karma requirement before you can make a post. Having a good rating (most karma’s) also helps your account to be identified from spammers.

The second reason you need karma is to have a higher social ranking where users will always rely on your word to measure authenticity. Then, getting downvotes is quite rare and this will give you an upper hand when you want to make your posts. Also, if you deal with a product or services, you stand higher chances of getting clients or people interested in what you are offering.

Should you successfully apply one or more of the above tips, you will definitely increase your karma. Just remember that it is the most important weapon you have as an active Redditor.

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