How to Make and Grow a Successful Subreddit (And Why You’d Want To)

Reddit has undoubtedly become one of the leading marketing tools today. Most people fail to realize this because they consider it as one of the interactive forums where you can use it for the sole purpose of interacting with friends or making new ones. However, Reddit has some features that definitely make it stand out as one of, if not the best marketing platforms today.

One such way is through a subreddit and you need to understand how and why you need one. Before you create one, Reddit has its own rules and minimum requirements for anyone who wants to create a subreddit. Each subreddit is subjected to its rules and should anyone breach them, they are moderators (mods) who may shadowban a user or even delete any unauthorized post made.

Starting a Subreddit

Anyone who has been an active member of Reddit and has gained enough Karmas is legible to create a subreddit. However, you need to know how to grow your subreddit or make it popular for you to be able to enjoy its privileges. There is no point in creating a subreddit and having less than 5 comments a day, which would be pointless in helping, you achieve your marketing goals. Another important point to consider is to do enough research so that you do not create an already existing page that is more popular.

Those who treasure Reddit understand its real value and you can actually make some money out of it. Although most subreddits and policies do not allow you to directly advertise your business on the platform, as a blogger, you can channel your blog/website growth via Reddit. Most Redditors who are used to the platform know how to get what they want and they actually use specific subreddits to get information. To make money on Reddit, you need to master how and when to do it. Below are just some ways you can maximize your income on Reddit:

a)    You can use communities like /r/SlaveLabour, /r/WorkOnline, /r/frHire and /r/rBeermoney to find paying gigs or even advertise your expertise. You need to find out what each subreddit does, their rules and requirements to fully maximize your returns. Also, make sure you are an active participant, always answers to questions when you can and post comments that make you stand out.

b)    The second way to make money is to promote your service by creating subreddits of commenting about your service indirectly. Be careful not to put advertisements or links that violate Reddit/subreddit policies. The subreddits you create are meant to give a description of your good/service and do not allow, in any way, users who feel they need to directly earn money.

c)    The best and safe way to make money on Reddit if you own a business is to use Reddit ads that let you market your service after charging a fee.

Growing your Subreddit

Once you have gathered enough karma on Reddit and you have an account that is at least 30 days old, you are able to create your own subreddit. Make sure you choose a topic carefully and creatively for a subreddit before posting it up, you may be shocked to find that your selected tag name already exists or banned. If you want to, you can create a subreddit with a similar name to one that exists; however, you may fail to get enough participants. Make sure you create your subreddit based on what you think you are aiming at, whether it is for fun or you want to promote your business out of it. You are now ready to create your subreddit, just click on the “Create your own Subreddit” button found on the homepage. You will be asked to fill a form where you will fill the details required including the name and title of your subreddit.

With your subreddit up, it is time to grow it and below are the most effective ones:

1) As an active Redditor, you need to be on the lookout for hot topic or topics that are almost similar to the one your subreddit promotes. Things then become easier for your subreddit because all you simply need to do is to drop your link for other Redditors to subscribe. The simplest way is to sign up on TrackReddit and this tool will do all the work for you in analyzing new comments as it underpins keywords related to the topic on your page.

On top of this strategy, you can always contact mods of other subreddits similar to yours to link your page with theirs. This is a way to increase traffic to both pages and earn more subscribers so you really need to know how to convince them.

2) Another way to grow your subreddit is to make your link available in larger subreddits that share the same ideologies like yours. You will need a small explanation to convince users to subscribe to your page but do not overdo it because you stand a chance of being banned. The more subscribers a subreddit have, the more you are likely to get people following your link, should you follow the rules.

3) Set up your subreddit to be invigorating, exciting and talks about a relevant topic. Once you select your subreddit title, try and allow only contents that support your theme. Make sure you stay on topic and not just include every hot topic on your page. For example, if you set your page to talk on movie celebrities, do not jump to topics on sports celebrities just because it may be a hot topic at the moment.

4) You can also grow your subreddit by creating backlinks that lead readers or participants to your page. The way to do this is through doing enough research and participating in forums or websites that promote similar topics. If your page is all about cars, you would want to participate in forums/discussions or leave comments on youtube videos that are most viewed. Then, simply leave a link to your Reddit page and make sure your content is relevant to the initial page/website.

There are many ways to grow a subreddit but the above stand out more. Try and implement some or all of the methods listed above, you are sure to easily grow your page!

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